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Kiki x Morphius Summer/2011: These 2 F6 SBT boys are really expressing some type and horizontally flowing rosettes.  We will be trying a few breedings with them before placing them.  They get their high contrast and type from both sire Morphius (Leople ALC line) as well as dam Kiki (Kabuki and Phantom ALC lines).  


"Joker" born in 2011 out of Jina Lola x Dragon.  We've kept him for breeding and he has developed exceptionally.  Very strong build, flowing markings, spots down his legs and great temperament are some of what he can contribute.

"Bravo" pictured in the 2009 Bengal Bulletin article "That Future is Now" by Jaen Treesinger as an example of the progress made in the Bengal breed with respect to paw-print rosetting.  He is currently with Sabine and family in Germany. Jaen's article as well as Judy Sugden's 1999 article "The Bengal of the Future." Both articles show and explain alot about Bengal breed categories, standards and various development directions.


"Vida" born in early 2011 , is out of Morphius and Fandango's first breeding resulting in a single kitten.  They've had a few litters since but nothing like her yet.  She treated us like her surrogate litter mates engaging us to play and loved to explore and have fun.  Very energetic, agile girl and with a confidant, charming disposition.  She was placed with Bentley and family in Pensacola, FL.  

"Charlie" (Winter 2010) will be staying with us.  She is out of Fandango (pictured below) and Dragon and has a smokey, paw printing reminiscentof her grandather Vesuvio with a strong face and body probably contributed by Raya & Tumbleweed. Below is her single kitten from her first breeding with Morphius we nick-named "Charlotte" who will be going up north for breeding. 


"Minka" born in May 2010 is out of Kiki's first litter with Morphius.  She displays alot of "type" and has horizontal/random flow markings with some nice paw-print rosetting as well.  It's been really nice watching her develop.  She's one of our up and coming girls for whom we hope to find a mate. 

"Tessa" is a good representation of our goals: flowing rosettes, strong build and confident, friendly temperament. She is out of Jina Lola x Dragon in August 2009 and went to Betty Shilke of Spotsnglitz Bengals.

"Weaver" is out of Capri x Morphius and it was clear early on he was exceptional with outlined and paw-print rosettes and nice horizontal flow.  Also has some unique small spots developing inside his rosettes.  Robust body, strong head and full whisker pads. He developed quickly, very out-going and well adjusted, playful and friendly. He went to a great breeder home with Robyn of Solana Ranch Bengals in January 2011.

"Brava" is large like her mother, Gina Lola. Pictured above at 5 months.  She horizontally flowing, densely packed rosettes reminiscent of an ocelot pattern. Silky coat with alot of color and glitter.
Robust body, playful and friendly.  Placed as a breeder.

"Isis" born to Raya in 2008 is a good example very dark, rosetted kittens we have sometimes.  They are described as "cool-colored" meaning they have very little color and sport a unique sleak look. "Isis" is in Switzerland with our friend Diana at Sharatonga Bengals.


"Safari" out of Vesuvio ("Jeezy") and Raya went to Debie of Jungle Encounters in Providence, RI. We thank her for sending these pictures.  Now that his color is coming in, his rosettes look even more amazing. 

These two girls out Raya x Tumbleweed born 28 March 2007 are staying with us for show/breeding potential. One brown spotted and one melanistic both with tight, extremely clear, soft coats with lots of sheen and highly rosetted.

"Melania" (mother to Jina Lola and Jianetta)




"Jupiter Ace" is our boy out of Fiorella's first litter with Vesuvio born January 2007  Amazing chaotic flowing rosetted pattern with very light background and rufous filled rosettes. He's now enjoying pet life with the Dupont family.



Below are some pictures of a male melanistic kitten we nick-named "Double Take" which resulted from crossing Raya with Tumbleweed in early 2006. Melanistic kittens have an almost black background and jet black spots.  If you look closely you can see his rosetted pattern.


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