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~Xanadu Dream Ruby Two Shoes~

Awagati Ruby Tuesday (Pedigree) x XanaduDream Morphius (Pedigree)

Ruby is our new girl out of Awagati Ruby Tuesday aka "RT" a Rajah Singh ALC line F4.  Ruby also carries Leopole ALC lines via our Morphius.  She has great contrast and small distinct flowing rosettes.  She's extremely typey looking with a friendly temperament.  We are profusely greatful to Judith Lindamen and Krista LaRocque for giving us the opporunity to work with RT. (pictured below).

~Awagati Ruby Tuesday~
                                                                                                photo credit: Judith Lindeman

~Past Dams~

~Xanadu Dream Omega~

XanaduDream Ruby Two Shoes (Pedigree) x XanaduDream Titan (Pedigree)

"Meg" is our new girl out of our F5 "Ruby" carrying the extraordinary Rajah Singh ALC line. Ruby's first litter was with our Titan before we placed him in another breeding program. Meg inherited Titan's strong typey body, great contrast and small distinct flowing rosettes. Meg carries Cheetahtu,Leopole, Phantom, Art Deco, Kabuki, Bonzai, Baghara Khan, Hatfield and Taro ALC lines.

~Xanadu Dream Iphigenia~

XanaduDream Gina Lola (Pedigreex XanaduDream Dragonz Eye (Pedigree)

Geni is one of Gina's keeper girls. She's long bodied with extremely dense, small rosettes flowing horizontally.  She is athletic in mind and body and combines alot of the strength of her parents. Geni carries the less common Leopole and Cheetahtu ALC lines from Gina. She is playful and has an easy-going "live and let live" attitude.
 ~Xanadu Dream Juliana~

XanaduDream Gina Lola (Pedigree) x Tailspin Lance Romance (Pedigree)
 (for pedigrees please find Jina's link below and Lance's link on Sires page)

Juliana is our most recent keeper girls out of Gina. Pictured above as a kitten, she displays small flowing rosettes and a perfect pattern which went more towards her mother.  But her structure is a good combination of both parents and she is a large girl.  She carries Phantom, Art Deco, Kabuki, Bonzai,Baghara Khan, Hatfield and Taro ALC lines from Lance and Leopole and Cheetahtu ALC lines from Gina.  A strong, diverse gene pool.

~XanaduDream GiGi   &   XanaduDream Minka~
XanaduDream Kiki x XanaduDream Morphius

Gigi and Minka are sisters with small, distinct, flowing rosettes and the typey look of a foundation cat with friendly temperaments. They both are extremely energetic and love to dive into the fray.  They carry two seperate Phantom ALC lines, Kabuki, Baghara and Leopole lines.  

~Xanadu Dream Gina Lola~

Lakewood Bakari x Xanadu Dream Melania

Jinny is out of the Leopole and Cheetahtu ALC lines, random very rosetted pattern  She's a large, strong, robust, confident girl with a very friendly, appealing temperament.  Very interactive and expressive and a great mother.  She is producing some outstanding kittens. Her mother, Melania is a melanistic pictures on our gallery page.

~Xanadu Dream Bettina~

XanaduDream Juliana (Pedigree) x XanaduDream Zorro (Pedigree)

"Tina" is our new girl out of Juliana and Zorro before we retired them. She has a horizontal pattern and markings have a nice even almost geometric spacing.  She carries many ALC lines including Cheetahtu, Leopole, Phantom, Art Deco, Kabuki, Bonzai, Baghara Khan, Hatfield and Taro. 

~Xanadu Dream Kiki~

 Junglekatz Kumari x Eden Vesuvio

"Kiki" is an F5 out of both Phantom and Kabuki ALC lines.  She is out of Kumari's first and only litter with Vesuvio. She combines Kumari's extreme contrast and type with Vio's dense rosetting moving towards something like a chaining effect. 

~XanaduDream Summer Breeze~

XanaduDream Persephonie x XanaduDream Morphius

Summer's pattern combines strengths from both parents.  There is the geometric and horizontally flowing quality from the Leopole line and sire Morphius as well as the evenly spaced paw-prints of her dam and Cheetahtu ALC line.  Persephonie also handed her down her amber eyes.  A thoughtful soul, Summer is affectionate, sensitive and considerate to her feline and human companions.  She has an energy that just makes everyone around her feel good. 

~Xanadu Dream Persephonie~

Eden Vesuvio x Everglades Raya

Introducing "Persephonie" an Cheetahtu ALC line F5 SBT out of Raya with very evenly dispersed paw-print rosettes.  She was the biggest kitten in her litter, has amber eyes and just an over all incredible look.  Not a prolific breeder but has produced some incredible kittens, looking forward to her producing with Morphius.

~XanaduDream Caprica~ 
Eden Vesuvio x Nairobi Rosetted Trista

Though she looks like a foundation, Capri is an F9 from the Baghara Khan of Kent ALC line. In July'07 she was shown for one day of the TICA Hurricaine Cat Show in Tampa FL and got a Final and Best of Breed as a relatively small 8 months old. She has filled out nicely since. Capri also has consistently had a notably sweet disposition similar to her sire Vesuvio and throws incredible kittens. link to a previous Capri litter

~Everglades Raya~
Click above for more pictures
Wild Safari Lovinspots x Everglades Misty Day

Raya is a Cheetahtu ALC line F4 SBT crossed with the Baghara & Centerwall ALC lines. She's a typey sorrell with paw-print rosettes and has given us some incredible kittens for us such as Safari, Isis, Persephonie, Melania and Fandango on our Gallery Page. We believe  she gets her strong, long body structure and size from her Cheetahtu ALC line and she contributes this even to most of her grand-"children." She literally sparkles with rich color and sheen. Raya is a beautiful, sweet and gentle, social butterfly unless you happen to be a small lizard in which case she is positively lethal.  Pictures and info on her incredible F3 mother, Misty Day, can also be found on Raya's page. 

~JungleKatz Kumari~
JungleKatz Phantom Marker x Rainforest Vada of JungleKatz
photo credit: Bonnie Tanner

Kumari is an F4 SBT out of the Phantom and Kabuki ALC lines. She has extreme type and contrast. She had a litter with Vesuvio and most of the kittens were "frosted."  We kept "Kiki" (above) for breeding.

~XD Fiorella~ 
Eeyaa Tumbleweed x Nairobi Tri Rosetted Glory

Fio is our first home-grown queen and we could not have hoped for a better girl. It was amazing watching her develop. The result of several SBT generations (Hatfield/Baghara Khan F9), Fio looks as wild as a Foundation Bengal and with a very easy going, docile temperament. She has thrown some outstanding kittens including our stud Dragonz Eye.

~Nairobi Asian Ocelot~ 
Gogees Jungle Juma Nairobi Warrior x Nairobi's Arican Ocelot
photo credit (left one): Julie Jensen

"Otsi" is a Bristol line Bengal (incorporates South-American Margay hybrid)and contributed greatly to our program goals.  She helped bring the small densely spaced rosettes to our program.  She also retains nice contrast into adulthood and is extremely affectionate and gentle. She has passed on her unique dense pattern as well as her easy-breezy temperament to our stud Vesuvio and her grand-children. Otci is now spayed and living a wonderful pet life.

 ~Nairobi Tri-Rosetted Glory~ 
Nairobi's Jungle Jaguar x Gogees Out of Africa
photo credit (left one) : Julie Jensen

Glory is an Hatfield ALC F8 and also a Baghara Khan ALC F8. She is also one of the Bristols (Margay ancestor) who came to us from Julie Jensen (Eden).  She displays flowing rosettes on a cool gold background. She has produced very rosetted, typey kittens for us with Eeyaa Tumblweed (Fiorella and Amazonia), was a great mother and has contributed a lot to our program.

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