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~About Us~
At Xanadu Dream Bengals in Fort Lauderdale FL, day to day we primarily strive to maintain a happy, healthy environment for our Bengals. We enjoy socializing our kittens from an early age and they thrive on human attention. They are raised to be comfortable and confident in a normal household including a dog.

Bengals sport a friendly, playful and intelligent personality many compare to that of a dog. The Bengal breed combines wild and domestic feline species indigenous to Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America to create an amazing new domestic breed. The primary wild ancestor of Bengals is the "Asian Leopard Cat," a small feline with a leopard-like coat. Several sub-species of this feline have been used in creating the Bengal.  One of our breeding goals is genetic diversity and we aim to include many of these lines. Another goal is to cultivate the attributes of the Bristol Cat line of Bengals which incorporates the Margay/Domestic cross (click link for more info). The Margay is a small wild South American cat related to the Ocelot. (Margay pictured below)


One of our kittens was pictured in Jaen Treesinger's Bengal Bulletin article "That Future is Now" as an example of the progress made with exotic paw-print rosette markings.  We take pride in what we believe is our unique direction in this diverse breed. Regardless of their category - pet, breeder or show, it is important to us to find good homes and the right match for our kittens.

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