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AMS World Money Club

Welcome To AMS World Money Club

The Club for a never-ending, constantly-increasing flow of Free Cash for doing nothing but waiting!!!
We are a club utilizing 36-plus Money Sources to help members earn up to $1,000 to $7,000 weekly and more within 4 to 9+ months!!! Services offered include our World Club Job Hunter, which provides Work-at-Home Jobs such as Phone jobs that pay $10 to $60 an hour at home. Computer work, Assembly work, Mystery Shopping and Surveying work at Home.

These job opportunities pay from $10 to $80 per assignment, plus perks and bonuses and yes, all at home. Mail work that really pays and much much more.
Definitely the world's best Organization and growing exponentially!!!
Not only do we give SPs, the 6-figure millionaire-maker Gift shares, but also Laptops, Cash, Vacations with pay and Yes, even Cars!!

AMS World Money Club is far different from other clubs and programs. Here is where you can put in from $10 to $100.00 or more and receive a return of 300% to 700% and more! Returns are dependent on how much you put in, and how long you leave it in our gigantic Money Program Pool.

NEW NEW NEW!!! POWER DEALS!!! With these beauties, you can invest as little as $30 and receive at LEAST 200%--often more in the realm of 5000% and MORE, after a mature-time of 3-5 weeks, paid out WEEKLY or BI-WEEKLY for 12-20 WEEKS! Some folks are putting as much as $20,000 into a Power Deal--CAN YOU DO THE MATH?? 5000% return on $20,000--IT'S POSSIBLE!!!

Plus on top of that we provide Shared Profit Gift entries with memberships for free. You can add many more to your portfolio for a small one-time fee of $5.40 per share that pays endless cash!! Or just promote and earn them as you bring in Temp Free Members and Full Memberships into our Club. SP Shares are tremendously valuable as each one pays $140 every 6-7 months!

NOW - NEW IMPROVED SP Gift Shares plan! Beginning 17 weeks after your SRP Benefits Package is accepted and registered in our systems, you will receive a cash payment of $6.25. Seventeen weeks later, you will receive a cash payment of $12.50; an amount that is twice the previous payment. This pattern of increasing benefits will continue every seventeen weeks for/or until a maximum of 10 payments have been made. Example: $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, etc. At the end of the 10th payment, this will have paid you a total of $6,393.75 This holds true for EVERY SHARE YOU OWN! For more information, visit: Major Update at

No Hard Labor Required !

Hi. Let me Welcome you to AMS World Money Club!
In the next 2 minutes I will show you a four-step process to incredible
Financial Independence, and Financial FREEDOM.
Quite frankly my friend, considering there is NO Recruiting Required,
NO Marketing Needed, NO Additional Effort On YOUR Part AT ALL, Well--This is EASILY

Before we begin, let's make a few points perfectly clear with what I am about to show you.

There are NO Benefits to joining FIRST
There is NO Top Position
There is NO Bottom Position
It is NEVER too late to join
Everyone has EXACTLY the same earning potential
You NEVER have to recruit a single soul to earn a phenomenal income far beyond your current expectations.

If you DO take an active role, you can earn a significant monthly, residual income ON TOP OF the income I mentioned above!
This is NOT Get Rich Quick, Get Rich Off Of Others, OR Scam The Newbie.
Now, with those points clearly embedded in your mind, let's proceed.....

Let's All Meet At The ---> <--- See You Here Soon!
The AMS World Money Club was created to realize a concept that EVERYONE,
with simply the motivation to seek out a 2nd and residual income,
should be able to achieve that goal.
"EVERYONE" includes those with NO marketing skills, NO networking skills,
and/or those with NO desire or time to engage in either activity.

The AMS World Money Club is a Proud Associate of
SharedProfit is bringing the Internet together in a way never done before, giving EVERYONE a piece of the e-commerce pie.
Through the power of cooperation, is THE answer to long-term residual income! has developed a UNIQUE "Progressive Cooperative"
[Cooperative: an association or group of people for common economic benefit] designed to help generate cash flow to its members, clients and customers. is an association of online business owners, webmasters and program owners
who believe in honesty and ethics in business.
This program was designed to help insure the longevity of the businesses involved and the success of their members/customers.
The owners of these businesses have elected to collectively return a part of their profits to the members/customers who make their business a success.
SharedProfit Shares (or "Entries") Are The New Gold Nuggets Of The Internet!
As YOUR Shares progress through the 4 "Co-op" Levels of value,
you receive a phenomenal portion of the profits! You CAN NOT obtain SharedProfit Entries as an individual. They MUST be "Gifted" to you by a SharedProfit Associate.

Here is the breakdown of Co-Op 1 to Co-Op 4
Full explanation of How Much You Can Earn!
CoOp1 to CoOp4

Exciting Isn't It!! Well Then...
Come join us now by applying for the short application:
Remember, This is the Club for a never-ending, constantly-increasing
flow of Free Cash for doing nothing but waiting!!!
OR TO<-----President of AMS World Money Club

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