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Here is our new site called Vanilla Ice, for all your doll/clique/sister and top site needs! We are currently under construction at the moment, but please check back again soon!
xX Kay and Julie - Site Creators Xx
Vanilla Ice are feeling pretty!

18 June 2004
Hi! Some more updates for you.. the site is coming along well. Got rid of the old drop down nav bar as it was too boring, and added some pretty dollie buttons instead! Theres a new enter button, a new background and a new sparkly divider too! Our links section will start to be added to slowly over this next week but there is still a long way to go. so please come back soon for loads more fun and cute stuff from the word of dolling, and our own personal lives. In the meantime, check out our newest doll creations below made by Kay! Xx Kay and Julie xX

Thanks for the updates box Shimmering Sparkle!
Our newest dolls!