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This page will tell you a little more about us, the site creators. If you have any other questions about us or this site, please fee free to email us by clicking our email buttons at the bottom of each profile.
About Me
Full Name: Kay Alexander Sloan
Age:13 5th May 1991
Likes:Making Dolls, chatting to friends, going online
Dislikes:Spiders, People against prep dolls, Stealing, Nasty people
Hobbies:Singing,Dancing, Drawing, Exersising
Fave Dolls:Preps 4 eva! And Ravers
About Me
Full name:Julie Barbara Brown
Age:22 29th September 1981
Likes:Making websites, listening to music, chocolate, being with my baby son
Dislikes:spiders - again! mushrooms, bullying
Hobbies:Making and listening to music, drawing, poems, web design
Fave Dolls:Preps, Silents and anything punk