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Federation of Eevee Evolutions
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Federation of Eevee Evolutions

No Moding or God moding
Moding and God moding is taking action upon another person's character and not giving them time to respond. IE: *Pikachu Thundershocks Pidgey. It hits and Pidgey faints* I know..not very good example..but you get the point. Only sometimes I allow moding, if it's not so much as a major attack.
No Powerplaying
Powerplaying is just about the same thing as moding. Only with this, it's using powers to be some super unbeatable being. You have limits to your powers.
Respect all members
Whether they're on high council or not, respect. If you don't like the person, don't attack for no reason, that's showing weakness.
Descriptive RP
I think you all know how to do this, since I only allow descriptive RPers in. But, just in case, I mean like, try a bit of high vocabulary. Instead of ears, you could use Lobes or Pinnas. Easy things like that. Good spelling and grammar too. I also want more than one line of a post, unless you have a good excuse.
No Killing without consent
Easy. Don't kill someone elses character unless they say it's okay. I for one know how mad it makes the person. Don't kill off your character either cause you're mad at one of us and don't want to RP here anymore -.o
No Theft or violation without consent.
Same as no killing. Only this pertains to rape, abuse..whatever you can think of.
No Newbies
But of course. None of us are newbies, and none will be getting in. On the joining page, if they can't do an entrance worth crap, they don't get to join. Simple as that.
Turn RP
I wont be strict on this, but try not to chop up others' posts. Only in battles will it have to be turn, otherwise it wouldn't be fair and it'd be confusing.
Let's keep it at a PG-13 level. Unfortunately, some parents monitor their kids. So, lets keep the cursing low, and Sexual stuff in IMs or whatever.

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