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Federation of Eevee Evolutions
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Federation of Eevee Evolutions

This is the information you'll need for IC purposes. :D
The ruins are located deep within a jungle-like place, far away from civilization. Its location is easily hidden by a magical barrier, which appears to be a sudden dropoff, thus, if any scientists were to wander about, it would be hidden perfectly. The ruins were once a rather large structure created millions of years ago by humans. It was a temple, a shrine to the magestic Eons. But over time, they were worn down by the weather, and the many of battles the Eons had within them. Humans soon could not live in this reigon. The Eons would not allow it, so they were forced elsewhere. Now all that dwells within the magical wild are the rarest of Pokemon and the unknown Eons.
Ask the muns for their character descriptions if they don't have a page or picture, or just pay attention to their RPing, usually it will describe. Also, I like us to go by IRL, or just nick names. It's easier that way. Until I think of more, this is about it.

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