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Federation of Eevee Evolutions
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Federation of Eevee Evolutions

There is a secret path along the one every trainer takes. This path leads to a place minds can't even begind to imagine. It's a world of secrets, a world of things untouched, virgins to all but themselves. It is a haven and sanctuary. It is the world of the Eevee evolutions, also what people may call the Eons. Things scientists never knew exist in this place, stones that have created a variety of Eon species. Creatures the trainer's mind can't even begin to form live within this world of their own. It is a secret that has been kept since the dawn of Pokemon, it is a secret that has yet to be told. Regular Eeveelutions to ones odd and new that have yet to be introduced to the regular world. Now the question remains...What will happen if the secret is told?

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