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Trees of the Valar

After Melkor had destroyed the Lamps of the Valar,

which had lighted all the World, the Valar left Middle-earth and came to the Undying Lands. There they made a second kingdom, which they named Valinor, meaning "Land of the Valar", and Yavanna, Giver of Fruits, sat on the green mound Ezellohar near the western golden gate of Valimar, the "home of the Valar", and sang, while the Valar sat on their thrones in the Ring of Doom and Nienna the Weeper silently watered the Earth with her tears. First, it is told, there came forth a Tree of silver and then a Tree of gold; glowing with brilliant Light, they grew as tall as the mountains.

Telperion was the elder of these Trees and had leaves of dark green and bright silver. On his boughs were multitudes of silver flowers from which fell silver dew. In praise Telperion was also called Ninquelótë and Silpion. Laurelin, the younger of the Trees of the Valar, was the "song of gold". Her leaves were edged with gold yet were pale green; her flowers were like trumpets and golden flames and from her limb fell a rain of gold Light. In praise Laurelin was also called Culúrien and Malinalda, the "golden tree". So it was that these two trees stood in the Undying Lands and lit the lands with silver and gold. From the rhythm of the Light of the Trees of the Valar came the Count of Time, for Time had not before been measured, and so began the days and years of the Trees, which were many long ages. Though the life of the Trees of the Valar was long, Melkor made a pact with Ungoliant the Great Spider, and the Trees were blasted with sorcerous flame, and the sap of their lives was drawn out.

Their life was extinguished and they were left but shattered trunks and roots blackened and poisened. Mournfully, the Valar came again to the Trees, and Yavanna made a tree, which was named Galathilion, in the image of Telperion, though it did not radiate light. She gave this tree to the Elves of Tirion, who knew it as the White Tree of the Eldar. One of these was Celeborn, which bloomed on Tol Eressëa and brought forth the seedling that Elves gave to the Men of Numénor. This seedling became the tree named Nimloth the Fair, the White Tree of Numénor, which grew in the Royal Court until King Ar-Pharazôn destroyed it.

Yet a sapling had been taken from Nimloth by one prince named Elendil the Tall, to Middle-earth. His son first planted the fruit of Nimloth in Minas Ithil in Gondor, and until the Fourth Age of the Sun the White Trees of Gondor bloomed. Though tree times a White Tree perished in plague or war, a sapling was always found and the line never died out.

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