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Time Machine

Time Machine

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How To Build A Time Machine:

My Name is Joshua Adam Shaw and this is…

How To Build A Time Machine:


The key to Building a Time Machine is found in two Basic Theories.


1. Electric Motor Theory


2. Air Pressure Theory





Ok, Now you take the above Electric Motor Theory and You Combine it with Air Pressure Theory.


Air Pressure Theory:



In a Typhoon HOT & COLD air Systems Collide and start spinning in a CIRCLE and eventually Form a Typhoon (Hurricane). This is what happens in an Open System.



In a closed system when Hot and Cold Collide the Container Collapses in upon itself.


Ok, Now you take Electric Motor Theory and Combine it with Air Pressure Theory and You Get This:







COLD FUSION & HOT FISSION Mix Together inside of a Sphere and Spin in a CIRCLE (an ATOMIC COIL). The Hot and Cold Produce an Atomic Hurricane (Typhoon) and at the center of the Storm an EYE Forms. This ‘EYE’ is a Singularity Point. If You Send an Object into the Singularity Point it will Leave Time Space and Enter into the FOURTH DIMENSION.


This is the Basics of how to build a Time Machine.


You can then Take this Machine (Above) and connect it to a Space Shuttle, Open a Controlled Singularity Point and Enter into the Vortex. Then The Space Shuttle will enter into the Fourth Dimension and then reappear at a Different Point in the Space-Time Continuum.  


You could use an ATOMIC COIL (NUCLEAR MOTOR) to FOLD SPACE-TIME and Journey to any point in Space. Making Instant Travel Possible, Teleportation and Time Travel.


-        Joshua Adam Shaw





Nuclear Theory Continued:


Nuclear Theory Continued:


Nuclear Fission:


Plus (+)

Nuclear Fusion:


Plus (+) Atomic Coil / Nuclear Motor




Next Diagram:

Next Diagram:





Now if you apply this to Nuclear Physics You Get:



These are Diagrams of how a (Fission) Nuclear Power Plant works:



These are Diagrams of how a (Fusion) Nuclear Power Plant works:






Now you take the Nuclear Fission Chamber, The Nuclear Fusion Chamber and the Atomic Coil and you put them all together.




Atomic Theory Continued:

Atomic Theory Continued:


Next Diagram:



Next Diagram:



And Finally, the FLUX CAPACITOR, Nuclear Motor, Atomic Coil…