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There R 2 sides to everything...welcome to my 3rd side

WELCOME! well they said i could never do it...and they were 1/2 way correct...I still have no idea why this Webshell building thing isn't working for me so untill I figure it out, colores will be monitone, links will be down and pics will be none existant...and my spelling will always suck. Other then that, this is my little slice of the "21st century" pie, and i'll attempt to be as cool, if not cooler then all those other people with web sites... <3 L&L

when this page is done it will have the following:

Links to only the best stuff on the web:

KNIGHT REALMS LARP (Where your dreams become a reality)
The Ring Lord's Medieval Merchant's Row
Eternal Love (gothic wear)
DR.MARTINS! (boots for the person who needs boots)