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Moods, condittions & Ailments

The following recipes can offer relief from symptoms and inprove your wellbeing but id doesnt offer or substitute for medical treatment, if pains presists consult your doctor.

And when you start using these oils you need to read what dosages & safety Precautions, please read the information firstly.






1. Calming

The aroma of the following oils have a pleasent soothing effect when you are tense or irritable

You can use these oils in Massage, bath and burner

Suggested Blends:

Bergamot 4 drops Frankincense 3 drops Geranium 3 drops

Frankincense 3 drops Juniper 4 drops lavender 3 drops



Colds – flu

A highly contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.

These oils can help relieve symptoms such as a cold or flu

And these oils can be used in the following: Massage, bath, Inhalations and burners

Suggested Blends:

Lemon 4 drops Peppermint 3 drops Eucalyptus 3 drops

Lemon 3 drops Peppermint 3 drops Tea Tree 4 drops

Clary Sage 3 drops Ginger 3 drops Grapefruit 3 drops





Headache, Migraine

The causes of headaches are many, among them are flu, colds, stress, sunstroke, sinusitis neuralgia, too much T.V bright or bad light causing eyestrain
Massaging around the back of the neck, and on the temples and also around the eyes can be soothing
Other ways you can use these blends are burner, and Inhalation

Suggested Blends:

Lavender 4 drops Peppermint 3 drops Eucalyptus& Cedarwood 3drops

Basil 3 drops Lavender 4 drops Rosemary&Petitgrain 3 drops

Basil 4 drops Chamomile 3 drops Geranium 3 drops

If there is an blend you would like me to send to you via email please drop me a line on the following email adress which is Email me and l will be happy to email a blend for

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