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Part 1: Attractions of Darkness

In a world where creatures and humans lived in isolation of each other lived a woman. A creature of many that, if found, would be put to death quickly. The woman is seen laying on her back, staring at the night sky on a hill. The stars shone brightly above, reflecting off of her dark blue eyes. Her dark blond hair lay limply on the soft grass as her black silk skirt flowed gently in the breeze. The dark blood red top she wore clung to her upper body and flared at her wrists, stopping a couple inches above her belly button. The girl's figure was outstanding. The girl was I, Cassidy Oaks.
The sky was beatiful tonight. Every star was shining their brightest, coving the earth with a soft blanket of light. A russle came from the bushes behind me but I paid no attention to it. A cat came approached me and looked me in the eyes while I looked back. "Hello Kawaru," I muttered.
The cat transformed in to a boy with short sandy brown spiked hair, sitting next to me. "I thought I'd find you here."
I slowly sat up, taking my time. "This is supposed to my little secret spot that no one knows about," I said with a smirk to him. Kawaru smiled as he stood up.
"You better come inside; it's late and I don't want you to get hurt," He quietly said, with a mysterious smile.
I stared at him blankly. "I am twenty years old, I believe I can take care of myself. You're the young one, why don't you go back inside?" I had really had just turned twenty a few hours ago but still, I was twenty. He gave me a puppy dog look and asked again if I would come in. Sighing, I said okay and stood up to walk to the mansion.The mansion sat upon a tall mountian with valleys an hills surrounding it. It was used to house creatures of this planet from the ones out to harm us. It really wasn't a mansion that you see now a days; it was old and a bit dusty but it still felt like home.
When we got there, Kawaru opened the door for me then entered after I did. The house was dark and quiet... Too quiet. Kawaru turned on the lights and everyone shouted "Happy Birthday!" I smiled happily, which was something I hardly did. Michelle and Mary Ann were on the steps that led upstairs; I couldn't tell which one was which. They were Britis,h telepathic and psychic twins with brown hair and blue eyes and I often got them mixed up. Sukoru stood against the wall with a small smile; his green hair dangling in front of his brown eyes while Kyto stood in the archway of the front corridor to the den, smiling; his black hair with red highlighs covered his acid green eyes. I would have thought that Kyto wouldn't show up. We had a fight about him being too laid back. Not everyone was there but I didn't care. The ones that were there gave me a gift with another smile and "Happy Brithday, Cassidy" Michelle and Mary Ann brought me a new pair of running shoes. The ones I was wearing were wore out and I had been meaning to get a new pair. Sukoru made a necklace made of white stones that shined in the light. Kyto gave me a mood ring, laughing a bit about it.
Kawaru was last, he pulled out a little glass cage with something round and pink floating around inside. "It's a fairy," He said smiling all happy like a very little child. I took the fairy in the cage and looked at it. Sure enough there was a fairy in there. She landed at the bottom of the cage, looking at me with a smile while she waved..
"She doesn't talk like us but she listens." I laughed a bit, "Thanks, Kawaru." I bent down to pick my gifts up but Kawaru picked them up first. "I'll carry them for you" He chirpped. At least I didn't have to carry them.
"Okay then" I held the fairy and walked up the stairs to the second floor landing and entered my room to the right. I set the fairy on my wooden royal dresser as Kawaru asked where I wanted my gifts. "Just set them on the bed" I answer, not looking at him. He put my stuff on my bed and stood there. I turned around to look at him. He looked at me, still not leaving. "What do you want?"
He looked around "Oh, sorry, did you want me to leave?"
I stared at him, blinking once, "Yes, that would be nice," He walked out without saying anything. I closed the door and put my new running shoes under my bed, my necklace and mood ring in my blue velvet jewlery box then sat the fairy by the window so she could look outside.
Walking in to the bathroom, I locked the door, undressed and turned on a warm bath. I took the purple bubble bath and poured it in with the water to mix up. When the tub filled up with enough water and the bubbles were done mixing up, I turned off the water and got in. The warm water felt good after being outside on the cold ground. I closed my eyes and soaked in the mist of bubbles, water and the smell of wild flowers. I heard a faint swish and footsteps outside the bathroom door but didn't mind it. The footsteps stopped so I assumed whoever it was had left my room. Hearing a breathing coming from above me I opened my eyes. "CREN!" I screamed. The vampire was floating above me, grinning. If it wasn't for the bubbles, he would have saw me naked.
"How are you this fine night?" He said, still grinning and looking me over.
The towel rack, with my towel, was next to the tub; I grabbed it, standing up, keeping the towel in front of me so that he could not see me, then wrapping it around me as I stood up. Getting out of the tub and on to the marble bathroom floor, Cren slowly floated down and followed behind me. Water dripped from me as the bubbles popped and dissolved. I stood in front of the large mirror while Cren stood behind me. He made no relfection but I could see his black cape. I felt something warm and wet against my neck and something around my waist. Cren has slipped his arms around my waist and was licking my neck with his tongue. I sneared but was frozen there, trying to show that I was afraid. Then, slowly, it dawned on me. What if he didn't feed last night and was hungry? I didn't want to be a vampire! I liked being the way I was!
"I am sorry I wasn't there for your little birthday party..." Cren said, grinning. "Maybe I can make it up to you?" I felt his fangs brush across my neck and I just froze with fear now. "Become one of us so that I may keep you forever..." His fangs peirced my flesh and sunk in.
Vince bursted threw the door. "CREN! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" He grabbed Cren my the shoulders and threw him against the wall. His fangs ripped from my neck and I yelped with pain. Cren hit the wall hard and fell in to the tub, splashing watter and bubbles everywhere. He glared at Vince, trying to stand but he seemed hurt. A little burst of a cloud, and he was gone.
Vince wrapped his arms around me, rushing me to my bed to sit me down. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Are you okay?"
I jerked away from his hold. "Yes, yes, I'm fine!" He was a bit surpirsed at my out burst.
"Sorry," He said "I just wanted to know if you..." His voice trailed of as he looked at my neck, that had some blood on it. Vince licked his lips. I knew vampires couldn't stand the smell of fresh blood without drinking it. Vince wiped the blood off my neck and made sure it stopped bleeding and smiled at me; his black eyes shone with a sence of life I never saw before.
"I'm very sorry that I wasn't at your birthday party. I went out to watch Cren for Agarasto then he took off after he was done feeding. I couldn't keep up with him but he ran into the mansion. Good thing I got here in time," He brushed my damp hair out of my face.
"Yeah, just in time," I said with a small smile. He kissed my cheek then walked out the door, closing it gently. I smiled a bit more then dried off and changed in to my silk blue night dress.
Slipping in to bed and covering up with the soft, fluffy blankets, I slowly drifted asleep. I was almost asleep when I heard my door slowly crack open and I saw a shadow of someone. It was Vince. He laid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. I smiled. It felt pleasing to be close to Vince. He felt so warm and cozy. Finally, I fell in to a dreamless asleep, with Vince will snuggling with me.
I woke up the next morning, Vince was gone. The fairy was still sitting on the wind sill, asleep. The sun was still coming up above the horizion, coving the reborn sky with a pinkish orange coating that stretched as far as the eye could see. I smiled at the wonderful sight as birds chirped little happy songs. The window was open just a little bit so I opened it all the way and embraced the fresh morning air.
A blue hair and blond eyed man stepped in to my room; it was Tallon. He stood behind me. "Beautiful, isn't it?" I nodded. Tallon smiled. "A brand new day; mornings are the best part," He whispered.
I smiled. Mornings were lovely but this one was the most lovely. He rubbed my shoulder. I smiled more. "That feels good. My shoulders were hurting when I woke up."
Tallon nodded. "Yes, your shoulders are tence. Is something wrong, Cassidy?"
I shook my head no. "No, it must have been all the running I was doing yesterday morning. I knew I shouldn't have pushed myself that far," I was lying. Something was wrong, I just didn't know what. I felt like something was going to happen; something bad. He stopped.
"Okay, well, there is a meeting down in the den. Agarasto said I shoud tell you, if you wre up," He walked out of my room and shut the door. I walked over to my dresser and took out my dress. It had kind of large blood red roses all over it. I slipped my night dress off and slipped my dress on, brushing my hair out and taking care of my other personal hygene. I walked down stairs and in to the den where everyone else was.
Vince looked at me and smiled, I smiled a bit back and sat down. "What's going on?" I whispered to Agarasto, the elven ranger that owned the mansion. His golden eyes looked at me. "We have a new member..." I stared at him.
"What do you mean?" He pointed to a vampire. His black hair and deep purple streaks made him look very handsome and his eyes of dark violet looked right at me.
"He was a human until Cren got a hold on him... He is always getting in to trouble," Agarasto was right, Cren was always getting in to trouble and turning people into vampires, which was against the rules. Vampires had to drink blood of animals so that no one could get any hints that we all lived here. "His name is Blake," I stared in awe at the new comer, Blake. I finally snapped out of it when Vince came over and put his arms around me. He smiled.
"Well, getting a new member is always a bit of fun, eh Agarasto?" Vince nudged him with his elbow. Agarasto shurged and nodded
"Of course, I'll have to watch out for him and Cren," He walked off to go find Cren and make sure he didn't get in to anymore trouble.
I broke away from Vince hold and walked out the door; he followed me. I turned around, "What do you want?" He looked like a little hurt puppy.
"I just wanted to know if something was wrong..." He muttered.
I placed my hands on my hips "Well, nothing is wrong. I'm just going out for a bit." He nodded and walked back to the mansion. I slowly walked to my little spot, taking my time. I laid down on my rock and watch the lazy dark clouds roll by. The clouds looked dark and grey, so, I figured a storm was coming a long. I enjoyed storms, they seemed comforting. Closing my eyes, I felt something soft and cold land on to my nose, then on my forehead, then my arms, soon, I felt the soft cold things falling a bit faster. Opening my eyes, I saw that it had started to snow gently. A chilly wind blew and I decided that it was time to go in, even though I wasn't out very long. It took me a while to get back to the mansion.
When I got there, Vince was waiting for me. "You're okay!" He rushed to me and gave me a hug so I hugged him back.
"Why wouldn't I be okay?" He pointed out the window. It had started a blizzard. Ice was forming on the windows. Vince got some of my hair and pressed it against two of his fingers.
"What are you doing?" He showed her his fingers, they were wet.
"There is some ice in your hair" I put my hair behind me.
"I'll get it out then," Vince was the kind that wanted to make sure that the one he loved was safe, happy and felt loved. I loved him, even though I might not show it at times.
I walked up the stairs to my room and closed the windows. It had got very chilly with the windows open. My fairy was wrapped up in her own wings. I picked her up, feeling sorry that she was in the cold. She stood and put her hands on her hips and gave me a look. I sat her on my dresser, where it was warmer, then walked in to the bathroom.
I ran a hot bath and quickly undressed then got it. The warm water felt very soothing after being out in the cold. After I soaked in the tub for about an hour, I got my towel and got out. Cren wasn't around, that was a good thing. I slipped in to a pink night dress with little patterns of flowers and watched the snow blizzard. It was about late afternoon, though it looked about an hour after dusk. Times and weather was strange in the mountains.
The fairy was fast asleep. I thought it was time to give her a name. What would someone name a fairy? I thought for a moment. "Hmm, Koria is a nice name." I looked away from the blizzard and to the sleeping fairy. "Okay, her name is Koria." I walked over to her and unlocked her little cage so she could fly around if she wanted to. I wanted downstairs to the kicthen. Kawaru had two cups of hot cocoa and Michelle and Mary Ann were sitting at the table drinking their cups of the warm liguid. Kawaru handed me a cup.
"I thought you might be coming down so I made you some hot cocoa." I took the cup.
"Thanks" I walked over to the table and sat next to Mary Ann then took a sip of my drink. Koria came flying in and flew in to the wall, falling onto the counter with a couple of bounces.
Kawaru pointed to her. "It's the fairy!" She got up, rubbed her head and flew on to my shoulder. Koria looked just like a little pink ball of fuzzy light.
"Her name is Koria," I smiled at him. He was just so innocent, no one could help but to smile at him. He looked at her. "Hello Koria!" I saw Koria wave to him, happily out of the corner of my eye.
Raden came walking in through the front door. He was the mansion guard. His neon green eyes glowed in the darkness of the night blizzard. Agarasto was in the hallway when Raden walked in, in his werewolf form. "Were you out there, Raden?"
I saw Raden's werewolf shadow transform into his human form. "Yes, I was. Just making sure nothing was out there."
Agarasto sighed. "Nothing is going to be out there. That blizzard out there would keep everything away." Raden started up the stairs, acting as if he wasn't listening.
"You never know what's out there," He muttered gently. He walked to his room and I heard the door shut. Raden was the kind of person that wanted everything and everyone to be safe. He seemed mean and tough, but he has a good heart. The gentle soul only few saw.
Agarasto went in to the den and watched the storm from the window. I took another sip of my drink then walked back up to my room with the fairy still on my shoulder. She made a little gingle sound and I looked at her. "I'm sorry, I don't speak fairy," I chuckled. Koria seemed to smile then flew ahead of me and into my room.
When I got in my room, she was watching the blizzard. Her knees were pulled close to her with her little arms wrapped around them as she sat on the window sill.I sat down on my soft, purple, polyester pillow under the window sill. I sat the way she was. "So," I paused, trying to make conversation. "Do you like storms?" She shook her head no, still staring out the window. "Oh, I like storms. They seem... Comforting. Seems strange right?" Koria looked at me with a laughing smile and nodded yes. I laughed a bit.
Yes, I was the strange type of person, but that never bothered me or anyone else.
Peering outside, or what I could see from the inside, I saw the trees were covered with ice and snow like an until timely death. They seemed so wilted and woren with the heavy ice weighing them down. This reminded me of a part of a movie, with the trees and grass being covered with much frost. Koria and I watched the storm for a very long, coutless while, not speaking a word to each other. I could hear comotion going on about downstairs.
I looked over to my red digital clock. The time was 5:46 PM. I looked back at Koria. She was gently rocking back and forth. Looking at her I smiled "I have something for you," She looked at me with her head a bit tilted to the left and a smile curled upon her face. I stood up and walked to my closet. I pulled out two small peices of soft cloth and a small pillow like fluff. Placing it in her cage I smiled at her "Your new bed," Koria stood and flew over to it.
She smiled and laid down in it, snuggling around, getting used to it. "Like it?" She closed her eyes and nodded.I walked over to my bed and laid down, snuggling around in mine. My head was facing the door way. I saw Blake walking slowly down the hall. He looked into my room and I waved, smiling at him. Blake was very cute and I couldn't help myself to that.
He saw me and hurried along. I rolled over, watching the strom rage on. Watching the ice and snow swirl around in a vortex of doom, tired my eyes out, with it's hypnotysing patterns, along with the rest of my body. "Maybe I'll take just a small nap." I blinked, not to open my eyes again, thus, being asleep.
There was a knock at my door then the lights came on. I quickly opened my eyes which followed by pain from my eyes, trying to adjust to the light. Raden was at my room in human form. I sat up, looked at my clock then back to him. "Raden, it's 1 o'clock AM!" One o'clock AM! I must have took a longer nap than I had planned!
He nodded "Many apologies but Vince has called an urgent meeting. Will you not come?"
I rubbed my eyes and nodded, "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in a minute." He walked away and downstairs.
An urgent meeting? Something must have been wrong. Vince never called meetings. This had to be big. I got up and wrapped my silk pink robe around me and hurried downstairs. Everyone was in the den and was sitting except for Tallon who was standing against the wall and Vince, who was standing in front of everyone with a sad look. I stood in the door way, watching Vince.
"My family's home plant has been invaded... My two brothers and my cousin are dead and I have been called to help. Tallon has agreed to go and help me and what is left of my family," I stared at him in shock. His home plant invaded? That couldn't be right. I have been to his home plant. It is very well protected, well, it was. Whatever invaded them must have been really strong and smart. Vince continued, "Err... We may not come back alive... So... I just want to let you all know... I love you all," He looked right at me "And I love you the most Cassidy..." With saying that he hung his head and walked out of the room. Vince didn't want to make the good-bye any harder than what it was. Tallon followed behind him but looked back at us. "Well, see ya." He seemed very confindent that he was going to come back alive.
I stood there for a moment or two then ran outside to them. The blizzard was still raging on, I could barly make out the figure of the large black ship that they were taking. Ice, sleet and snow hit againt my body, scraping and tearing at my flesh. I rushed up to Vince and grabbed him around his wasit. "No, Vince, please don't go!"
He wrapped his arms around me in a tight, heart warming hug. "I'm sorry Cassidy, I must go... I'll be back." He kissed my forehead and pressed his cheek against me where he laid the kiss. He lowered himself to my exact eye level. "If I don't come back, He looked away sadly, then, back to me. "Promsie you'll never forget me?"
Tears brimmed in my eyes. "You will come back, I know it!"
He looked hard into my eyes."Promsie me." I blinked and the tears ran down my cheeks. They froze before they could fall to the ground. "I promsie..." He gave me a kiss on my lips then climbed on to the ship. I stood there, helplessly watching him.
The ship started up and huge flames came out of the back, melting all snow 100 years around it. I backed up slowly and saw Vince waving good-bye to me from the ship window. I cried as I waved good-bye back to him. I had a small feeling that I would never see him again but my heart kept a little bit of hope alive.
As the ship took off I turned around and walked back into the mansion, not caring that my body was screaming to run so it could be warm. Everything was silent. Michelle and Mary Ann were sitting in the corner of the room, holding hands and whispering things. Kawaru walked up to me, sobbing. I bent down to him. "Will he come back? He's like a big brother to me..."
I placed my hands on his shoulders."He'll be back, he's a strong person. Even if he doesn't come back, you'll always have him in your heart." I looked out the window.
"I know I will..." He walked back over to the red velvet chair, slumping down into it.. Raden walked over to Kawaru, trying to cheer him.
Agarasto and Cren walked over to me. Cren stood behind him. Agarasto gave me a little hug and whispered in my ear. "While Vince is gone, I'll keep both eyes on Cren." I nodded then looked to Cren. He had his head down and was looking a bit sad. I had never seen Cren sad. A single tear fell from his eye. I turned away from them marching up to my room, slamming the door behind me. I flung myself on to my bed, crying with no end. Sukoru and Kyto walked in to my room, Kyto sat on my right side and Sukoru sat on my left side.
Sukoru placed his hand on my back. "It's okay, we're here for you." I sat up and turned around.
Kyto placed his arm around me. "We know how much you love him... We're your friends and will always be here for you." I smiled through my tears and hugged them both. Sukoru and Kyto smiled and returned the hug.
I looked at them. "Thanks, you guys, but, I wish to me alone right now..."
They nodded. "Okay," Sukoru said "If you need us, we're right down the hallway."
Kyto nodded "Yeah... Good-night." They both left and shut the door slowly behind them. I laid back on my bed, staring at the celing.
I had only knew Vince for two years, loving him the whole time, and now that he was gone, everything went into persective. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would never forget him. I took off my robe and threw it on the floor. I started having flash backs from the two years that I knew him. From the time that he entered this estate up until now. When I first saw him I got butterflies in my stomach and wanted attention from him so badly. I knew I was in love and he was too. All these memories made me smile, cry and laugh a bit but mostly cry. I remembered the times that I had been rude to him and now felt really bad for doing so. The pain was too much for me to bare. I hugged my pillow and wished for him to come back very soon. I cried myself asleep.
I awoke the next afternoon at 2 o'clock. The bliazzard had stopped and some of the snow was starting to melt away. I opened the window to let some air in. I was groggy but I took care of myselfand put on my jean pants and a red top; nothing classy. Everyone was still silent. Michelle and Mary Ann's hair had turned black and was put up in two brades. They sat at the table reading. I poured myself some ceral and milk and sat next to them, eating softly. "What were you doing last night in the corner?" They both looked up at me. Michelle answered first, "Asking the spirts from the other world to protect out brave men." They both still stared at me, then, they both looked down at their book again.
After I was done with my breakfast, I put my dish in the sink and went outside to my secret hill. Sitting down an autumn wind brushed past me. My favorite season was autumn. I really don't know why. Maybe it was because of the trees changing and the new smell it brought with it. I took in the smell with a smile. I pulled my knees close to me with my arms and rested my chin on my knee cap. I stared out along the clouds.
Blake apporached me from behind and sat next to me with his legs crossed. I looked over to him. We never talked and to really think of it, he never talked to anyone. Looking away from him I stared back at the clouds, making their way quickly across the sky.
"Do you miss him?" Blake said slowly, not looking away from the clouds.
I did not look at him. "Yes, I do." I replied.
"He loved you very much."
I looked at him oddly. Loved? "What do you mean loved? He still loves me."
He looked at me with no expression on his face. "One cannot love after they are dead." He looked to the clouds again and stood, walking away from me.
I felt my heart drop. Dead? Vince can't be dead. How would Blake know anyway? Did Michelle and Mary Ann see the furture and tell him and not me? He's just trying to scare me. Vince isn't dead. He can't die, he's a vampire! I kept thinking that but what he said still bothered me. I decided not to chase after him and continue to ask questions. That always seemed dumb to me. I just sat there, tring to keep my mind off what he said. Shaking my head, I stood up and looked back, Blake was no where in sight. I ran as fast as I could to find Michelle and Mary Ann.
When I got into the mansion I still didn't see Blake, Michelle or Mary Ann. I looked in the den and Kyto and his girlfriend, Rachel, were in there, snuggling by the fire. Rachel was very thin for her age and had short, light blond hair that were always in pigtails. She was the mansion doctor. Kyto and Rachel looked like an odd couple but they were meant for each other.
I walked down the hall and into the kitchen, Michelle and Mary Ann weren't there but the book they were reading that morning was and Raden. "Raden," I said "Do you know where Michelle and Mary Ann are?"
He looked up at me and shook his head. "Not exactly but I saw them walk outside and into the forest."
I knew exacly where they were. Without thanking him I ran back outside and into the woods. Michelle and Mary Ann only went outside for one reason, to go to their secret place by a river and meditate. I knew I would be interupting them but this was important.
I dashed into where they were, I saw them floating next to the river. I jogged over to them. They had their eyes closed and before I could ask them my question, they answered.
"No, Cassidy, we did not see into the furture." Michelle said
"We do not know how Blake knows that Vince shall die or if he is even correct." Mary Ann said right after Michelle finshed her sentance.
I stared at them. "Well, could you please try?"
They floated down softly onto the ground. Mary Ann opened her eyes and looked at me.
"We will try again, even though, the power to see the furture is not always clear," She replied.
Michelle and Mary Ann held each other's hands as Mary Ann closed her eyes again and they both started to chant. I started to get a headache as a picture flashed in my mind that scared me. I moved away from their space. They both suddenly stopped and opened their eyes sadly, looking at each other then to me. I could tell something was wrong.
"Cassidy," Mary-Ann hesitated "We still can't see anything...".
Michelle looked at her sister oddly then to me "We are sorry Cassidy..."
They were lying, I knew they were. When I got the instant headache from being in their space, I saw something. It was Vince falling to the ground.
"You're lying! You know what's going to happen! You're lying!" I shouted with tears in my eyes.
Michelle and Mary Ann looked at me but said nothing.I stared at them, knowing the truth. I turned and ran back through the forest and into the mansion. I dashed like a bat out of hell into my room. I went transparent, going through the wall then went back to normal laying on my bed, crying endlessly.
Blake walked in and sat on my bed, patting my shoulder gently. "I'm sorry you found out so soon. It was now or seeing him dead."I didn't look at him or say anything, just sobs and cries. I heard Blake hesitate, trying to calm me down. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up so I was sitting. I started to cry on his shoulder. He patted my back."Time heals all wounds"
"How much time? How long with I have to suffer like this? I know he is going to die and there is nothing I can do about it! I'm helpless and so is he! For all I know Tallon could die too!"
"It might not have been meant to be. Fate has chosen this path for you, him and all of us," He rubbed my back and I thought about it. Maybe fate didn't want us to be together."You'll be okay. You have your friends and you'll know he gave his life for the sake of his family, friends and his whole planet."
I yawned while I sobbed. It was 5:30 PM and all my crying, running and worrying had made me a bit woren down.
"Tired, Cassidy?"
I nodded, still sobbing "Y-yeah, a bit"
He smiled and gave me a tissue, "Dry those eyes and take a nap."
I wiped the tears from my eyes and blew my nose. Blake set a box of tissues on my night stand and a trash can next to my bed. "Good-night" He walked out and shut the door gently.
I stood up, opening my window and picking a blackberry from the vine that was growing up the side of the mansion and gave it to Soria. She was sitting up in her cage. Appently she was watching me. While Soria at her berry I put my night dress on and climbed in to bed. Laying down on the pillow, I closed my eyes, seeing Vince's happy, smiling face. The happy face I longed to see but never will again. I'm going to have to get used to you not being around anymore... I thought to myself. I sighed, crying a while beofre falling asleep.
There was a very loud and hard knock at the door of the mansion. I awoke suddenly. It was 2 o'clock in the morning. I put my robe on, running downstairs. I saw Agarasto answering the door as I stood on the steps, trying my best not to be seen. A man in an army outfit stood there holding someone over his shoulders. I continued down the steps slowly to see that it was Tallon. His face looked beat up and bloody. His clothes were ripped and dirty. I gasped and hurried down, not caring if i as saw or not. Agarasto showed the man to the den where he laid Tallon down on the couch. Tallon groaned with pain. He looked as he was out cold.
"He was out of it when we found him and he still is. Another was with him. We identivived him as Vincent Curebect."
Agarasto looked down. "Yes, we knew him. He lived here also..."
The man looked at him and scratched the back of his neck. "I am sorry about that, I must go back to the home planet... The war is still going on but is dying down," Agarasto nodded showing him to the door.
I ran over to Tallon and bent down next to him and brushed his hair out of his face. His face was bloody and brused and it seemed like he was having trouble breathing. "Tallon..." I whispered. He opened his eyes and looked right at me. I looked deep into my best friend's eyes. I saw fear. I saw pain. I saw death. He fainted again. I couldn't stand it to look at him any longer. I ran back up to my room, crying. I passed Rachel, who was rushing down to help Tallon, Kyto, who was carrying all of Rachel's supplies, Cren and Blake.
Blake stopped to turn around and watch me before going after me. I ran into my room and landed on my bed, crying. Vince was dead, Tallon was really bad hurt and the war still wasn't over!
Blake slowly walked into my room, pushing the door gently out of his way. "Cassidy, are you okay?"
"What do you think?" I managed to say through my tears. He came and sat next to me. I sat up and wrapped my arms around him and cried harder.
He wrapped his strong arms around me and rocked gently back and forth. "It's okay. At least your friend, Tallon, is still alive."
I continued to sob. "But the look in his eyes,it was unbareable..." He rubbed my back as I cried harder, gripping his shirt with my fist.
Kawaru came in and climbed onto the bed patting me on the back. "I saw Tallon... Agarasto said that Vince was dead," He started to cry and I put my right arm around him, holding him close. He was only twelve and he lost someone that was near and dear to him. I felt so sorry for him.
Kawaru put his arms around me and cried. I felt a tear fall onto my head. Blake was crying. All three of us sat there crying and holding each other. Kawaru got up and said that he was tried and was going back to bed. He looked a bit calmer but was still teary eyed. Blake said he would stay with me until I fell asleep. Kawaru had feel asleep in my arms. Blake picked him up, carrying him to his room. When he had Kawaru tucked into bed, he came back to me. I got under the covers as Blake sat by my bed and watched over me until I fell asleep. He still held me as I sobbed over the loss of my late love and the look of my badly hurt friend. It was 5 o'clock in the morning when I fell asleep. I was half asleep when I heard Blake stand up and go to his room. While I slept, I had a dream.
The autumn wind slowly rushed past me. I stood on my hill, looking over a valley full of flowers. But something was wrong. One side had the flowers full of life and the other side had all dead flowers. Vince appeared behind me. I turned around as he smiled at me.
"Do you see those dead flowers?"
I nodded, "Yes, Vince, I do."
"All living things must die at some time," He took my hand. "I might be gone but please don't let our love die..."
I drew myself closer to him and wrapped my arms around him as he did the same. "I won't, I'll love you forever."
He looked at me. "Never say forever... I want you to move on but just never forget me, promsie?"
Tears built up but were held back by an invisable wall in my eyes. "I'll never forget you...."
He hugged me tight. "I'll always be with you..." He started to fade as I struggled to keep hold of him. "Never forget me, Cassidy," His last whisper
I started to cry. "I'll never forget you, Vince... Never..." I whispered into the wind. Now he was gone even though I hold him tight. I was left only holding his memory in my heart. I turned around and all the flowers were dead and brown...
I awoke in a cold sweat and sobbing. I gripped my pillow close to me. "I'll never forget you, Vince...Never..." I curled up in the covers. It was 6 o'clock in the morning and the sun still wasn't up. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep, remembering.
I woke up at 7 o'clock AM as the sun was just starting to peek over the horizion. I opened the window and looked out. Half of the sky was still night with some star shining and the other side had the brightness of the morning sun. This made me think of the dream. With every old, there is a new. The night was old and the morning was brand new. Thinking of that made me remember Tallon when he came into my room that morning. Wrapping my arms around myself, a tear ran down my cheek as a little breeze blew into my room.
I took in the morning air. It was chilly but felt good. I got another berry and set it next to Soria so she would have some breakfast when she woke up. I changed into my dark blue turtle neck sweater with no sleeves and my dark blue jeans then went downstairs. Agarasto, Cren, Michelle, Mary Ann and Raden were in the kitchen. Raden and Agarasto was cleaning up, Michelle and Mary Ann were reading their book and Cren was helping Raden which was a bit of a shock to be since Cren never helped but only caused trouble. Kawaru was sitting in the den, looking through a photo albem. I sat on the couch next to him.
"Hey Kawaru," I looked at the pictures that he was looking at. Almost everyone one of them had Vince in it, smiling and happy. I placed my hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. I know you miss him. Everyone does."
"I know, but he was like a big brother to me. I looked up to him. He was my only family."
I looked at him. He was so little compared to everyone else; not to metion that he was the youngest. I put my arm around him. "Well, I can be like your big sister" I was trying to make him feel better, hoping it might work.
He sighed, "It's not the same. Sorry, Cassidy..." He stood up and went up the stairs to his room.
I sighed too. Well, better go check up on Tallon, see if he's feeling better... I thought and hoped. I walked up the stairs and went four rooms down into his room. Rachel was by his bed, taking his pulse and tempature, Kyto was sitting on his bed and Sukoru was sitting in a chair on his other side. I walked in "How is he?"
Rachel looked up at me, "He was bleeding badly but we got it under control and his pulse rate is a bit under what it should be, so is his tempature. Right now, he's in a coma."
I looked down "Oh, I see. Do you think he will make it?"
She shook her head, "It's hard to say right now. Let us just hope the wind is with him."
Kyto took a cloth off of Tallon's head and put a fresh one on. "Yeah, I think he will make it though. He's a strong, fighting man." Sukoru nodded in agreement with Kyto.
I looked at Tallon. His breathing was deep yet shallow. Walking over to him, I grapped a chair and pulled it up to his bed side. I held his hand tightly, hoping he would awake soon. Sencing I wanted some time alone with Tallon, Sukoru gave a look to Rachel and Kyto and they left the room.
I was left, sitting there, holding Talon's hand, trying not to let him slip away from me.
"Tallon," I whispered, hoping he would hear me "Please wake up..."
Tallon took a deep breath, as if it was his first in many years, and opened his eyes half way. He tilted his head a bit so that he could see me. A small, tired smile spread across his face.
"Now there's a sight for sore eyes," He groaned
I looked up and smiled happily. "You're awake!" I gave him a gentle hug, trying not to hurt him.
His smile quickly faded. "I do not have much time left..."
I stared at him, not smiling anymore. "No, no, Tallon, you're gonna make it. You'll be okay," I told him, but, inside, I was screaming.
He shook his head. "My time is almost up... I have to tell you what happened then I must go..."
I opened my mouth to say something but he put his fingers to my lips. "Let me just tell you, Cassidy. It's almost time."
I sat back and nodded, still holding his hand tightly.
"Vince, he took a hit for me. The invaders, they were horrible creatures with stringy blood-like hair and fangs... And their eyes... Black, dark peircing eyes... One of them knew that Vince was a vampire and assumed that I was one also. He started firing sharp wooden pings at us. We dodged them all, only getting hit in the arm or leg, then," He sighed "I got caught off guard while I was fighting one of them. The one that was shooting at us was up upon a hill. He fired one at me from the hill," He closed his eyes, trying to remember "I remember Vince shouting then getting hit, falling to the ground in front of me. The being tried to shoot again but was out of pings. He took off. There were three left. I beat them all, getting cut and stabbed. When they were all dead... I bent down next to Vince. He was still breathing. I tired to save him," He opened his eyes and looked at me, tears watering up his eyes. "I really did, Cassidy, I tried. I couldn't. I failed. He told me to tell you that he loved you with all his heart... Then... He was gone... There was nothing I could do... The next thing I knew, I felt a pain in my back then shouts and screams then darkness. I woke up here, on the couch with you there then I guess I fainted again." He looked straight ahead of him with a small smile then back to me. "I have to go now, Cassidy."
I shook my head. "No, don't leave me, Tallon," I gripped his hand harder, tears streaming down my face.
"Goodbye, Cassidy..." His eyes looked weary as they slowly closed. His chest went down with his final breath then he was gone. Just like that I had lost my best friend.
"Don't leave me, please. You're all I have left," I whispered to him, knowing he couldn't hear me.
I cried as I left go of his hand and it hung from the side of the bed. People say that when someone dies, they look peaceful but Tallon didn't look peaceful. He just looked dead. I slowly stood, giving him a kiss on the forehead, before walking out. I went down to the den where everyone was.
"Tallon is dead... He just died in his bed..."
Everyone looked at me with shock, not speaking. Kawaru stood up and ran back to his room, bawling. Rahcel and Kyto went after him. Cren looked down to the ground sadly. Agarasto came over to me and gave me a hug.
"I'm so sorry..." He whispered to me then walked to his room, looking very depressed. It sounded like he was crying.
Michelle and Maryann looked at each other. They knew that he was going to die but didn't bother to tell anyone. Raden put his face in his hands and looked down. It looked like he was sobbing. Sukoru stood against the wall, looking out of the window with a sad look on his face as a tear ran down his cheek. Blake walked over to me and put his arm around me as I buried my face in his chest and cried. He walked me back to my room and sat with me on my bed.
"Cassidy, I know it's hard to lose a lover and a friend but you have to learn to let these things go quickly. Don't linger in the past, make way for a brighter future."
I looked up at him. "He was my best friend, I can't just let it to quickly. Tallon was like a brother to me and Vince was like a husband that I knew all my life."
He nodded, "Yes, I understand but if you continue to think about it, it'll only hurt you more."
I looked away from him and laid down on my bed. "I wish to be alone."
"I said I wish to be alone! Now leave me be!"
Blake looked down and left my room. I looked at my door and slammed it shut with my mind then turned back to my bed, crying. Tallon and Vince were gone from my life forever. I knew I still had Kyto, Raden, Blake, Michelle, Maryann, Koria, Kawaru, Agarasto, Sukoru, Koria, and, as much as I hate to admit it, Cren, but I still felt so alone.
Koria had woke up and had been watching me. She flew over to me and sat in front of me on my bed. I felt her little hand pat my head. I looked up at her.
"Hi Koria..."
Koria tried to talk but I could only hear little gingles.
"I can't understand you, Koria." I laid my head back down on my bed and cried some more. Koria still tried to continue to talk but only made gingles. The gingles made me feel a bit better. They sounded cheerful and happy. I looked up at her again with a small smile.
"Thanks, Koria"
She smiled and flew back to her cage. I got off of my bed and climbed out the window to sit down on the edge. I moved all the way to the end and let my feet hang over the side. I watched the sun start to set. It was wonderful. The pink and orange sky with the autumn breeze made the perfect ending of a day.
"Too bad the day itself was bad..." I sniffled as I thought about Vince and Tallon then I thought of what Blake had said about fate and not lingering the in past. He was right. Blake came through the window and sat next to me, watching the sunset.
"Still wish to be left alone?"
I shook my head. "No, I'm okay now and you were right. Maybe fate didn't want Vince and I to be together and Tallon's time was up. I can't linger in the past but I won't forget them."
Blake nodded. "Believe it or not, I got to know Tallon. He was a great guy."
"Yes, he was. He was always there for me. Vince was too. Life just won't be the same without them."
"Well," Blake started "Life can't always be the same. Things happen and you just have to learn to accept them because once it's done, it's done; no turning back. I just lost a friend, but, I made a new one," He smiled at me, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like I did with Vince.
"Yes, well, you have a new friend and so do I." I smiled.
He smiled back at me and placed his hand on mine. We looked into each other's eyes as we grew out faces closer and closer to each other. Kawaru poked his head through the window with no expression and we stopped, looking at him.
"Hi, Kawaru, what's up?" I said to him, trying to make him smile.
He climbed through the window and sat next to me.
"Tallon and Vince are gone and never coming back..."
"Aww, Kawaru," I put my arm around him "It'll be okay. It was their time to go so they had to go. I knew them longer than you did and was closer to them so I know how you feel. Things like this happen and you just have to get through it. I know you can, you're a tough kid." I smiled at him and messed up his hair, which wasn't spiked at the time, playfully.
He smiled a bit, tilting his head to the right a bit. "Yeah, you're right."
I looked over to Blake, who was smiling at me and Kawaru, and smiled at him.
"Well," Kawaru sighed, "Agarasto said that Vince's body will be buried on his home planet so we won't be able to see him one last time, but, Tallon will be buried behind the mansion in his own little grave."
"Oh, do you know when it is?" Blake asked, trying to make conversation.
Kawaru nodded "Yes, it's tomorrow at 6:30 after sunset so you and Cren will be up by then."
I looked out to the horizion. The sun had set and the moon was out shining brightly. A few bats flew by in the moon light. Blake stood up. I guessed it was his time to feed.
"I have to go right now, but I'll be back," Blake said, smiling at me then winked. He jumped up and transformed into a vampire bat and flew off into the woods. Kawaru shivered.
"I'm cold" He whispered "Can we go inside now?"
I nodded "Of course" I stood up and climbed through the window, helping him through. He jumped on to my floor. Kawaru walked over to Soria and petted her on the head. I laughed a bit.
Kawaru yawned "Well, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, Cassidy"
"Goodnight, Kawaru" I answered back.
He walked out of my room and down the hall to his. I took a long shower and slipped into a pink night dress. Just as I got into bed and got comfortable, Blake flew in my window in his vampire bat form. He quickly changed back into his normal form with a blood stain smile on his face. I sat up and laughed a bit at him.
"What is so funny?" He asked, looking at me oddly.
"You have a blood stain on your teeth and lips," I answered.
"Hmm, well, that cannot be too good then." He walked into my bathroom and rinced his mouth off then walked back out.
"That's better" I said smiling at him. He walked over to me and tucked me into bed. I smiled then he kissed my forehead.
"Good-night, Cassidy. Sleep tight."
"Yeah, Blake, you too."
He walked out of my room and I sighed, watching him. I turned over in my bed and looked out the window and at the moon. I missed Vince and Tallon so much. It was a disturbing fact that my best friend was laying in his bed, dead, a few doors down from me and that my old love was billions of miles away, dead. Another group of bats flew past the moon and I thought of Blake. Maybe I was starting to fall in love with him and fate wanted Blake and I to be together and not Vince and I. I turned on my back, thinking things over until I fell asleep.
The morning came all too quickly as I awoke to the bright sunshine in my face. I sat up, rubbing my eyes and yawning.
Tallon's funeral is today... I thought to myself with a sigh. I got up and put on a black dress with a slit that came up to the knee. It wasn't anything fancy, but just a simple dress that looked great on me. I brushed my teeth and put my hair back in a tight ponytail, gelling it back, then I walked down to the kitchen where everyone was silently eating breakfast. They were all dressed in black dresses or a tux.
I sat down next to Mary Ann. I guessed Cren and Blake were still asleep since they were vampires and didn't wake up until after sun down, at most times, and had fed the night before. Agarasto handed me a plate of eggs when I sat down. I started to eat and looked around at everyone. They all were silent. I knew how they felt. This was hard on everyone. One minute they were here and being happy and full of life, the next thing you know, they're dead and you're sorry for all the bad things you did to them.
Kyto and Rachel finished their breakfast first so they went into the den. The supence of the silence was killing me. I quickly finished my breakfast and went into the den with Rachel and Kyto. Kyto was sitting on the love set next the fire place and Rachel was sitting next to him with her head on his shoulder. She looked upset and I couldn't blame her. I walked over to them and sat in a chair across from them. Rachel stared at the fire sadly.
"I failed him..."
I looked at her, shaking my head. "No, you did your best. There was nothing you could do to save him."
"I don't underdstand," She said softly "He was doing fine then he just died."
I nodded. "It was his time to go. He said it was."
She looked at me. "He woke up?"
Kyto now looked at me. "Tallon did what?"
"Yeah, he woke up and told me that Vince took a hit for him and that was how Vince died and his time was almost up."
"Oh..." Rachel looked back at the fire. "Okay..." She whispered.
Kyto looked back at the fire too. His acid green eyes reflected the dancing fire. I stood up and walked outside. It was chilly out and the gray clouds blocked the sun. We had strange seasons around here. Some times it snowed in the fall and rained like crazy during the winter and was cold in the spring. I walked out to my hill and laid down in the soft, cold grass. I watched the gray sky. A cold wind blew by me, from the east, and a chill went down my spine, giving me goosebumps. I closed my eyes, thinking of Vince and Tallon. I felt like I had everything I could ever want but with them gone, I felt like I had nothing. It was like I was robbed of everything.
A voice popped into my head. It was Vince's voice. "Move on but never forget me," is what the voice said, just like in the dream. He was right. Maybe he wanted Blake and I to be together, also. I had to move on but it was hard. I opened my eyes and stood up, looking out toward the east. Blake slowly walked up behind me. He stood next to me.I kept looking out but knew he was there. "Kind of early for you to be up, isn't it?"
"Yes, it is, but the sun is not out so I'm okay for now." He answered back to me. Walking up beside me, he took my hand. I looked at our hands then up to him. He looked back at me.
"Do you want to go inside? You look cold."
I shook my head no. "Not right now, maybe in a bit."
"Okay then." He took off his cape and put it on me to keep me warm.
I smiled a bit "Thanks."
"No problem, Cassidy"
We looked at each other in the eyes. I started to blush and he chuckled.
"You're blushing, Cassidy."
I smiled, embarressed. He smiled back at me, his fangs gleaming
We stared at each other for a few moments and looked back to the eastren sky that seemed darker than the rest of the sky.
"Looks like a storm is coming, doesn't it?"
I nodded. "Yes, just another lighting storm. Really common around here during the fall."
"Let us hope that it comes after Tallon's funeral."
"Yeah, hopefully." I got goosebumps on my arms from the cold. Blake noticed.
"Um..." I stalled, trying to think of something to say. "Would you like to go inside now?"
He nodded, "If you would like to."
We started to walk back to the mansion when he put his arm around me. I smiled a bit. I think I was starting to like him more than just a friend now. When we got back in the mansion, we walked up to my room and sat down, looking out the window. Soria came flying over to us. She landed on Blake's shoulder, taking a seat. Blake smiled a bit, looking at her.
"Hello, Koria." He said to her. She waved at him with a greeting smile. I continued to stare out of the window at the graying skies. Blake put his hand on my shoulder.
"Something wrong?"
I shook my head. "No, nothing is wrong."
He looked at me oddly. "A little bit of nothing is really a whole lot of something, Cassidy."
I sighed. "I still can't get around the fact that Vince and Tallon are gone forever."
He slowly nodded and put his arm around me. "I'm here for you."
"Yes, I know you are." I whispered. Koria came and flew over to me, landing on my shoulder. She gingled. I assumed she was saying that she was there for me too. I smiled at her.
"Yes, I know I have to too, Koria."
We sat there, in silence, watching the skies turn gray and the clouds roll over head of us. Sukoru came up behind us.
"I hope I'm not disturbing you, but, Agarasto says it is time for Tallon's burial."
I nodded. "All right, we'll be down in a few."
Sukoru nodded and left my room. I looked down and sighed.
"This is going to be really hard..."
Blake looked at me. "It will be for all of us. The sooner we get it done, the less we can think of it." Soria nodded in agreement with Blake. We got downstairs and went through the backdoor into a field where we walked all the way to the back. A caskit laid in the center of flowers. Cren stood against a tree near the caskit.
"I remember when I was sleeping in one of those. Ah, sweet memories." Cren said with a smirk.
Kawaru came up and placed a flower with all the others. "Cren," He said, sounnding a bit disgusted. "Tallon is dead, can't you at least pretend to be sad?"
"I am sad. He was my friend too."
"Oh, so you two were friends," Kyto said coming up behind Blake and I with Rachel beside him.
"Yes, we were believe it or not. I have friends."
Rachel decided to make a joke about it. "When you have friends, rock demons will take over the world."
Blake smirked "Be careful what you wish for, Rachel, it might come true."
I looked over to Rachel. "He has friends. I'm his friend," I looked over to Cren with a glare "Even though he tried to make me a vampire!"
Cren put up his hands in defence. "I was hungry."
I rolled my eyes. Soria came flying through everyone and landed on Cren's shoulder. He looked at her as if she was some unknown creature that just came from no where. Michelle and Mary Ann walked over to the caskit. No one even knew they had arrived. They placed a blood red rose on the caskit. Raden came and stood beside me in his werewolf form, which he quickly changed to his human form. I looked over to him.
"Haven't seen you around lately."
Raden looked over to me. "I was checking around the mansion and the forest. I didn't want anything from Vince's planet over here to destory us, too." He walked over to the caskit and placed his hand on it, muttering something as a tear ran down his cheek as he walked over away from it and sat down in the grass. Sukoru teleported next to the caskit. He placed an olive branch on it.
"May he forever rest in peace..." He whispered as a single, silent tear rolled down his cheek, being disolved quickly into the thirsty ground.
Everyone was so sad that Tallon had fianlly gone. I saw a few tears shed from Cren's eyes as Soria patted him on the head. Agarasto came out next to Blake. He placed a flower with the rest of the flowers that surrounded Tallon.
Agarasto opened up the front of the caskit. Tallon's wounds had been healed fully, since he was dead. I looked at him. He now looked peaceful and not just dead as dead can be. I felt something strange, like... A spirt. I think everyone else felt it too. This brought a smile to my face. I could feel as if Tallon was still with us all.
After about an hour of everyone speaking about Tallon and how great of a person he was, Agarasto, Kyto, Raden and Sukoru lowered Tallon into the ground, covering it up with fresh dirt. Soria placed a very small flower seed in the ground. Afterwards, we all went inside. It had gotten very cold and dark. A drizzle of rain had started to fall.
Everyone went into the den and sat near the fire. Blake and I sat together. He put his arm around me. I saw Kyto, Rachel and Agarasto smile at us. Kawaru sat near my feet with Soria on his shoulder. Cren had went to his room. Kyto and Rachel sat on the love seat. Agarasto sat in his favorite chair and Sukoru sat near Michelle and Maryann, who were sitting on the floor. Raden laid on his rug next to the fire in his werewolf form, resting his eyes.
Everyone was sad and I knew I was too but I didn't show it. I decided not to talk about it unless someone else did. There was total silence. We could hear the rain start to fall harder on the roof top. Everything was so clam and quiet that I nodded off. I was half awake and half asleep when
I felt myself be picked up and carried up the stairs. I assumed that Blake was carring me to bed. I kept my eyes closed as he placed me gently onto my bed and covered me up. He laid a kiss upon my forehead and left my room, closing the door so that only a small beam of light could slither into my room.
I missed Tallon very much, he was like a brother to me like Vince was to Kawaru. Sighing, I fell alseep, thinking about how life would be without him and and my late lover, Vince. As the moon rose higher into the sky, blanketing the dark earth, a new life would rise from the ashes...