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.::Tryin To Find A Home::.

Yep, that's right, I'm trying to get this site hosted, and for now I'm trying at & so far, its going. . . *Sighs* Ok its damn right confusing. I've got the pages uploaded, yet I can't see the links so I can link the pages together :\ Bla bla, so anyways today was alright - I went to work, did the usual & came home. And now I'm stuck with watching a movie with my mom. Ok don't get me wrong, I love my mum, yet when I'm trying to work on my site, its a total distraction & its rather annoying. At this point, I'm frustrated, I just cannot get this site hosted! I'll get it though, sooner or later. Anyways uhm, I go in at 3 tomorrow! ^.^ wewt. The night schedule is better than the morning, because its slower, and there is less things to do, so it makes the time pass by much, much faster. Basically you walk the dogs, feed them & then go and spray the cages outside. After that you lock-up & go home. Compared to the morning, you don't clean the dogs cages, you don't give the medications & you don't do the dishes. (Yes that's right, we wash all the dishes the dogs & cat's use) What else is going on. . ? Uh, well, college starts soon, too. The 19th of August to be exact. . .e x c i t i n g. . Riiight. I dunno, don't ask me why but I'm not that excited to return to school - I say don't ask me because I don't even know the reason myself, so how could I possibly explain it to you!? Hm. . yeah, gotta go back to building this thing.