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Welcome to Spirits Among us
There are many things in this world that are unexplained.
Hard to believe, hard to understand,
Some refuse to listen or see
Some just don't care
But for those of you who do!
Spirits are among us
they are with us daily.
Some come for visits, some move right in
Some are there to watch over us,
some perhaps need out help.
what ever the reason, these spirits are very real.
There is a fine line between their realm and ours.
For those who are in tune, and open enough to listen and see
that line becomes a very line layer,
one that opens communications.

On the following pages i'll share with you some of our personal photo's
of " Orbs" which we are totally sure are spirits among us.
These pictures are part of our private life, and are not to be copied or used for any reason.
also they are not the best home pictures, they are just family snap shots, so please ignore the messy house, or the shot where we forgot to brush our hair, or didn't have any make up on LOL

We first started to notice them showing up in pictures about 2 yrs ago.
We have taken many pictures of them, some inside and also outside.
We have also moved since they have appeared, they are very friendly, and we enjoy them being in our home.
when we first moved to our new place, I noticed they were not in the pictures, but within weeks they slowly started to appear again.
We have also had a few other encounters, such as the back door opening and closing and no one is there.
My daughter and myself have also heard a woman's voice or little girl call her name.
But we have never ever felt threatened.
We welcome them to our home!

The photo's were taken with our digital camera, and have not been altered in any way other than resizing,
For sceptics!
No its not something on the camera lens, they don't show up in every picture I take!
Only they choose when and where they will be photographed
For your viewing pleasure 3 pages of " Spirits"




Thanks for your visit!
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