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Knight Ranks

Fledgling Squire      This is an Entry Level Knight aspirant. Their duties Involve finding a Knight to apprentice them. They also involve the Gathering of items to keep the knights faction Upkeep. IE: Bandages, Bottles for potions, and Food. Fledgling Squires must prove them selves as worthy Servants to a Knight Before being Promoted.
Squire                      The Squire is the Second Level of the Knight Chaste. Their Duties involve serving the Knight (or Knights) of the Kingdom. They must also continue on the gathering of items such as Bandages, Bottles, Food, Animal Hides and Monster hides (Regular thru barbed leather Hides). They must also Attain the rank of grandmaster in at least one Skill before being Promoted to the Next Rank.
Sentinel                     The Sentinel is the Rank of a Guard. The Sentinels duties involve standing guard around the city and making sure that everything is going along as usual. The Sentinel is to remain in the City most of the time. He should be keeping the peace and helping in the training of the Lower Ranked Characters. The Sentinels must acquire at least 2 preferably 3 Grandmaster Skills, along with at least 20 hours of Guarding the City.
Sentinel Elite              The Sentinel Elite is a Step up from the Sentinel Rank. There will only be so many sentinel Elites at one time. Their Duties include that of Leading Sentinels in protection of the City and Assuring that everyone is Training Properly. The Sentinel Elite is also in charge of the jail cells and Maintaining peace in the City along with organizing groups of Sentinels to Keep the Peace at Events and Tourneys. In Order to advance unto the Next Rank They must Either Serve 40 Hours of City Duty along with 4 Grand mastered Skills, Or Win a Tourney And the Right to move on as a Lesser noble and Acquire the Bachelor Knight Rank.
Bachelor Knight         The Bachelor Knight is not Really considered a Full Fledged Knight. They are lesser nobles that have either ascended from peasantry or won a tourney and thus the right to be called a Bachelor Knight. It is also the Title granted to a Knight with out a home or any land of his own. Thus if you are in line to become a Bachelor Knight but own land within the Kingdom You may skip this Rank altogether. Bachelor Knights Fight In the Knight Bannerette Factions serving a Specific Noble. In So The Bannerette may choose you or you may apply for the position. Being the First step of Knight you are the brunt of the troops and are considered Standard Noble Warriors. In order to Achieve the Rank of Knight, you must either acquire land in the Kingdom, Be given the title in ceremony by the King, or Queen, And Lastly Prove yourself in a Tourney.
Knight                       The Knight is the Middle Ranked Warrior. This is the Title most coveted by every member in this Chaste. The Knight is the Warrior of the chivalric Ideals. He is the Protector of the Code and everyone in the kingdom. The Knights Sword belongs to the King and Queen and He fights for Truth and Justice. The Knight will be a leader of the lesser ranked. He will be one to lead hunts and attend hunts and ensure that everything goes as planed. Knights are also the Protectors of the Kingdom. They will be the warriors that fight the battles for the Weak and Innocent. In order to attain the next Rank a Knight must Prove himself In battle, Win at least 2 Tourneys and accomplish a Quest set forth by the King and/or Queen. Appointment may also be possible.
Knight-Errant             The Knight-Errant is the Traveling Knight that wanders around the kingdom acting as an Elite Knight. Knight-Errant's are usually off on Quests or doing work for the Kingdom. Their duties involve but are not limited to Serving Under a Knight Bannerette, Completing Quests for the Kingdom, And bringing Justice to those Outlawed by the kingdom. Knight-Errant Warriors are Expected to Attend Every Tourney. The only Way to Ascend to Knight-Errant Elite is to Win 4 Tourneys and Be Granted title by the King and Queen of The kingdom
Knight-Errant Elite           The Knight-Errant Elite. This is the Highs Rank of Knighthood In the Kingdom that most knights will achieve. A Knight Errant is one who is Very Giving to the kingdom and a Elite Soldier. He Has won many Tourneys and has proved his loyalty to the kingdom and Shall continue to Serve as a Mentor to the lesser members of the Kingdom. The Knight Errant Elite is Excepted to do as the king and queen Instruct and carry out all tasks given quickly and Efficiently. The Knight Errant Elite should Also be fighting war with the Rest of his Comrades and Take pride in his Fighting Prowess and skill. They are to be Masters of Tourneys and be able to hold their own against Anyone in the Kingdom. The Only way to Exceed this rank is Strictly By appointment.
Knight Bannerette           The Knight Bannerette. This is the Most prestigious Rank of the Knight Order. Bannerettes are Leaders of small Elite bands of Knights. Each Bannerette Will have a 4 Person Group under him. IE: Knight Bannerette Has himself and 4 others in his Group Called the Silver Rose, They act as one Faction in the Knighthood of Silverthorne. Even though there will be Multiple Bannerettes they Will be considered Lords of their Faction and Equals in the Knighthood. The Only Way to achieve the Last Rank is by Appointment.
Knight Lord          The Knight Lord is by far the most Highest Honor in the Kingdom. He is In charge of Every single Knight and Squire. He is to see that everyone is properly Armored and Trained. They are to make sure they all know about the Tourneys and they are to make sure that they keep Everyone inline. The Knight Lord is usually The Most Respected and strongest of the Knights and there for should have no problem getting respect from his knights. The Knight lord is to make sure that all knights are paying their tithes and all squires are collecting Resources and such to use towards the guilds warriors. Knight Lords also serve on the Counsel.

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