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Welcome to my site, Shiri's Temple. My name is Shiri-Kei Celisoe, but my friends call me Shiri. This site is to showcase my stories and other things that I enjoy. I don't want to ramble to much here right now. But I hope that everyone enjoys their stay at my Temple.

Please use the links on either side of the page to navigate through the site. And please do not take any of my stuff without permission. I have worked very hard on the stuff on this site. I am known to get very angry when my stuff is stolen from me. How would you like it if I went to your site and took your stuff? So, please don't take anything.

Disclaimer: (Yes, that's right. A disclaimer) Some stuff on this site is based off of various Animes, Movies, and TV shows that I love. They do not belong to me and I do not own them. All respected rights go to them.


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