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The angel of Yahvah
Sunday, 29 May 2005
Then Angel of Yahvah / Jesus
Hi this is Shane-Edward-Lee, welcome to anther blog from Shane Lee Ministries, @ {:-.O}.
This blog deals with human reproduction and shouldnt' be read by children 12 and under.
If you would like to help out with my case conact Ms. Kathleen R. Sullivan, Veterans Service Center Manager, DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS ATLANTA REGIONAL OFFICE PO BOX 100021 DECATUR, GA. 30031-7021, HTTPS//RIRIS.VA.GOV PHONE # 1-800-827-1000.
The final mystery to understand the Mashiyach of Yisarel, is that Jesus was the human manifestation of the angel of Jahvah that went before Yisarel according to Exodus 23:20, it is this angel who wrestled with Jacob, Gen. 32:24-31, it is this angel who appeared with 2 others to Abraham in the plains of Mamre, Gen. 18 & 19, and notice that the Lord stayed with Abraham, three men showed up, and 2 went to Sodom, whose shekinah the Isarelites followed through the wilderness, that would appear to Joshua Joshuwa 5:13-15, the parents of Samson Judges 13, and swore to David that of the fruit of his body that it would set upon his throne Psalms 132:11-12, which means that the angel would manifest itself into the flesh through an offspring of David, but also if David's offspring kept its covenant they also would sit upon its throne.
Just go to Isaiah 40:3, Zach. 12:8, Malachi 3:1, the angel of Yahvah was trying to prepare Isarel that it would come into the flesh of a woman of the tribe of Judah, though Mary was also of the tribe of Levi, through her mother, who was sister to Elizabeth, the messenger of the messenger of the covenant was John the Baptist who was sent out in the spirit of Elijah, though he wasn't Elijah personally, though Jesus said he was in Matt.17:12-13, and Jesus the prophet like unto Mosheh Malaci 4:4-6, this would be the hidden manna that Jesus said we would eat of in Rev. 2:17, Jesus is the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God, who stood at the top of Jacob's ladder, which it walked up and down in the garden of Eden that God created here on the earth, which has since been removed, because of sin, but who is still at the top of the Ladder, and whose throne sits upon the circle of the earth Is. 40:22.
Paul said that we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembeling. Phil. 2:12
I can't save you from Lucifer, you have to save yourself, through coming to the knowledge of God and Jesus.
There is one final way that the angel of Jahvah left for us to understand that it was fully male and female, it knew we would understand it as male, but not male and female, being the mediator of the man and woman, and between both to the Eternal Spirit as well.
It has to do with the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver.
Some people get confused, and associate Jesus betrayal with the price that an owner of a slave was paid if an ox pushed and killed the man's slave, whether male or female, which was 30 shekels of silver, Ex. 21:32, but there is another passage in Lev. 27:2-5, and it had to do with the price a person was to pay the Priest for a difficult vow, but not only is it seen a little here it is also seen in Jeremiah 32:9, which the angel takes up in Zach 11:12-13 which was all fulfilled in Matt. 26:3-5, 14-16, 21-25, 47-49, & 27:3-10.
It is clear that based on Joseph's dream that his brothers sold him into slavery, which was a difficult vow, which Joseph was 17 when he had the two dreams and was priced at 20 pieces of silver, which Mosheh used Joseph's betrayal to price the prices that a person was to pay at, so many shekels depending on age and gender, which Joseph was 17 to 18, and was sold for 20 pieces of silver, which was before the tabernacle was established, and the shekel, but the price that a male was to pay between the ages of 5-20, is 20 shekels of silver, but Jesus was around 30, Luke 3:23, when he was baptized and ministered between 2 and 1/2 to 3 years, so was no older than 33, when he was betrayed, but the price of a male that age was 50 shekels of silver, but of a female is 30 shekels of silver Lev. 27:4, and is the final seal or truth that men seal, that shows the femaleness of the angel of Yahvah, which it isn't ashamed of, but Lucifer is, and men are, because very rarely does one of us have to bare the image, and we are now born male or female, though I believe before the fall Eve, because of the differences in the bio-sphere of the earth could conceive both the male and female together, and give birth to them, with no pain, or monthly cycle necessary, she could control when she released her eggs.
All these sciptures together are saying that the first image of God is female/male in one body, making Jesus the first and the last, though the last is first and the first is last in the body.
So we are now in a hostage situation, and Jesus is trying to save us from the hostage taker, but we are resisting the truth, and giving place to the devil so Jesus is just trying paitently to work things out, but needs next two men and two women to agree with the seven seals and then one last male, before Jesus actually returns to the earth to begin his millenial reign, which is the least that he needs.
Now there are more than seven seals, but they tend to deal with the same or simular issue, the image of God in the flesh, the name of God, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and how one is the greater light to rule the day, and the other the lesser light to rule the night, that the angels became human first and then went into heaven, and knew marriage on the 3rd to 4th day, and that Lucifer used the image of God and had sex with both Eve and Adam, which was the fruit of the body, which was the real fruit that they ate of to sin with Lucifer, and know good and evil, and not just the fruit of a tree that they ate of, that Lucifer killed itself, and put iron in its blood to make us mortal and corrupt our bodies and brought about our deaths, and brought about the destruction of the Dinosaurs, and made the earth, and universe look older than it really is, how God messures time, and how much time we have left before the millenial reign of Jesus will actually begin in the third day after his own death burial and resurrection, but isn't past 2 and a half days, after he was killed, buried, and resurrected, or the day and the hour, the seals themselves and how they are scriptures that are in the mouth of 2 or three witnesses, but who men don't preach upon, or show to other men, and make a mystery, when they could understand it, and explain it, but because of unwortiness chose not to, that the angel of Yahvah would come into the flesh as a prophet like unto Mosheh, and allowed you to kill its mortal form that it may resurrect it, and give us all power over Lucifer, and the grave if we at least believe that the spirit of life, the Eternal spirit can place itself back into a dead body, and give it life again, that even if raped the angel, which produced both the Beast and Anti-Christ, or false Prophet, who are Judas and one of the Roman Soldiers who raped Jesus, but whom Jesus wants to repent, and testify of his love, but will probably chose not to, if we repent will forgive us everything, but if we don't we will be dragged down to the grave with Lucifer, and the lake of fire as well, which are the seven hidden truths of God, which I learned through the Holy Ghost and the word of God, and from the angel of Yahvah in heaven, whom the Christians now call Jesus, though they should call him Jahuwshuwa, which is the name of Jesus that they are trying to get you to call upon, but don't know.
Depending on how you look at it these seven truth, though more than seven scriptures, are what the seven thunders uttered in Rev. 10, that John was told to not write down, because of an angel full of Grace, which is what a raindow represents, which when the hurricane came and I prayed for the storm to stop a Rainbow appeared and it stretched from the land to the sea, like with the angel in Rev. 10.
We could even dwell where satan's seat is, because the Comet that killed the dinosaurs struck the Yucatan Peninsula, which the continents by the time of Adam could have been divided by then.
Just believe the Bible and trust it, even if men fail you, use what they feel worthy to show you to know God better, which is what I did, don't blame anyone but yourself if you don't come to the truth of God, because even if other men feel unworthy of the truth, you could be the one that God wants to feel worthy, as with me. You don't have to get into an accident like I did, because it was an accident, I didn't do it on purpose, nor to hurt myself, It was because of my initial faith in God that God protected me from what should have killed anyone else, so don't try these things at home, you might not be so blessed, plus I was saved and Baptized by age 12, so don't tempt the Lord your God, because I had a plan, and tried to carry it out, and didn't just do what I did to hurt myself in either case, and though my mom gave me the Jaw breaker, she didn't know C.P.R. back in 1971, and didn't know mouth to mouth, so if I quit breathing, God gave me my breath back. The final page to go to is to understand the final mysteries.
All scripture is given for doctrine, so you aren't to seal one passage in the Old or New testament.
Also if a day is as 1,000 years an hour, which is divided by 25, and not 24, is 40 years, even though I am opening the seals I am doing so slowly so that the church can put out the informoation with me, all I know is that from 2012 to 2019 a comet or meteor, or mountain could hit the earth, which is when heaven is silent for a half hour, which is around 20 years, so anywhere from 2012-2014 this catastrophe could occur, so to astronomers I ask that you keep your eyes open, and be on the lookout during this time. So also go to

Posted by realm3/shane_lee_1of2 at 6:13 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005 12:50 PM EST
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