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From shadows of the Darkness;

To Challenge the might of the light;

This Ancient Enmity returned that night;

When at the edge of Chaos did to Darkness;

Chaos, confusion, and insanity claw;

For the wave of Chaos reawaken twisted paw.


From out of shadow without light;

Shadows of only darkness shall fall;

Did the ancient insanity that threaten all;

From out of that darkness into the light;

Return and revenge does it hungrily seek;

Be bold, strong and powerful, it will eat the meek.


Unto Chaos that ancient empire will you have to hope;

Still has the power there within it after your battle;

Even if Chaos does not it has the mettle;

To stand with Amber the new last hope;

Defend this line or shadows of light shall fall;

Eternal Night will return and reclaim shadows all.


Against the Ancient Foe, to thee gather allies,

Even those of your blood to you not known;

From relative into shadow far wide ands thrown;

For a time will come when all power into one place lies;

Unto that time and place we rest with neither side rend;

Darkness shall be balanced or all will come to the final end.