ok ya'll, these are the rules. please abide by them and DO NOT BREAK THEM!! This game is run by Haley and Stacy, please respect us and do what we ask!! Thanx and HAVE FUN!! Rules
*no swearing/cussing or you will be banned
*no porn or nasty long breeding..thats dirty
*dont nag us if we dont respond right away, we do have lives
*this game is for all players from beginners to advanced so no posting requirements
*no killing off other horses
*no joining as magical or mythical creatures, horses only
*every month is a year
*please stay active/if you dont post for more than two weeks than you will be kicked out
*when you turn 3 you are either a mare or stallion
*respect the leads!
*please stay active!! we need new players, so we would REALLy appreciate it if u went on an advertising frenzy 4 us!!
*There will be an activity check every 2 weeks, so please stay sctive!!
*no trespassing unless you are submitting or challenging
*only one lead has to accept you so you can be in the herd
*if you are accepted into a herd the lead will pick the position mares can change herds but you must have a good excuse, for example if you want to change herds because of another mate then that is no reason your mate must fight for you.
*powerplaying IS allowed
*god-moding is NOT allowed
*if you lose...dont complain you can challenge for mates, foals, herds, positions, or anything else To be able to go to the joining board the username is serendipityjoin and the password is shibbie *when you join include Shizzle Finnizle in your post don't ask, just do it lol!! this is the password for those who dont know!!
*if nobody responds in two days, last person to respond wins
*if you lose you mat challenge after 5 days have passed
*you are allowed only one mate
*you can have a new mate if yours dies, leaves you or becomes inactive
*twins rarely happen
*as said before, NO LONG BREEDING
*you can mate again after 2 weeks have passed
*to breed both you and your mate post your stats