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Heiarchy Guidelines

Tree of Houses

Each of the "Houses" of the Court represent a different race of supernatural being, with it's own system of rules, guidelines, leadership, politics, and combat systems. The Headmaster, and Headmaster's Second, are the final word in all Court matters, though mostly things will be descided by a convention of the House Keepers and their Secretaries. The Keeper of Grounds and Keys is the Webmaster, responcible for the upkeep and maintinance of the Court grounds. If there is a haven, den, rookery, tomb, etc, in the form of a website, please report it's location to the Keeper of Grounds for it to be added to the Court Roster. The Secretary of State is and will be present at each and every Court meeting, keeping records of what goes on as well as keeping copies of all House characters for refrence.

House of Blood
House of Flesh
House of Soul
House of Hell

House of Blood, represents the Kindred, their clans and septs, all under one roof. The House of Blood is set up like a mini citystate of it's own. The Keeper represents the highest point of athority, having the power of life and final death over all the Kindred within the House. Just below the Keeper are the Keepers of Arms, Being a Justicar and an Archon. The Justicar will be responcible for keeping physical order established, as well as creating Sheriffs who will teach the rules of combat and discipline use for the Kindred, where the Archon keeps political order established through a network of the clan councils. Each Sept, both Camarilla and Sabbat have clan seats at the conclave, where a single member and secretary of each clan within the House is represented. Present at each conclave meeting will be the House Secretary, or Harpy in the case of the House of Blood, responsable for keeping track of all meetings, also through the clan secretaries, and keep track of all the character sheets that are Kindred within the court.

House of Flesh, will be representing the skinchanger breeds, everything from Garou to Gurahl, Kitsune to Zong Lung. The Keeper will be the Voice of the Were, speaking on their behalf in the Court council. Under them will be a pair of Keepers of Arms, enforcers of Pack laws, and a record keeper or Lorekeeper, one responsable for keeping track of all were characters and meetings held. The Keeper must see that each race forms their own septs, be it a caern, den, whatever the race descides.

House of Soul, represents the Amenti, or Mummy characters brought into the game and the Court. The Keeper of this house will be the hub of a Web of Life that must be set up with the Amenti characters, sustaining them politically as well as metaphyscially. At either apex of this Web of Life is a Keeper of Arms, teachers of skills, Hekau paths, and combat systems, as well as teachers of history, of where the Amenti come from and why they exist now. Beside the Keeper but under the teachers will be a secretary of House, responsable, as the other House secretaries are, with keeping records of meetings, and all character sheets of Amenti brought to the Court.

House of Hell, will represent the Demon, or "Fallen" characters brought to the game. An Elite house, for experienced players, this House is shrouded in mystery, and secrecy. It's true structure is only so clear, and it remains that way 'for our own good'.

Court Play Rules

The Court has been established to teach those who whish to learn the actual core systems of their races, be it Kindred, Mummy, Were, whatever they are. This is a place where people can come and learn and learn correctly in a controlled environment from people who know their source material, not to mention own it. No this is not a family. This Court does not replace or act as a Vp family. It is a school of sorts, devided into racial secitons to make each system devided individually. The Court is a Roleplaying area, and as such, all Ooc problems (out of character), affiliations, and drama, will be strictly kept out of Ic (in character) involvement. If a Keeper, Keeper of Arms, or a Headmaster sees Ooc drama taking place in Court bouds, the people involved will be asked to take it elsewhere to resolve, or they will be ignored, en mass. The Court pages, such as those of the Manor, or Resort, are Ic scene pages, unless the people on them make obvious that they are Ooc by way of id or frame name,(See downloads page for Frame guidelines).