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My Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album.

Kevins birthday this summer He's now 11 years old. Here is a picture of Khrysten at the same party she just turned three. This year we celebrated both their birthdays together.

What we have won

Here's Aaron at the awards ceremony after his first skating competition.

Here he is again surrounded by those he skated against. That's right! 1st out of five and the only boy in his group.
And Khrysten at her first pageant. Presenting Miss Sunburst 2-3 year old Division of Strongsville. She will be competing again at the state competition in May in Columbus.


Show off your friends.
Khrysten and a young man at Aunt Kays house.

Special Events

Mom's Graduation earning her Associates Degree of Arts.

My three children at my nieces wedding in May. Khrysten was the flower girl. They clean up nice huh!