Sadaf’s Responses:

Reheel’s Questions:

Actually Jesus IS the message of salvation.  J

Raheel: sinful desires behind and to do everything that pleases Jesus instead of the things that hurt my Lord...............................again a marvelous example of medium getting more important then the messege .... and the one who is sending the the messege .....

 It is clear that everyone has a sin problem, and everyone will keep on sinning.  We are so attracted to sin that, left to ourselves, we will never seriously seek or choose God.  When God is helping us to resist sin, that is only when we will have the power to do so.

Raheel: In my past eight years I spent in Karachi, I learnt to pray five times a day, read the Quran and fast, but nothing stopped me from the sin I was in.<br><br>quran and prayers are physical acts...... they are act that just help .... the ultimate decession is yours... do u want to ? and when the question is asked "do u want u ? then u must answer as a secular person .. not a muslim, not a christian, or jew!!!... the "you " in you is religionless it has no religion.. it has no race or colour.... its just you .. so what ur decession are is made by you not by ur lack of religious motivation!

 “I see the whole picture”.  You’re not even 30, I doubt you see the whole picture. 

Raheel: am not saying that I didn’t learn anything good from my friends, but that basically going out and partying was “the cure for all our problems” (never really sat down and talked to God about things)............ for that u didnt had to convert as a christian..... ur portraying as if muslims dont talk about God ... if i wud have met u earlier. i would have recommended sufism .. ultimate truth .. mulana rumi .. quenches the thirst of sprituality at the most other "tariqa" comes closer to satisfy ur sprituality other then sufism... read into it if u really are open to gain truth ... just so that u know i have been in ur shoes.. i am not going to talk about it here in open forums... but just so dat u know i have been in ur shoes... i know exactly how ur feeling ... and yes GOD did save me ... i see the universal picture !!! not one perspective .. i see the whole picture... call me 1-516-263-0766....

 There is no such thing as God’s truth?? What are talking about?  The Qur’an is the Muslim’s truth and the Bible is the Christian’s truth.  “Thy Word is truth”.

Raheel: spiritually if your actions and life is not representing God’s truth>>>>>>>>>> there is no such thing AS GOD"S Truth ........ GOD IN itself is the ultimate truth !.. it has no variables no attacthment just alone... responsible for every smallest particle of thsi universe.. he is universal ...

 Again, I’ll leave you to research the subject of dating in Islamic hadith and law.

Raheel: We still had dating relationships we shouldn’t have had, and enjoyed partying and enjoyed our wait a minute .... what wrong indating someone... and define dating ... acoording to american standards... dating include sex .. according to msulim standard u can date but dont get into bed... and its allowed...!!!

 Yes, but America has laws protecting religious freedom where Pakistan is lacking.

Raheel: (in Pakistan people can get killed and nothing is done about it) so as here....
in america .........just tune in to ur local channel ..

 I’ll leave the survey up to you…

Raheel: In Muslim religion and culture, the girl is rarely or never respected if she talks about an elder in the family even if she is getting abused.>> all msulim families or just your family ?

 You are right.  It is out of need; yet nothing more.  And if it is nothing more, then need boils down to fear.


I pray cause I need…

I need cause I don’t want hell…

I don’t want hell cause I fear it.


If you can find a Qur’anic verse to back up your believe about prayer, please produce it.

Raheel: Double standards boil my blood. It redefines de-class. We pray not for the sake of God, we pray so that God doesnt get mad at us and punish us. We dont pray to thank him selflessly, most of us pray to avoid ourselves from such dangerous situations.

you are generalizing whole islamic faith the way ur family followed it .. i would disagree most of the people pray to allah because they need him in every breathe they take .. its not out of fear .... its out of need... basic human need to call for help from unseen.... i cant tell u to believe what i believe but dont generalize all msulim like that not every msulim family is like your family.

 If you think Muslims think Jesus is God, even better!

Raheel: yes i heard ur testimonial... just so dat u know when u were msulim u were worshiping christians "GOD THE FATHER"... u were not worshiping any different God ..!


Raheel: i have wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bunch of questions!!!