Family out to eat.

Excited after spotting a very rare block out of the many thousands blanketing the huge park while I was already joyous because of my ice-cream cone. (Atlanta - December, 2005)

Celebrating my first Christmas. (Minneapolis - December, 2004)

Me walking around freezing after my baptism! (April 24, 2005)

Making sure they put enough candles on my birthday cake. (July, 2005)

Attending a banquet in New York with many other ex-muslim Christians from around the world, sharing our testimonies, and visiting a Pakistani Christian church and finally getting some good native food. (New York - May, 2005)

Sharing the gospel with the world, one creature at a time. Spending time with great old friends. (Toronto - May, 2004)

Talking about old times and faith with my extended family in Chicago. (Chicago - May, 2005)

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