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3o. Henry WASHINGTON, born 1727 Sep 13, died 1763 Dec 29; married 1st, 1749 Jan 9, Middlesex co, VA, Anne THACKER (born 1728 Aug 3, Middlesex co, VA); married 2nd, 1760 Mar 3, as 2nd husband, Charlotte FOUSHEE (died 1791).

1p. Thacker WASHINGTON, born 1755 Aug 28, VA, died 1798; married 1776 Oct 12, Gloucester co, VA, Harriet PEYTON (born 1761 Feb 19, Gloucester co, VA, died 1826 Sep 8).

1q. Henry Thacker/Warner WASHINGTON; married Amelia STITH.

1r. Henry Thacker WASHINGTON, Jr., born 1802 Jan 18, VA, died 1855 Jun 10; married 1829 Mar 31, Virginia GRYMES (born 1812 Nov 25, VA, died 1871 Jan 21).

1s. William Henry WASHINGTON, born 1842, VA; married 1865 Aug 19, Rosalie Taliaferro CATLETT (born 1849 Jul, Port Royal, VA, died 1900/10, King George co, VA).

1t. Henry Thacker WASHINGTON, born 1879 Oct 8, King George co, VA; married ca 1915, Mary G. _______ (born 1889, VA).

1u. Virginia WASHINGTON, born 1916, VA.

2u. Mary E. WASHINGTON, born 1919/20, VA.

2t. William Henry WASHINGTON, born 1886 Aug, fl. 1930, Potomac, VA.

3t. Rosalie M. WASHINGTON, born 1873 Mar, VA, died 1920/30, King George co, VA; married ca 1898, Fielding A. BERRY (born 1868 Aug, VA).

1u. William A. BERRY, born 1901, VA.

2u. Fielding L. A. BERRY, born 1906 Sep 12, VA, died 1990 Oct 25, King George, VA.

3u. Ella M. BERRY, born 1898 Nov, VA.

4u. Minna M. BERRY, born 1899 Dec, VA.

5u. Rosalie C. BERRY, born 1903, VA.

4t. Bessie F. WASHINGTON, born 1875 Feb, VA.

5t. Virginia WASHINGTON, born 1877 Jan, VA, died sp; married ca 1907, Horace A. FITZHUGH (born 1875/76, VA).

6t. Susan Gordon WASHINGTON, born 1884 Jun.

2s. John Peyton WASHINGTON, born 1844 Mar, VA; married ca 1876, Annie M. _______ (born 1851 Sep, VA).

1t. George Grimes WASHINGTON, born 1878 Oct 16, VA, died 1948 Feb 10, Placer co, CA; married ca 1915, Oma Evangeline AUSMUS (born 1890 Feb 3, CO, died 1958 Oct 11, San Francisco co, CA).

1u. Herbert A. WASHINGTON, born 1916 Mar 8, Merced co, CA.

2u. Virginia WASHINGTON, born 1917, VA.

2t. Peyton J. WASHINGTON, born 1881 Aug, VA.

3t. Mary V. WASHINGTON, born 1876 Jul, VA.

4t. Nannie M. WASHINGTON, born 1883 Aug, VA.

5t. Nellie WASHINGTON, born 1884 Sep, VA.

6t. Lucinda N. WASHINGTON, born 1889 Sep, VA.

7t. Louisa S. WASHINGTON, born 1891 Dec, VA.

8t. Child, died by 1900.

3s. George WASHINGTON, born 1846, VA, died young.

4s. Virginia WASHINGTON, born 1832, VA; married ca 1859, Charles BERRY (born 1831/32, VA, died 1870/80, King George co, VA).

1t. Henry Thacker BERRY, born 1859 Sep, VA; married ca 1893, Ann A. _______ (born 1861/62, VA).

1u. Henry T. BERRY, born 1899 Feb, VA.

2u. Authur Charles BERRY, born 1900 Mar, VA.

3u. Estelle P. BERRY, born 1893 Nov, VA.

4u. Mildred N. BERRY, born 1901, VA.

5u. Nancy M. BERRY, born 1903, VA.

6u. Mary G. BERRY, born 1906, VA.

2t. Charles Ashton BERRY, born 1863 Jan, VA, fl. 1930, Potomac, VA.

3t. Dr. Vivian Pratt BERRY, born 1865 Apr, VA, fl. 1930, Alexandria, VA.

4t. Washington BERRY, born 1868 Jan, VA. fl. 1930, De Roan, AR; married ca 1910, Sarah A. LLOYD (born 1874, AR).

1u. Washington L. BERRY, born 1915, AR.

2u. Virginia Ann BERRY, born 1911, OK; married _______ SULLIVAN.

1v. Patrick SULLIVAN.

5t. John BERRY, born 1870/71, VA; married ca 1916, Nannie E. _______ (born 1891, VA).

1u. John W. BERRY, born 1919, VA.

2u. Lillian B. BERRY, born 1920/21, VA.

6t. Roberta C. BERRY, born 1863 Nov, VA; married ca 1905, Hugh M. TENNENT (born 1844/45, VA, died 1910/20, King George co, VA).

5s. Marion P. WASHINGTON, born 1835, VA.

6s. Roberta WASHINGTON, born 1837, VA.

7s. Cecilia WASHINGTON, born 1839, VA.

8s. Amelia Jane WASHINGTON, born 1840 Mar, VA; married ca 1858, John Hill STUART (born 1838, VA, died 1880/1900, King George co, VA).

1t. Eugene Wendses STUART, born 1866/67, VA; married ca 1898, Jennie _______ (born 1870/71, VA).

1u. Eugene STUART, born 1902, NJ.

2u. Wilbur STUART, born 1910, NJ.

3u. Edward STUART, born 1914, NJ.

4u. Ethel STUART, born 1899, VA.

5-6u. Two children, died by 1910.

2t. John Hill STUART, born 1872 Feb, VA, fl. 1930, Passaic, NJ.

3t. Hugh Roy STUART, born 1875 Jan, VA; married ca 1914, Rosalie G. _______ (born 1887, VA).

1u. Mary W. STUART, born 1915, DC.

2u. Rosalie E. STUART, born 1917, DC.

3u. Amelia J. STUART, born 1921/22, VA.

4t. Bartram N. STUART, born 1876 Mar, VA; married ca 1901, Margaret L. _______ (born 1875/76, PA).

1u. Jane E. STUART, born 1915/16, NJ.

5t. Caroline Homoselle STUART, born 1868 Feb, VA, fl. 1930, Washington, DC.

6t. Amelia W. STUART, born 1870 Mar, VA, died by 1880.

7t. Amelia J. STUART, born 1877/78, died by 1900.

8t. Addie L. STUART, born 1880 Jul, VA.

9s. Lucinda N. WASHINGTON, born 1848, VA.

10s. Caroline H. WASHINGTON, born 1850 Feb, VA, fl. 1930, Potomac, VA, unm.

2r. Fanny Thacker WASHINGTON, born 1804 Jan 15, died 1879 Apr 3; married 1825 Jan 22, as 2nd wife, Dr. William Tompkins MINOR (born 1797 Jan 5, Louisa co, VA, died 1854 Jul 2, Morgan co, AL) (see Page 028a).

2p. Anne WASHINGTON, died 1777 Jan 10; married Thomas PEYTON (born ca 1751, Gloucester co, VA).

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