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2p. Capt. John WATLINGTON, died 1812 Jan; married 1st, 1781 Dec, Elizabeth ALLEN; married 2nd, Mary _______.

1q. Hiram S. WATLINGTON, born 1803/04, VA; married 1823 Nov 23, Caswell co, NC, Mary Bass BENNETT (born 1803/04, NC).


2r. Mary K. WATLINGTON, born 1828/29, TN.

3r. Olivia C. WATLINGTON, born 1836/37, TN.

4r. Cornelia Susan WATLINGTON, born 1836/37, TN, died 1868 Oct, Memphis, TN; married John Randolf SAUNDERS (born 1819/20, Huntsville, AL, died 1878 Oct, Memphis, TN).

1s. Leonidas SAUNDERS, born 1857/58, MS.

2s. Eugene SAUNDERS, born 1859/60, MS.

3s. Mary SAUNDERS, born 1861/62, MS.

4s. Olivia Beckett SAUNDERS, born 1865 Feb 21, Aberdeen, MS, died 1929 Feb 28, Columbus, MS; married 1883 Jan 18, Columbus, MS, James Augustus HUDSON (born 1852 Sep 14, GA, died 1928 Jul 10, Columbus, MS).

1t. James Caswell HUDSON, born 1885 Apr, MS.

2t. William Horace HUDSON, born 1893 Apr, MS.

3t. Claude Lorraine HUDSON, born 1905, MS.

4t. Elmina Helen HUDSON, born 1883 Oct, MS.

5t. Hirametta W. HUDSON, born 1887 Jan, MS.

6t. Olivia Mary HUDSON, born 1890 Jan, MS.

7t. Katherine Lee HUDSON, born 1900 Dec 3, Columbus, MS, died 1989 Oct 13, Vernon, AL; married 1921 Jun 6, Columbus, MS, Thomas Arthur BROWN (born 1894 Sep 23, Finchley, England, died 1962 Mar 2, Tuscaloosa, AL).

1u. Thomas Hudson BROWN, born 1922 May 18, Columbus, MS; married 1st, 1946 Sep 1, Atlantic, LA, Marilynn Louise HENNINGSEN (born 1924 Jul 17, Atlantic, IA, died 1983 Oct 15, Fairfax, VA); married 2nd, _______ MARSOLF.

1v. _______ (son) BROWN; married _______ CAUDLE.

2v. _______ (son) BROWN; married _______ BIRD.

3v. _______ (dau) BROWN; married _______ LITTLE.

1w. Michelle LITTLE; married 1st, _______ CHAPELL; married 2nd, _______ YI.

1-2x. Two sons YI.

2u. Olivia Katherine BROWN, born 1924 Mar 6, Columbus, MS; married 1944 Aug 9, Columbus, MS, Arthur Cunningham CARSON (born 1922 Aug 3, Brodhead, KS).

1v. _______ (son) CARSON.

2v. _______ (son) CARSON; married _______ LEE.

1-3w. Two sons, one daughter.

3v. Katherine CARSON, born 1950 Oct 11, died 1968 Dec 7, Columbus, MS.

4v. _______ (dau) CARSON; married _______ RIMMER.

1w. _______ (dau) RIMMER.

8-9t. Two children, died by 1900.

10t. Child, born and died between 1900 and 1910.

5r. Hirametta WATLINGTON, born 1840/41, MS.

6r. Emma M. WATLINGTON, born 1844/45, MS.

2q. Julius Armistead WATLINGTON, born 1797, died 1850, NC; married 1st, 1811 Nov 27, Elizabeth HALL; married 2nd, 1833 Jan 2, Caswell co, NC, Rebecca WATLINGTON (born 1796/97, Caswell co, NC).

1r. James WATLINGTON, born 1834/35, Guilford co, NC.

3q. Keziah Saunders WATLINGTON, born 1792 Dec 31, Halifax co, VA, died 1881 Oct 29; married 1824 Oct 22, Caswell co, NC, Thomas JEFFREYS (born ca 1796, died 1846 Dec 16).

1r. Archimedes Donoho JEFFREYS, born 1831/32, NC; married Wooding M. TAYLOR (born 1835/36, VA).

1s. Walter JEFFREYS, born 1858/59, Caswell co, NC, fl. 1930, Milton, NC; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, ca 1899, Annie E. GRIFFIN (born 1882/83, NC).

1t. Walter Guy JEFFREYS, born 1913/14, NC.

2t. Allice JEFFREYS, born 1895/96, NC.

2s. Nathaniel JEFFREYS, born 1873 Sep, NC.

3s. Taz JEFFREYS, born 1873 Sep, NC.

4s. Mary JEFFREYS, born 1866/67, NC.

2r. Helen Elizabeth JEFFREYS, born 1826 May 20, Caswell co, NC; married 1841 Jul 19, Caswell co, NC, John W. PINCHBACK (born 1809 Feb 8, Caswell co, NC, died there, 1874 Mar 30).

1s. Thomas PINCHBACK, born 1850 Dec, Caswell co, NC, fl. 1930, Dan River, NC; married ca 1874, Mary J. _______ (born 1850 Jan, NC).

1t. John A. PINCHBACK, born 1879 Sep, NC; married ca 1922, Edna M. _______ (born 1896/97, NC).

1u. John A. PINCHBACK, Jr., born 1923 Apr 22, Guilford co, NC, died 2002 Aug 14, Fernandina beach, FL.

2t. Thomas O. PINCHBACK, born 1887 Apr, NC; married ca 1917, Edna L. _______ (born 1887/88, NC).

3t. James W. PINCHBACK, born 1888 Sep, NC.

4t. Ada Jane PINCHBACK, born 1877 Dec, NC; married ca 1897, Nathaniel Jesse TAYLOR (born 1863 Dec, NC).

1u. William Clair TAYLOR, born 1901, NC.

2u. Winnie TAYLOR, born 1904 Jul 5, Caswell co, NC.

3u. Mary Helen TAYLOR, born 1906 Oct 17, Caswell co, NC.

5t. Bertha PINCHBACK, born 1879 Jul, NC.

6t. Cora Helen PINCHBACK, born 1882 Jan, NC; married ca 1907, Joseph Johnston CHANDLER (born 1873/74, NC).

1u. Joseph Emerson CHANDLER, born 1913 Aug 16, Caswell co, NC; married Thelma E. FREEMAN.

1v. Ivey Andrew CHANDLER, born 1952 Dec 19, Catawba co, NC; married Claire Denise NEWCOMB.

1w. Casey Johnston CHANDLER, born 1981 Aug 5, Caswell co, NC.

2w. Cynthia Dawn CHANDLER, born 1982 Dec 27, Caswell co, NC.

2u. Leonard Pinchback CHANDLER, born 1915 Jun 26, Catawba co, NC, died 1985 Aug, Danville, VA.

3u. Robert Kennon CHANDLER, born 1922 Jan 16, Catawba co, NC, died 2006 Jan 16, Columbus, GA.

4u. Mary Elizabeth CHANDLER, born 1910 Dec 31, Caswell co, NC.

5u. Mildred Jane CHANDLER, born 1919 Dec 21, Catawba co, NC.

7t. Blanche PINCHBACK, born 1885 Mar, NC.

2s. John PINCHBACK, born 1864/65, Caswell co, NC.

3s. Elizabeth PINCHBACK, born ca 1845, Caswell co, NC.

4s. Keziah D. PINCHBACK, born 1846/47, Caswell co, NC.

5s. Fanny J. PINCHBACK, born 1848/49, Caswell co, NC; married John A. SMITH (born ca 1852).

3r. Mildred Watlington JEFFREYS, born 1829 Sep 29, Caswell co, NC, died there, 1926 Sep 25; married 1849 Mar 20, Caswell co, NC, James Thomas MITCHELL (born 1828 May 1, Caswell co, NC, died there, 1898 Aug 28).

1s. Thomas MITCHELL, born 1849 Dec, Caswell co, NC; married Belle CHANDLER (born 1856 Apr, NC).

1t. Alfred MITCHELL, born 1885 Mar, VA.

2t. Eva MITCHELL, born 1878 Apr, VA.

2s. James Green MITCHELL, born 1851/52, NC; married Sue POWELL.

1t. Jacob C. MITCHELL, born 1889/90, NC, fl. 1930, Valdeze, NC; married ca 1911, S. Minnie CARSWELL (born 1892/93, NC).

1u. Pearl Mae MITCHELL, born 1911 Dec 7, Burke co, NC.

2u. Effie A. MITCHELL, born 1915/16. NC.

2t. Charles MITCHELL, born 1896/97, NC.

3t. John M. MITCHELL, born 1899/1900, NC.

4t. Mattie M. MITCHELL, born 1883/84, NC.


6t. Edna L. MITCHELL, born 1886/87, NC.

7t. Ruby MITCHELL, born 1893/94, NC.

8t. Pearl MITCHELL, born 1892/93, NC.

9t. Alice M. MITCHELL, born 1896/97, NC.

10t. Emma MITCHELL.

3s. Hiram Bonapart MITCHELL, born ca 1853, Caswell co, NC.

4s. Nathaniel A. MITCHELL, born 1858 Feb, Caswell co, NC, died 1951 Mar 22, Pender, NC; married ca 1881, Mary N. _______ (born 1865 Aug, NC, died 1942 Jan 30, Pender, NC).

1t. Charles Cling MITCHELL, born 1888 May, NC; married Sarah HOLLOMAN (born 1888/89, NC).

1u. Charles Cling MITCHELL, Jr., born 1907/08, NC, died by 1920.

2u. Obid Arden MITCHELL, born 1911 Aug 2, Bertie co, NC, died 1991 Sep 23, Hertford, NC.

2t. Henry Allen MITCHELL, born 1892 Dec, NC, died 1970 Jul 30, High Point, NC; married ca 1919, Florence Blye McLEAN (born 1900/01, VA).

1u. Carol MITCHELL, born 1926/27, NC.

2u. Mary McLean MITCHELL, born 1920 Aug 25, Randolph co, NC, died there, 1920 Sep 3.

3u. Marjorie MITCHELL, born 1921/22, NC.

4u. Dorris MITCHELL, born 1925/26, NC; married 1954 Apr 3, Randolph co, NC, William SOWERS.

3t. Martha L. MITCHELL, born 1890 Dec, NC.

4-5t. Two children, died by 1900.

5s. Robert Lee MITCHELL, born 1865 May, Caswell co, NC, died 1939 Aug 23, Caldwell co, NC, unm.

6s. Charles Henry MITCHELL, born 1869 Nov, Caswell co, NC; married ca 1897, Annie M. WILLIAMS (born 1875 Jan, AR).

1t. Elbert H. MITCHELL, born 1897 Oct, AR, died by 1910.

2-3t. Two children, born and died 1900-1910.

7s. Emma Keziah MITCHELL, born 1859/60, NC; married Henry NORMAN (born 1849/50, VA).

1t. William Marshall NORMAN, born 1879 Jul, VA.

2t. Archimedus NORMAN,. born 1882/83, NC; fl. 1930, Dan River, NC.

3t. John NORMAN.

4t. George NORMAN.

5t. Rosalind NORMAN.

6t. Elizabeth NORMAN.

8s. Eudora Helen MITCHELL, born ca 1872, Caswell co, NC; married 1st, Nathaniel HUNT; married 2nd, James HUNT (born ca 1861, NC).

(1)1t. Tazwell Glenn HUNT, born 1890 Nov 16, died 1973 Dec 4, Semora, NC; married ca 1915, Myrtle GRAY (born 1893 Mar 21, VA, died 1970 Apr 12, Semora, NC).

1u. James N. HUNT, born 1914/15, NC.

2u. Tazwell Glenn HUNT, Jr., born 1925 Aug 27, Catawba co, NC, died 1991 Feb 24, Danville, VA.

3u. Edward Gray HUNT, born 1930 Mar 31, Catawba co, NC.

4u. Gwendolyn Jean HUNT, born 1919 Jun 26, Catawba co, NC; married Raymond Leon LONDON.

1v. Florence Merissa LONDON, born 1964 Dec 12, Cleveland co, NC.

4q. Susannah WATLINGTON; married Creed HASKINS.

5q. Elizabeth A. WATLINGTON, born 1800, Caswell co, NC; married 1st, 1820 Feb 7, Caswell co, NC, Joel Johnson BOLTON (born 1796 Jun 25, Person co, NC, died 1839 Sep 3, Cole co, MO); married 2nd, John E. NIFER/ROPER.

1r. John W. BOLTON, born 1821, NC; married 1st, Amanda M. SMITH (born 1829); married 2nd, Louisiana GLOVER (born 1828, KY).

1s. Joel Elbridge BOLTON, born 1846, MO, died young.

2s. Peter Glover BOLTON, born 1851, MO, fl. 1930, Center, MO; married ca 1883, Sallie GLOVER (born 1859, MO).

1t. Harry BOLTON.

2t. Nina BOLTON.

3s. Amelia BOLTON, born 1859, MO, died young.

2r. George Washington BOLTON, born 1822, NC; married Virginia _______ (born 1835/36, MO).

1s. Joel BOLTON, born 1858/59, MO.

2s. Cora BOLTON, born 1855 Feb, MO, died sp; married ca 1881, James F. HAYDEN (born 1846 Dec, AL, died 1900/10, Demopolis, AL).

3s. Lillie BOLTON, born 1861 Mar, MO; married ca 1881, James HUDSON (born 1850 Jun, AL, died 1910/20, Demopolis, AL).

1t. Robert Lee HUDSON, born 1885 May, AL, fl. 1930, Demopolis, AL; married ca 1910, Alice S. _______ (born 1890/91, AL).

2t. Isabella V. HUDSON, born 1883, AL, died by 1900.

3r. Dixon Donoho D. BOLTON, born 1831, NC; married Martha Agnes LOCKETT (born 1838, VA).

1s. William Deweese BOLTON, born 1858, MO; married Mamie McADOO.

2s. Loel Lockett BOLTON, born 1860; married Minnie EVANS.

1t. Deweese Clement BOLTON, born 1889, TX, died 1948 Aug 3, Grimes co, TX; married Lodie AKIN (born 1893, TX, died 1942 May 18, Grimes co, TX).

1u. Frank Locket BOLTON, born 1914 Oct 8, TX, died 1998 Jan 23, Winnie, TX; married Leona SOUTHLAND (born 1902 Aug 25, died 1983 Aug 17, Gilmer, TX).

1-3v. Three daughters.

2u. Harold Deweese BOLTON, born 1919 Feb 22, Navasota, TX, died 1983 Sep 13, Lawrence co, IL; married Frieda M. CHILDRESS.

1v. Thomas Harold BOLTON, born 1951 Oct 11, Jefferson co, TX.

3u. Ruth BOLTON, born 1916, TX; married Ernest Erving DANNER (born 1921 Feb 24, died 2004 Dec 3, Midland, TX).

1v. Michael Ray DANNER, born 1949 May 29, Harris co, TX.

2v. Patricia Ann DANNER, born 1942 Jan 30, Grimes co, TX.

4r. Nannie BOLTON, born 1833, NC; married Richard REED (born 1836/37, NC).

1s. Sterling REED, born 1855/56, TX.

2s. Honest REED, born 1859/60, TX.

3s. Sarah REED, born 1853/54, TX.

4s. Beatrice REED, born 1857/58, TX.

5s. Nettie REED, born 1868/69, TX.

5r. Elizabeth A. BOLTON, born 1835, NC, fl. 1910, Tulsa, OK; married Camillus D. SMITH (born 1824/25, NC).

1s. Blake SMITH, born 1853/54, MO.

2s. Eber S. SMITH, born 1856/57, MO.

3s. Wallace SMITH, born 1866/67, MO, died by 1880.

4s. Joel G. SMITH, born 1872/73, MO, fl. 1930, Tulsa, OK.

5s. Camillus D. SMITH, born 1874/75, MO; married _______.

1t. Camillus SMITH, born 1901/02, OK.

6s. Helen L. SMITH, born 1858/59, MO, fl. 1930, Tulsa, OK; married ca 1886, _______ LOGAN (born MO); married 2nd, ca 1897, Henry SHERWIN (born 1856 May, IA).

1t. Harry LOGAN, born 1884 Feb, MO.

2t. One other child.

7s. Hattie A. SMITH, born 1860/61, MO.

8s. Lula SMITH, born 1870 Aug, MO; married ca 1890, John S. STONE (born 1867 Jun, IN).

1t. William S. STONE, born 1894 Jul, MO.

2t. Ernest E. STONE, born 1897 Apr, MO; married ca 1929, Bess C. _______ (born 1905/06, MO).

3t. Gertrude L. STONE, born 1891 May, MO.

9-11s. Three children.

6q. Mildred R. WATLINGTON, born 1801/02, VA; married 1825 Dec 15, Caswell co, NC, John J. HOOPER (born 1801, VA, died 1884).

1r. Elisha Evans HOOPER.

2r. John H. HOOPER.

7q. Frances Donoho WATLINGTON, born 1802, VA, died 1881; married 1822 Nov 8, Caswell co, NC, Ambrose Lee BENNETT (born 1769, died 1845).

1r. Caswell BENNETT, born 1837, VA, died 1894; married 1st, Ann T. _______ (born 1847/48, KY); married 2nd, 1887, Mary CRUMBAUGH.

1s. Caswell BENNETT, Jr., born 1868 Nov, KY, died 1924 Feb 3, Johnson co, TX.

2s. Ada BENNETT, born 1872/73, KY.

3s. Anna BENNETT, born 1875/76, KY.

4s. Virginia Caswell BENNETT, born Frankfort, KY.

2r. Susan D. BENNETT, born 1823, Caswell co, NC, died 1852; married 1840, William H. HENDRICK (born 1811/12, VA).

1s. John Kerr HENDRICK, born 1846 Oct, Caswell co, NC, died 1920/30, Paducah, KY; married 1877, Lula GRAZOT (born 1860 Jan, KY).

1t. Alfred G. HENDRICK, born 1878 May, KY.

2t. William R. HENDRICK, born 1881 Mar, KY.

3t. Harry D. HENDRICK, born 1886 Sep, KY.

4t. Nellie HENDRICK, born 1889 Aug, Smithland, KY.

5t. Child, died by 1900.

2s. Elizabeth F. HENDRICK, born 1841/42, Caswell co, NC.

3s. Christina G. HENDRICK, born 1843/44, Caswell co, NC.

4s. Adaline HENDRICK, born 1848/49, Caswell co, NC.

3r. Elizabeth A. BENNETT, born 1836/37, VA.

4r. Isabella Keziah BENNETT, born 1839, Fairfax, VA, died 1888, Cleburne, TX; married 1865 Oct 3, George Albert SEARS (born 1819, Logan co, KY, died 1865, Cleburne, TX).

1s. William Lafayette SEARS, born 1866 Jul 22, Logan co, KY, died 1924 Feb 15, Roswell, NM; married Roswell, NM, Gertrude G. ROBB (born 1890, TX, died 1979).

1t. Tom SEARS, born 1917/18, NM.

2t. Frances Catherine SEARS, born 1916 Feb 26, NM, died 1930 Oct 10.

3t. Rebecca SEARS, born 1919/20, NM.

4t. Nina SEARS, born 1923/24, NM.

2s. George Edward SEARS, born 1868 Sep 27, Logan co, KY, died 1956 Dec 3, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1889, Minnie HOOKER (born 1870, died 1906); married 2nd, ca 1913, Dora L. _______ (born 1888/89, TX).

1t. John Reagan SEARS, born 1894 Dec 3, TX, died 1957 Jan; married ca 1917, Laura Pearl SEARS/Ocie M. VOSSLER (born 1899/1900, TX).

2t. Robert Lee SEARS, born 1899 Aug 11, TX, died 1985 Jan, Richardson, TX.

3t. Jack Edward SEARS, born 1902 Mar 30, TX, died 1973 Sep, Dallas, TX.

4t. Charles Alan SEARS, born 1904 Jul 5, TX, died 1977 Feb, Fort Worth, TX.

5t. Minnie Belle SEARS, born 1890 May 18, died 1890 May 25.

6t. Rose Della SEARS, born 1892 Mar 1, TX; married ca 1913, Thomas Roy CHAPEL (born 1893/94, AR).

1u. Thomas Roy CHAPEL, Jr., born 1919/20, TX.

2u. George D. CHAPEL, born 1922/23, TX.

3u. John William CHAPEL, born 1930 Jan 20, Dallas co, TX, died 2003 Apr 23, Dallas, TX; married Nancy PENDLETON.

1v. John David CHAPEL, born 1959 Feb 20, Dallas co, TX.

2v. Paul William CHAPEL, born 1959 Feb 20, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1983 Jan 8, Lubbock co, TX, Marissa Carol BARRON (born ca 1961); married 2nd, 1990 Mar 24, Marion co, TX, Terri Sue SPERRY (born 1966).

1w. Collin Taylor CHAPEL, born 1988 May 12, Dallas co, TX.

[2w. Meredith Lee CHAPEL, born 1988 Mar 30, Dallas co, TX.]

4u. Inez Bernice CHAPEL, born 1915 Mar 11, TX, died 1986 Jan, Richardson, TX; married as 1st wife, Samuel Jones STEVENS, Jr.

1v. Samuel Jones STEVENS III, born 1951 Jun 2, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1972 Apr 5, Dallas co, TX, Belinda J. MOSES (born ca 1953); married 2nd, 1988 Jan 16, Dallas co, TX, Joyce S. GARRETT (born ca 1958).

2v. Diana Lucile STEVENS, born 1937 Nov 3, Dallas co, TX; married as 1st wife, Donald Keith TURNER.

1w. Donald Keith TURNER, Jr., born 1955 Aug 9, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1980 Apr 19, Dallas co, TX, Janet L. JETER (born ca 1959); married 2nd, 1997 Jul 26, Dallas co, TX, Noreen D. HOWIE (born ca 1960).

2w. Mark Stevens TURNER, born 1958 Sep 6, Dallas co, TX; married 1990 Apr 21, Dallas co, TX, Sheila K. POTEET (born ca 1965).

3w. Pamela Denise TURNER, born 1957 Jun 23, Dallas co, TX; married 1975 May 4, Dallas co, TX, Paul Ed CARTER (born ca 1958).

1x. Jesse Samuel CARTER, born 1985 Aug 20, Williamson co, TX.

[2x. Robert Goree GIDDINGS III, born 1989 Sep 27, Dallas co, TX.]

3x. Virginia Rose CARTER, born 1984 Apr 6, Dallas co, TX.

3v. Rebecca Lynn STEVENS, born 1942 Nov 4, Dallas co, TX; married Wayne Morris CHESTER.

1w. Anthony Stevens CHESTER, born 1962 Nov 3, Dallas co, TX; married 1998 Nov 20, Brazos co, TX, Heather Y. PETERSON (born ca 1967).

2w. Robert Wayne CHESTER, born 1966 Jul 5, Dallas co, TX.

3w. Andrew Sears CHESTER, born 1971 Aug 21, Dallas co, TX; married 2002 Jun 15, Collin co, TX, Laura E. PARSONS (born ca 1976).

4w. Katherine Elizabeth CHESTER, born 1976 May 9, Collin co, TX; married 1999 May 29, Tarrant co, TX, Troy D. LANGSTON (born ca 1971).

4v. Sylvia Ann STEVENS, born 1948 Aug 26, Dallas co, TX; married 1974 May 4, Dallas co, TX, John Phillip CARSON (born ca 1948).

1w. John Phillip CARSON, Jr., born 1980 Dec 13, Collin co, TX.

2w. Samuel Edward CARSON, born 1984 Sep 2, Collin co, TX.

5u. Helen Virginia CHAPEL, born 1917/18, TX; married Richard Victor JENNINGS.

1v. Richard Victor JENNINGS, Jr., born 1942 Aug 2, Dallas co, TX; married Evelyn Marie WYLIE.

1w. Robert Michael JENNINGS, born 1967 Jan 16, Dallas co, TX; married 1985 Oct 7, Van Zandt co, TX, Glenda Fay GUY (born ca 1966).

1x. Jonathan Michael JENNINGS, born 1986 Apr 10, Smith co, TX.

2x. Richard Nicholas JENNINGS, born 1988 Oct 3, Smith co, TX.

2w. Rebekah Rose JENNINGS, born 1974 Jan 2, Dallas co, TX.

2v. David Daniel JENNINGS, born 1953 Apr 16, McLennan co, TX; married 1983 Jan 6, Parker co, TX, Judy A. ORR (born ca 1953).

1w. Jennifer June JENNINGS, born 1983 Jun 23, Kaufman co, TX.

3v. Cynthia Anne JENNINGS, born 1948 Dec 2, Dallas co, TX; married 1968 Jul 14, Dallas co, TX, Michael Anthony DRISKELL (born ca 1947).

6u. June Elizabeth CHAPEL, born 1927 Jun 1, Dallas co, TX; married Thomas Jay STOUT, Jr.

1v. Scott Alan STOUT, born 1964 Jul 15, Dallas co, TX; married 1989 Oct 21, Collin co, TX, Kendra S. JORDAN (born ca 1969).

2v. Brenda June STOUT, born 1968 Aug 27, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1990 Feb 24, Dallas co, TX (div 1993 Jun 28, Dallas co, TX), Christopher Randal TRAVIS (born ca 1971); married 2nd, 1994 Aug 12, Denton co, TX, her 1st husband.

1w. Chandler Avery TRAVIS, born 1995 Mar 30, Dallas co, TX.

7t. Winnie Davis SEARS, born 1893 Aug 30, TX.

8t. Nellie Clara SEARS, born 1897 Feb 14; married ca 1917, Roy D. BAKER (born 1895/96, TX).

1u. Edward BAKER, born 1920/21, TX.

2u. Roy D. BAKER, born 1923/24, TX.

3u. Isabelle BAKER, born 1918/19, TX.

3s. Clarence Bennett SEARS, born 1871 Jan 11, KY, died 1960 Feb 11, Breckenridge, TX; married 1896, Susan Virginia HOOKER (born 1872, TX, died 1967).

1t. Fay Isabelle SEARS, born 1897 May 2, TX, died 1991 Dec; married Carl F. MORTON (born 1901 Oct 6, TX, died 1971 Nov, Phoenix, AZ).

1u. Carl Bennett MORTON, born 1932 Apr 7, Stephens co, TX.

2u. Ina Fay MORTON, born 1925, TX; married 1st, Lester Roy ENRIGHT; married 2nd, 1978 May 1, Parker co, TX, Harold D. HUMPHREYS (born ca 1938).

1v. William Edgar ENRIGHT, born 1950 Sep 8, Tarrant co, TX.

2v. Suzanne Delores ENRIGHT, born 1954 Aug 7, Tarrant co, TX.

2t. Ruby Virginia SEARS, born 1900/01, TX, died 1972 May 9; married ca 1924, Fred D. FERGUSON (born 1897/98, TX).

1u. Clarence Fred FERGUSON, born 1926 Mar 15, Stephens co, TX, died 1995 Aug 26, Dallas, TX.

2u. Roy Dawson FERGUSON, born 1933 Mar 2, Stephens co, TX.

3u. Royce Guinn FERGUSON, born 1934 Dec 22, Stephens co, TX; married Barbara Nell BALL.

1v. Fred Daniel FERGUSON, born 1970 Dec 21, Ector co, TX.

2v. Mark Douglas FERGUSON, born 1972 Dec 18, Ector co, TX.

3v. Janess Jerrie FERGUSON, born 1967 Apr 4, Ector co, TX; married 1993 Apr 17, Midland co, TX, Randy E. SMITH (born ca 1971).

4u. Lois J. FERGUSON, born 1927, TX.

5u. Betty Jean FERGUSON, born 1930 Feb 1, Stephens co, TX.

6u. Ruby Joyce FERGUSON, born 1931 Sep 5, Stephens co, TX; married Hubert Brooks WAGONER.

1v. James Dawson WAGONER, born 1955 Sep 5, Stephens co, TX.

7u. Dolly Fay FERGUSON, born 1939 Mar 31, Stephens co, TX; married Roger Phillip HARROLD.

1v. Roger Phillip HARROLD, Jr., born 1957 Dec 20, Stephens co, TX; married 1983 Jun 11, Ector co, TX, Sharon L. MATHIS (born ca 1954).

1w. Ryan Heath HARROLD, born 1987 May 2, Harris co, TX.

2v. Fred Gillmore HARROLD, born 1960 Sep 17, Stephens co, TX.

3v. Julia Fay HARROLD, born 1959 Jan 5, Stephens co, TX.

8u. Patricia Ann FERGUSON, born 1941 Jul 28, Stephens co, TX.

3t. Elsie Della SEARS, born 1901 Nov 6, TX, died 1995 Jan 27, Houston, TX; married ca 1921, John Clarence BRIDGES (born 1896 Aug 30, TX, died 1989 Aug 19, Houston, TX).

1u. John Louis BRIDGES, born 1928 Aug 16, Stephens co, TX.

4t. Alta Lois SEARS, born 1905 Jan 25, TX.

5t. Frances K. SEARS, born 1911 Feb 4, TX, died 1990 Jul 26, Odessa, TX; married Harold Adam SLIGAR.

1u. Harold R. SLIGAR, born 1935 Apr 30, Crane co, TX.

2u. Billy Glenn SLIGAR, born 1936 Aug 19, Stephens co, TX; married 1st, Kathryn Jeanette NUTT; married 2nd, ca 1960, Bobbie Latayne WALLACE; married 3rd, 1995 Jun 30, Ellis co, TX, Shirley HUMPHRIES (born ca 1935).

1v. Steven Lynn SLIGAR, later (1971) WILKINS, born 1957 Aug 14, Lubbock co, TX; married 1980, Anderson, MO, Dana Sue EDWARDS (born 1960 Mar 13).

1w. Nathan Arnett WILKINS, born 1987 Dec 10, Rogers, AR.

2w. Naomi Lynn WILKINS, born 1984 Jul 9, Rogers, AR; married 2007 May 5, University Place, WA, March FANSHIER.

1x. Carter Warren FANSHIER, born 2010 Dec 30, Kent WA.

2v. Scott Roland SLIGAR, born 1962 Oct 7, Ector co, TX; married 1990 Jul 31, Dallas co, TX, Capricia Zan DEBRICK (born ca 1967).

1w. Hunter Jared SLIGAR, born 1994 Apr 28, Dallas co, TX.

2w. Tayler Latayne SLIGAR, born 1991 Jan 24, Dallas co, TX.

3v. Todd Nelson SLIGAR, born 1970 Jan 10, Dallas co, TX; married 1990 Jun 2, Dallas co, TX, Kelle Michelle FISCHER (born ca 1969).

1w. Chet Jeremy SLIGAR, born 1990 Sep 27, Dallas co, TX.

2w. Bret Nelson SLIGAR, born 1993 Jul 17, Dallas co, TX.

3w. Garet Klein SLIGAR, born 1995 Oct 13, Dallas co, TX.

4v. Casey Adam SLIGAR, born 1974 Jan 23, Dallas co, TX; married 1994 Sep 23, Dallas co, TX, Jaime Laverne COX (born ca 1976).

1w. Kylie Blake SLIGAR, born 1995 Mar 12, Dallas co, TX.

3u. Benita Frances SLIGAR, born 1939 Jan 17, Ector co, TX.

4s. Anna Bell SEARS, born 1873 May 23, Logan co, KY, died 1903 Apr 9; married ca 1893, John F. MARSH (born 1870 Feb, TN).

1t. Leslie O. MARSH, born 1893 Sep, TX.

2t. Eunice MARSH, born 1897 Jul, TX.

5s. Frances Catherine SEARS, born 1883 Oct 25, Johnson co, TX, died 1954 Aug 13, Dallas co, TX; married 1911 Mar 1 (div 1912 Nov 18), Alfred J. BARBER.

SOURCES: Personal communication from Steve Wilkins, March, 2008.

Personal commnunication from Steven Wilkins, January, 2016.

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