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2o. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1733 May 16, died before 1794 Apr 9; married 1756 Mar 11, Elizabeth Wormeley CARTER (died 1778).

1p. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1764, died 1820, unm.

2p. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1766, Hanover co, VA, died 1849 Jan 14; married 1st, 1790 Nov 9, Henrico co, VA, Mary BARRET; married 2nd, 1796 Jan, Lucy ROBINSON (born 1776 Jan, Hanover co, VA).

1q. Thomas Nelson BERKELEY, born 1791, died 1823; married Elizabeth Edmonia CHURCHILL (see Page 021).

2q. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1804, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1830, Susan Elizabeth BERKELEY (born 1808, VA) (see below).

1r. Thomas N. BERKELEY, born 1830/31, VA, died 1850/60, Hanover co, VA.

2r. John Hill BERKELEY, born 1834/35, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

3r. Henry Robinson BERKELEY, born 1840 Mar, VA; married Nany Louise BERKELEY (born VA, died by 1900).

1s. Landon Robinson BERKELEY, born 1884 Jul 10, VA, died 1963 Feb.

4r. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA; married Charlotte Corrington BREATHED (born 1868/69, MD).

1s. Edmund Breathed BERKELEY, born 1889 Aug 15, VA, died 1971 Apr, Cleveland, OH; married ca 1917, Elizabeth RATTLE (born 1890/91, OH).

1t. William R. BERKELEY, born 1917, OH.

2s. Rev. Otey Robinson BERKELEY, born 1892 Jun 28, Beaver Dam, VA, fl. 1930, Detroit, MI; married ca 1922, Marjory HURXTHAL (born 1888/89, OH).

1t. Otey R. BERKELEY, born 1925 Mar 6, MI.

2t. Loren H. BERKELEY, born 1927, MI.

5r. Betty Lewis BERKELEY, born 1832/33, VA.

6r. Louisa Carter BERKELEY, born 1836/37, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

7r. Mary L. BERKELEY, born 1840 Dec, VA, fl. 1920, Baltimore, MD; married ca 1868, Rev. William A. ALRICH (born 1836 Apr, DE, died 1900/10, MD).

1s. Mary L. ALRICH, born 1870 Apr, VA.

2s. Anna ALRICH, born 1871/72, VA.

3s. Willie Rosalie ALRICH, born 1871 Nov, VA, died 1920/30, Baltimore, MD; married ca 1901, Joseph D. VIRDIN (born 1871/72, MD).

1t. Joseph W. VIRDIN, born 1902 Jan 7, MD, died 1986 Feb, Sparks Glencoe, MD; married Elizabeth C. _______ (born 1902 Sep 24, died 2002 Nov 17, Sparks Glencoe, MD).

2t. Mary Love VIRDIN, born 1902/03, MD.

3t. Eleanor N. G. VIRDIN, born 1904/05, MD.

4t. Mary D. VIRDIN, born 1905/06, MD, died by 1920.

4s. Susan B. ALRICH, born 1879 Oct, VA.

8r. Susan D. BERKELEY, born 1843/44, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

9r. Kate T. BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA.

10r. Edmonia BERKELEY, born 1848, Hanover co, VA, died 1887 Mar 30, Prince William co, VA; married 1880 Jul 27, Hanover co, VA, Howson Bernard HOOE (born 1851 Feb 15, Prince William co, VA, died 1935 Dec 11, Brentsville, VA).

1s. Thomas W. HOOE, born 1897 Apr 23, VA, died 1976 Aug; married ca 1917, Annie L. _______ (born 1899/1900, MD).

1t. Thomas B. HOOE, born 1918 Mar 16, DC, died 2006 Jul 29, Ocala, FL.

2t. Anna S. HOOE, born 1919, MD.

2s. Bessie B. HOOE, born 1885 Apr, VA.

3s. Nannie W. HOOE, born 1890 Feb, VA.

11r. Frances BERKELEY, born 1854/55, VA.

3q. John BERKELEY.

4q. Carter BERKELEY, born ca 1809, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1837, Anne Butler BERKELEY (born 1802/03, Hanover co, VA) (see below).

1r. Gregory Townsend Bedell BERKELEY, born 1834/35, VA.

2r. Parke Farley BERKELEY.

3r. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1837/38, VA; married Ida Lavinia DOWELL (born 1858 Jun, VA).

1s. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1894 Mar 7, VA, died 1969 Mar, Richmond, VA; married 1925, Mary Waller SPENCER (born 1896 Sep 4, died 1983 Sep, Richmond, VA.

1t. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1926, VA.

2t. Mary Walker BERKELEY, born 1928, VA; married 1954, Russell Godwin FERGUSSON, Jr.

2s. Ann Butler BERKELEY, born 1885 Dec, VA; married ca 1905, as 1st wife, Clifton A. DOWELL (born 1883/84, VA).

1t. William Meade Berkeley DOWELL, born 1905/06, VA.

2t. Clifton A. DOWELL, Jr., born 1911 Mar 20, GA, died 2000 Mar 16, Center Cross, VA.

3t. Mary C. DOWELL, born 1912/13, GA.

3s. Mary Carter BERKELEY, born 1887 Aug, VA; married ca 1928, as 2nd wife, Clifton A. DOWELL (born 1883/84, VA).

4s. Parke Farley BERKELEY, born 1891 Sep, VA; married ca 1919, as 2nd wife, Wyatt Wiley ESTEP (born 1871/72, MD).

1t. Wyatt ESTEP, born 1921 Oct 21, MD; married Rose J. _______ (born 1924 Oct 1).

2t. Betsy ESTEP, born 1922/23, MD.

4r. Isabella C. BERKELEY, born 1837/38, VA.

5r. Ann Carter BERKELEY, born 1843, VA; married 1874 Aug 28, Augusta, VA, John Francis BROOKE (born 1838 Dec, VA, died 1941, Staunton, VA).

1s. Robert Spotswood BROOKE, born 1877, Augusta, VA, fl. 1930, Louisville, KY; married 1903, Anita Anderson BERRY (born 1879 Jul, Oldham, KY).

1t. Anita Gray BROOKE, born 1905 Nov 2, KY, died 1994 Dec 26, Louisville, KY; married 1936, Ralph STROTHER.

2t. Anne Carter BROOKE; married 1924, Rev. George OSSMAN.

1u. George OSSMAN, Jr.; married Mary Elizabeth HURDLE.

1v. George OSSMAN III, born 1954.

2u. Robert Spotswood Brooke OSSMAN.

3u. Anne Carter OSSMAN.

3t. Elizabeth Washington Berry BROOKE, born 1907/08, KY; married 1926, Col. James Arthur CHANNON (born 1903 Oct 18, IL, died 1963 Oct).

1u. James Brooke CHANNON.

2u. Elizabeth Davidson CHANNON.

4t. Margaret Lyle BROOKE, born 1909/10, KY; married Oscar RAIDT.

1v. Anita Anderson Berry RAIDT.

5t. Roberta Spotswood BROOKE, born 1915 Oct 25, KY, died 1974 Mar; married 1936, Dr. Charles Francis HUDSON.

1u. Charles Francis HUDSON.

2u. Francis Langhorne HUDSON.

3u. William Spotswood HUDSON.

4u. Roberta HUDSON.

2s. John F. BROOKE, born 1887/88, VA.

3s. Isabella BROOKE.

4s. Margaret Lyle BROOKE.

5q. William Henry BERKELEY, born 1811/12, VA; married Mary Jane COOKE (born 1818/19, VA).

1r. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1839/40, VA.

2r. William Wilberforce BERKELEY, born 1844 Apr 23, died 1917 Feb 17; married Betty Sims READ (born 1852 Feb 27, died 1906 Jan 11).

1s. Thomas Read BERKELEY, born 1877 Sep, VA, fl. 1930, Pontiac, MI; married ca 1905, Betsey BONSACK (born 1880/81, VA).

1t. Thomas Read BERKELEY, born 1905/06, VA.

2s. William Beverley BERKELEY, born 1880 Apr, VA, died 1945 May 11; married ca 1918, Alla Glass TURNER (born 1895/96, AL).

1t. William Beverly BERKELEY, Jr., born 1924/25, VA; married Anne BUFORD.

2t. Cooper BERKELEY.

3t. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1910 Mar 27, died 1999 Jul 4, Bristol, VA.

4t. Alla BERKELEY, born 1919, VA; married Paul STOCKTON.

5t. Nancy BERKELEY, born 1921/22, VA.

3s. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1885 May, VA; married Florence WHEELER (born 1882/83, VA).

1t. Nelson BERKELEY, Jr., born 1909/10, VA.

4s. Elizabeth Hughes BERKELEY, born 1871/72, VA, died 1947, Duval co, FL; married _______ McKNIGHT.

5s. Sallie White BERKELEY, born 1873 May, VA; married 1st, ca 1893, William Muscoe SEMPLE (born 1867 Jul, VA); married 2nd, Harrison Robinson BOAZ (born 1873 Jul 17, WV).

1t. Robert B. SEMPLE, born 1894 Oct, VA.

2t. Elizabeth SEMPLE, born 1896 Feb, VA.

1t. Lyne S. SEMPLE, born 1898 Jun, VA.

2t. Mary R. BOAZ, born 1907/08, VA.

6s. Mary BERKELEY, born 1874/75, VA; married ca 1896, George H. COSBY (born 1871/72, VA).

1t. George H. COSBY, Jr., born 1901 May 31, VA, died 1987 Jan, Lynchburg, VA; married ca 1927, Ellis NOWLIN (born 1903 Nov 12, VA, died 1982 Aug, Lynchburg, VA).

1u. Ellis Nowlin COSBY, born 1929, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2u. Betsy Berkeley COSBY, born 1930, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2t. Mary B. COSBY, born 1910, VA.

3t. Child, died by 1910.

3r. John Cook BERKELEY, born 1852/53, VA.

4r. George H. BERKELEY, born 1854/55, VA; married Essie M. _______ (born 1874/75, NJ).

5r. Anna R. BERKELEY, born 1842/43, VA.

6r. Mary A. BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA.

7r. Lucy A. BERKELEY, born 1847/48, VA; married William E. BRIGGS.

8r. Edmonia C. BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA.

9r. Mariah K. BERKELEY, born 1859, VA; married William F. CHRISTIAN (born 1859/60, VA).

1s. George B. CHRISTIAN, born 1879 Oct, VA.

10r. Ann B. BERKELEY; married Launcelot JONES.

6q. Susannah BERKELEY, died young.

7q. Independence BERKELEY, died young.

8q. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, died young.

9q. Lucy Nelson BERKELEY, died young.

10q. Catherine Robinson BERKELEY, died sp; married 1845 Dec 11, Hanover co, VA, Philip Henry WINSTON (born 1818 Mar 17, died 1863).

11q. Mary Barret BERKELEY, born 1798 Feb, VA; married Thomas LATANE.

1r. Lucy Robinson LATANE, born 1829/30, VA; married 1848 Nov 7, Essex co, VA, Joseph H. LEWIS.

1s. Mary J. LEWIS, born 1850 Jan, VA; married 1878 May 2, Essex co, VA, Phillip W. LEWIS (born 1847 Oct, VA).

1t. John W. LEWIS, born 1879 Mar, DK.

2t. Annie W. LEWIS, born 1881 Mar, VA.

3-6t. Four other children, died by 1900.

2r. Mary LATANE; married Dr. _______ KIRK.

3p. Dr. Carter BERKELEY, born 1768 Feb 20, died 1839 Nov 8; married 1st, 1796 May 7, Catherine Spottswood CARTER (born 1779 Jun 1, died 1809 Oct 24); married 2nd, 1810 Nov 8, Frances Page NELSON.

1q. Charles Carter BERKELEY, born 1798 Nov 7, died 1801 Jul 3.

2q. Dr. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1801 Mar 17, died 1851 Apr 6; married 1823 Oct 3, Mary Randolph Spotswood BROOKE (born 1801).

1r. Dr. Thomas Averett BERKELEY, born 1827 Aug 13, died unm.

2r. Francis Brooke BERKELEY, born 1835 Sep 7, VA, died 1898 Oct 5; married 1871 Nov 15, Waynesboro, VA, Susan Jane BAIRD (born 1853 Nov 11, OH, died 1892 Feb 13).

1s. Francis Baird BERKELEY, born 1874 Sep 28, died 1932 Sep 28.

2s. Edmund Carter BERKELEY, born 1876 May 31, VA, fl. 1930, Crook, WV.

3s. Robert Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1877 Sep 10, Staunton, VA, died 1934 Nov 6, New Orleans, LA; married 1912 Aug, Mary TIDINGS (born 1881/82, KY).

4s. Maurice FitzHarding BERKELEY, born 1885 May 30, VA, fl. 1930, New York, NY.

5s. Shirley Carter BERKELEY, born 1889 Jan 16, Staunton, VA, died 1962 Nov 20, Wayland, KY; married 1st, Vivian MARTIN; married 2nd, Margaret MILLIGAN.

(1)1t. Edmund Carter BERKELEY II; married Barbara Ann MOORE.

(2)2t. Robert Edmund BERKELEY, born 1931; married Jan FLEMING.

1-3u. Three sons.

(2)3t. Shirley Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1932; married Faye WILLIAMS.

1-3u. Three daughters.

6s. Evelyn Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1872 Sep 17; married 1899 Oct 18, Staunton, VA, Dr. Charles Russell ROBINS (born 1868, VA).

1t. Francis Berkeley ROBINS, born 1900, VA; married Caroline FOY.

1u. Perry ROBINS.

2u. Berkeley ROBINS.

3u. Harriette ROBINS.

2t. Dr. Charles Russell ROBINS, Jr., born 1905 Jun 28, VA, died 1981 May, Kilmarnock, VA; married 1st, Susan CLAY (died 1950); married 2nd, Virginia PARK.

3t. Dr. Alexander Spotswood ROBINS, born 1910/11, VA; married Sarah Emma HUTCHINSON.

1u. Alexander ROBINS.

2u. Randolph ROBINS.

3u. Charles Russell ROBINS III.

4u. Sarah Emma ROBINS.

4t. Dorothea Randolph ROBINS, born 1902, VA; married Robert Wren Powers MARTIN (born 1901, died 1954 Apr).

1u. Robert Wren Powers MARTIN, born 1932.

2u. Evelyn Berkeley MARTIN.

5t. Evelyn Spotswoode ROBINS, born 1906 Sep 11, VA, died 2003 Aug 29, Richmond, VA; married Robert Randolph HARRISON (born 1904).

1u. Robert Randolph HARRISON.

2u. Evelyn Spotswood HARRISON.

3u. Charlotte Poindexter HARRISON.

6t. Elizabeth Mebane ROBINS, born 1907, VA; married James Edward DOWD.

1u. Berkeley DOWD.

2u. Cornelia Jordan DOWD, born 1933; married Steven Cannon NOWELL.

1v. Steven Cannon NOWELL, Jr.

3u. Mebane DOWD.

7s. Katherine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1880 Apr 26, died 1881 Jul 13.

8s. Jean Baird BERKELEY, born 1882 Aug 5, VA.

9s. Esther Baird BERKELEY, born 1884 Apr 13, VA, died 1967 Sep, Towson, MD; married 1st, 1908 Oct 14, Richmond, VA, Norwood BENTLY (born 1880/81, VA, died 1919 Oct); married 2nd, 1924 Mar 27, Chester, VA, as 2nd wife, Dr. Thomas G. PRETLOW (born 1878/79, VA).

1t. Norwood BENTLY, Jr., born 1911 May 2, VA, died 1981 May, Huntington, WV.

2t. Jean Berkeley BENTLY, born 1914, VA; married Jack MARTIN.

1-2u. Two children.

3r. Dr. Carter BERKELEY, born 1836 Oct 9, died 1903 Mar 7; married 1st, Jane Lovie GILKESON (died 1884); married 2nd, Jane HALL (died 1889 sp).

1s. Edmund Inglis BERKELEY, born 1869 Nov 20, VA, fl. 1930, Shreveport, LA, unm.

2s. Capt. Charles Carter BERKELEY, born 1873 Aug 18, VA, died 1920/30; married 1902 Nov 12, Malinda McC. BUMGARDNER.

1t. Maj. Charles Carter BERKELEY II, born 1907, VA.

2t. Sarah Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1903/04, VA; married Edward WATKINS.

1u. Edward WATKINS, Jr., born 1933.

3t. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, born 1905/06, VA.

4t. Malinda McC. BERKELEY, born 1912 Dec 27, VA, died 1993 Jun 1, Lexington, VA; married Finley WADDELL (born 1908 Nov 4, died 1974 Oct, Lexington, VA).

3s. Gen. Randolph Carter BERKELEY, born 1875 Jan 9, VA, fl. 1930, Portsmouth, VA; married 1st, Caroline Anna PHILLIPS (died 1907); married 2nd, 1911, Bessye Bancroft RUSSELL (born 1877/78, AK).

1t. Lt. James Phillips BERKELEY, born 1907; married 1931, Margaret GRIFFITH.

2t. Randolph Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1916, Guam, died 2003 Nov 17, Burke, VA; married Ruth GATES (born 1919 Mar 19, died 1999 Sep 21, Burke, VA).

1u. Randolph Carter BERKELEY III, born 1946.

2u. Phillips Boyd BERKELEY, born 1949 Nov 16.

3u. Bessie Bancroft Russell BERKELEY.

4s. Robert Brooke BERKELEY, born 1883 Jun 11, VA, died 1963 Aug 5, Floyd co, GA; married Erna KESELLIS (born 1884/85, died 1957 May 26, Fulton co, GA).

1t. Robert Brooke BERKELEY, Jr.

2t. Anne Carter BERKELEY; marred 1st, E. T. CHADWELL; married 2nd, S. J. R. FROELICH.

1u. Robert Berkeley FROELICH of CA.

5s. Margaret Brooke BERKELEY, born 1872 Mar 14, died young.

6s. Mary Randolph Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1880 Aug 24, VA, fl. 1930, Spartanburg, SC; married 1911, Richard Caspar SIMPSON (born 1862/63, SC).

1t. John Wistar SIMPSON, born 1914, SC.

2t. Carter Berkeley SIMPSON, born 1915, SC.

3t. Margaret Berkeley SIMPSON, born 1912, SC.

7s. Janet Carter BERKELEY, born 1882 Mar 10, VA.

4r. John Francis Brooke BERKELEY, died an infant.

5r. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1844 Sep, VA, died 1924, Staunton, VA, unm.

6r. Alexander Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1853 Oct, VA, died 1910, unm.

7r. Lavinia Hart BERKELEY, born 1829, Hanover co, VA, died 1876; married 1849 Dec 4, Norborne BERKELEY (born 1828 Mar 3, VA, died 1911 Jan, Gainesville, VA) (see Page 021).

8r. Catherine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1833 Apr, Augusta, VA; married William Thomas IGLEHART (born ca 1833, Annapolis, MD, died there, 1880/1900).

1s. Edmund Berkeley IGLEHART, born 1874 Apr, MD; married Helen DONAVIN (born 1885/86, MD).

2s. Mary Brooke IGLEHART, born 1864 Nov 14, VA, died 1934 May 1, Annapolis, MD, sp; married 1891 Oct 10, Lewis Dorsey GASSAWAY (born 1862 Dec 18, Annapolis, MD, died there, 1940 Mar 28).

3s. Anne Waddell IGLEHART, born 1868 May, MD, fl. 1920, Annapolis, MD, died unm.

9r. Mary Botts BERKELEY, born 1844 Jun, VA, died 1908, unm.

3q. Robert Carter BERKELEY, born 1806 Jun 2, VA, died 1851 Oct 26, Hanover co, VA; married Catherine SMITH (born 1815/16, VA).

1r. William Nathaniel BERKELEY, born 1833, VA, died 1919, Los Angeles, CA; married ca 1874, Martha Mersereau JOHNSON (born 1843/44, NY, died 1920/30, Los Angeles, CA).

1s. Laura BERKELEY, born 1874/75, IA, died by 1910.

2-3s. Two other children, died by 1910.

2r. Prof. Robert Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1837 Aug 1, VA, died 1918 Jan 22, New York, NY; married 1864, Fanny C. MINOR (born 1840/41, VA).

1s. Lancelot Minor BERKELEY, born 1864/65, VA, died 1945 Dec, New York, NY, unm.

2s. Robert Carter BERKELEY II, born 1866/67, VA, died unm.

3s. Dr. William N. BERKELEY, born 1868/69, MD, died 1928; married 1908, Clara Helene BARKER.

1t. Edmund Collis BERKELEY, born 1909 Mar 20, died 1988 Mar 7, Newton, MA; married 1934, Dr. Ruth PIRKLE.

1u. Laura BERKELEY, born 1940.

2t. Ella Catherine BERKELEY, born 1910; married Howard M. DONALDSON.

4s. John Minor BERKELEY, died an infant.

5s. Frances Campbell BERKELEY, born 1878/79, WV, died 1969 Dec 7, New Haven, CT; married 1911, Prof. Karl YOUNG (born 1878/79, Clinton, IA, died 1943 Nov 17, New Haven, CT).

1t. Dr. George Berkeley YOUNG, born 1913 Jul 27, WI, died 1988 Jan 29, Chicago, IL; married 1944 Mar 24, Chicago, IL, Mary Seymour ADAMS.

1u. George A. YOUNG, born 1958, Chicago, IL.

2u. Mary Berkeley Blair YOUNG, born 1956, Chicago, IL; married 1984, Lake Forest, IL, William Scott THOMPSON.

1v. Adam Scott THOMPSON, born 1986, St. Louis, MO.

2v. Bryan Berkeley THOMPSON, born 1993, St. Louis, MO.

3v. Kristen Blair THOMPSON, born 1988, St. Louis, MO.

2t. Karl YOUNG, Jr., born 1915, WI; married Cynthia Berkeley NOLAND.

1u. William Berkeley YOUNG, born 1942.

2u. Douglas YOUNG.

3u. Ann Carter YOUNG, born 1946.

4u. Elizabeth Randolph YOUNG, born 1948.

5u. Lucy Burwell YOUNG, born 1954.

6u. Mary YOUNG, born 1954.

3r. Carter BERKELEY, born 1839/40, VA, died ca 1864, unm.

4r. Henry BERKELEY, died young.

5r. Lavinia BERKELEY, born 1844/45, VA, died young.

5r. Laura BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA; married _______ ISHAM of Cedar Rapids, IA.

1s. Louise ISHAM, died young.

4q. Rev. Parke Farley BERKELEY, born 1808 Mar 31, VA, died 1888 Mar 24; married 1837 Aug 31, Mary Epps THWEATT (born 1813/14, VA).

1r. Carter N. BERKELEY, born 1850 Nov 14, VA, died sp; married Ellen B. CHEATHAM (born 1863 Aug, VA).

2r. P. Julian BERKELEY, born 1853 Oct 25, VA; married 1881 Oct, Mary MASON.

1s. Henry Parke F. BERKELEY, born 1882 Aug 2, VA; married Lucy EGGLESTON.

2s. Julian Meade BERKELEY, born 1883 Jul 2, VA; married Myrtle V. HAINES (born 1896 Jun 15, VA, died 1967 Jul, Arlington, VA).

1t. Frances M. BERKELEY, born 1916, VA.

3s. John T. Mason BERKELEY, born 1885 Aug 15, VA, died 1945 Dec; married ca 1911, Lottie MILLER (born 1891/92, VA).

1t. Robert Mason BERKELEY, born 1911 Jun 27, VA, died 1993 Sep 11, Petersburg, VA.

2t. Joseph BERKELEY, born 1919 Oct 20, VA, died 1974 Oct 30.

3t. Katherine BERKELEY, born 1913 Mar 25, VA, died 1992 Mar 26, Mar 26, Petersburg, VA; married ______ DALTON.

3r. Cornelia Leigh BERKELEY, born 1848 Aug, VA; married ca 1875, as 2nd wife, Samuel Holland HACKETT (born 1841 Mar, PA).

1s. Berkeley Holland HACKETT, born 1879 Dec, VA, fl. 1930, Philadelphia, PA; married ca 1908, Mildred C. _______ (born 1884/85, Japan, died by 1930).

2s. Harriet H. HACKETT, born 1878 Jun, VA.

3s. Mary E. HACKETT, born 1885 Feb, VA.

4r. Mary BERKELEY, born 1839 Oct 25.

5r. Lula T. BERKELEY, born 1845 Mar 2, VA; married Thomas Creed HASKINS.

6r. Mina BERKELEY, born 1848/49, VA.

7r. Kate BERKELEY, born 1856 Nov 5, VA.

5q. Carter Nelson BERKELEY, born 1815 Jun 12, died 1842 Apr; married 1838, Ellen Reed McILVAINE.

1r. Josephine BERKELEY, born VA; married E. G. McCAULEY (born PA).

1s. Capt. Berkeley McCAULEY.

2s. George Harold McCAULEY, born 1875/76, RI, fl. 1930, Old Lyme, CT; married ca 1914, Elise LENNIG (born 1873/74, PA).

3s. Mary Yorke McCAULEY.

4s. Ellen McCAULEY, born 1870/71, NH, fl. 1930, Jamestown, RI.

6q. _______ (son) BERKELEY, born and died 1832 May 7.

7q. _______ (son) BERKELEY, born and died 1832 May 9.

8q. Elizabeth Wormley Carter BERKELEY, born 1797 May 21, VA, died 1852 Aug 21; married Lewis Walker TAYLOR (born 1791 Dec 22, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1828 Jan 25).

1r. Dr. Robert Randolph TAYLOR, born 1827/28, VA; married Helen BONSALL (born 1834/35, PA).

1s. John Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1854, PA, died 1929; married 1879, Amy Dorrance RICHMOND (born 1858, RI).

1t. Margaretta Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1881, PA, died 1933; married ca 1907, Dr. Charles A. HOLDER (born 1872/73, PA).

1u. Richmond HOLDER, born 1918 Jul 15, CT, died 1992 Oct 20, Chrestnut Hill, MA.

2u. Charles HOLDER, born 1920/21, France.

3u. Margaretta HOLDER, born 1908/09, Colorado Springs, CO.

2t. Anna Richmond TAYLOR, born 1889, PA, died 1951; married 1st, 1910 Apr 29, John RULON-MILLER, Jr. (born 1883 Mar 11, Riverton, NJ, died 1931 Jul 18, Baltimore, MD); married 2nd, Douglas ELPHINSTONE; married 3rd, George BLAKISTON (born 1894 Feb 9, died 1967 Jun, Baltimore, MD).

1u. John RULON-MILLER III, born 1911; married Mary NORRIS (born 1912 Mar 8, MD, died 1984 May, Bloomfield, CT).

1v. John RULON-MILLER, born 1939.

2v. Molly RULON-MILLER, born 1935; married 1957, Gordon Blackford FOWLER.

1w. Gordon Blackford FOWLER, Jr.

2u. Berkeley Taylor RULON-MILLER, born 1913 Sep 29, Berkley Springs, WV, died 1937, Garrison, MD.

3u. Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1916 Sep 9, died 1964 Mar 10; married 1st, 1939 Oct 9, Agnes W. WISE (died 1968); married 2nd, 1951, Frances E. McCARTHY (born 1918 Mar 24, died 2003 Apr 30, Baltimore, MD).

(2)1v. Carter Berkeley Taylor RULON-MILLER, born 1952.

(1)2v. Marian Dulany RULON-MILLER, born 1942; married 1961, George Edward HANEY, Jr.

1w. Kimberly HANEY, born 1961.

2w. Karen HANEY, born 1964.

(1)3v. Agnes Gordon RULON-MILLER, born 1944; married 1966, Philip MUMFORD.

1w. Philip MUMFORD, Jr., born 1971.

2w. George MUMFORD, born 1977.

3w. Katharine MUMFORD, born 1967.

4w. Elizabeth MUMFORD, born 1969.

5w. Sarah MUMFORD, born 1972.

(2)4v. Frances Elizabeth RULON-MILLER, born 1955; married 1975, Peter OESPER, Jr.

(2)5v. Amey Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1956.

4u. Robert RULON-MILLER, born 1918 Mar 6, died 1995 Jan 12, Indian River co, FL; married 1943, Ann LEAHY.

1v. Edward Lawrence RULON-MILLER, born 1945; married _______ SKENDER.

2v. Robert RULON-MILLER, Jr.; married 1st, Lucy ROGERS; married 2nd, _______ CARPENTER.

3v. Ann Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1956, Providence, RI, died 1989, Bristol, RI.

5u. Amey Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1923; married 1944, H. S. Taylor RODGERS.

1v. H. S. Taylor RODGERS, Jr.

2v. Nancy RODGERS.

3v. Catherine RODGERS.

2s. Robert Randolph TAYLOR, born 1855, PA, died 1941, unm.

3s. Carter Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1857, PA, died 1933, unm.

4s. Henry B. TAYLOR, born 1864, PA, died young.

5s. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1869, PA, died 1945; married Alice M. HAZELHURST.

1t. Edmund Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1903, PA; married 1st, ca 1928, Helen R. MULLER (born 1908/09, PA); married 2nd, Anne HUNTSBERGH.

(2)1u. Carter Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1936.

(1)2u. Anne Carter TAYLOR.

2t. Robert George TAYLOR, born 1908, PA.

2r. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1821 Feb, VA, died 1873 Jul 31; married Mary Louisa TALLEY (born 1821/22, VA).

1s. Frank Walker Carter TAYLOR, born 1843/44, VA.

2s. Farley Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1845, VA, died 1906; married 1867, Mary Hugh PENDLETON (born 1845, died 1920).

1t. Eugene Randolph TAYLOR, born 1870, VA, died 1934; married ca 1915, Nevelyn R. GOODMAN (born 1894, VA, died 1980).

1u. Richard Randolph TAYLOR, born 1918, VA; married Margaret HALLOWAY (born 1918).

1v. Guy Randolph TAYLOR, born 1948.

2u. Thomas Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1921, VA; married Fannie _______ (born 1916).

3u. Annie Carter TAYLOR, born 1916 Oct 5, died 2000 Aug 11, Montpelier, VA; married Everett THOMASSON (born 1908).

4u. Alice TAYLOR, born 1928, VA; married William Jackson ATKINSON.

2t. Charles Ashby TAYLOR, born 1876, VA, died 1947; married ca 1901, Harriet THOMPSON (born 1877 Mar, VA, died 1944) (see below).

1u. Wilbur Lee TAYLOR, born 1905 Jan 11, VA, died 1992 Jan 16, sp; married 1944, Louise THOMASSON (born 1912 Apr 17, died 1995 Dec 28, Richmond, VA).

3t. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1879 Dec, VA, died 1955, sp; married ca 1924, Caroline Lewis TERRY (born 1880, VA, died 1956).

4t. Richard Hugh TAYLOR, born 1882, VA, died 1958; married 1st, ca 1908, Janie PREVATTE (born 1885, died 1932); married 2nd, Mamie MITCHELL (born 1880, died 1976).

1u. Richard Hugh TAYLOR, Jr., born 1912, VA, died 1968; married Alice VAUGHAN (born 1914).

1v. Richard Ashton TAYLOR, born 1942; married Ruby Kay DUDLEY (born 1950).

1w. Richard Walton TAYLOR, born 1970.

2w. Kimberly Kay TAYLOR, born 1971.

(2)2u. Edwin Kenneth TAYLOR, born 1935.

5t. Mary Virginia TAYLOR, born 1872, VA, fl. 1930, Baltimore, MD.

6t. Anne Carter TAYLOR, born 1873, VA, died 1954; married ca 1892, _______ DEFOREST.

7t. Sarah Redd TAYLOR, born 1878, VA, died 1958; married ca 1900, John W. BROWN (born 1886, VA, died 1960).

1u. Randolph Pendleton BROWN, born 1899 Sep 8, VA, died 1985 Feb, Beaverdam, VA, sp; married 1979, Helen McNEELY (born 1919).

2u. Ryland Archer BROWN, born 1901 Feb 13, VA, died 1984 Apr, Glen Allen, VA, sp; married 1956, Virginia CHERRY (born 1916).

3u. Farley Cyrus Broces BROWN, born 1906 Nov 18, VA, died 1990 Apr 10.

4u. Kathryn BROWN, born 1907, VA, died 1967; married William GOODEN.

8t. Lucy Holiday TAYLOR, born 1884, VA, died 1922; married as 1st wife, Walter SATTERWHITE (born 1888, died 1928).

1u. Reginald DeWitt SATTERWHITE, born 1909 Nov 19, MD, died 1995 Feb 11, Richmond, VA; married Nell HOPKINS (born 1919).

2u. Lucile SATTERWHITE, born 1912, MD; married Samuel Henry BARKER.

9t. Roberta Carter TAYLOR, born 1887, VA, died 1971; married 1904, Albert Matthew HUBAND (born 1883, VA, died 1955).

1u. Evelyn Pendleton HUBAND, born 1910 Mar 3, VA, died 2000 Sep 28, Beaverdam, VA; married 1942, Parker Emanuel CHERRY (born 1909 Oct 23, died 1993 Sep 15, Beaverdam, VA).

1v. Parker Emanuel CHERRY, Jr., born 1943 Oct 23, died 1999 Oct 28, Beaverdam, VA.

2v. Caroline Taylor CHERRY, born 1949.

3s. Robert Lee TAYLOR. born 1862 Apr, VA, fl. 1920, Beaverdam, VA, unm.

4s. Elizabeth Randolph TAYLOR, born 1846/47, VA, died young.

5s. Mary Edmonia TAYLOR, born 1848/49, VA; married William Wallace BYRD (born 1836/37, VA).

1t. William W. BYRD, born 1872 Dec, VA.

2t. Kate C. BYRD, born 1867/68, VA.

3t. Mary R. BYRD, born 1877/78, VA.

6s. Fanny Williamson TAYLOR, born 1851, VA, died 1895; married John James TERRY (born 1844 Aug, VA, died 1919).

1t. Elizabeth Stevens TERRY, born 1873 Aug, VA, died 1946; married ca 1896, Edmund T. TAYLOR (born 1861 Nov, VA, died 1929).

1u. Alfred Terry TAYLOR, born 1897 Dec, VA, died 1936; married Louise T. JOHNSON (born 1898, VA, died 1975).

1v. Louise Terry TAYLOR, born 1918 Aug 29, VA, died 1996 Nov 1, Camden, SC; married Dixon Kirby PARLIER (born 1918 Dec 20, died 1998 Jan 19, Irmo, SC).

2v. Martha Overton TAYLOR, born 1919, VA; married William Hugh GOULDIN (born 1919 Apr 11, died 1989 Apr 8, Richmond, VA).

2u. Page TAYLOR, born 1900/01, VA; married Mary Norflett GRIZZARD.

3u. Edmund Archer TAYLOR, born 1902/03, VA; married Louise HATCH (born 1909/10, VA).

4u. John Anderson TAYLOR, born 1906, VA, died 1980; married Frances GRANT.

1v. John Anderson TAYLOR, Jr., born 1945; married Nell Frazier WARREN.

1w. John Anderson TAYLOR III, born 1968.

2v. Elizabeth Page TAYLOR, born 1944.

3v. Anne Carter TAYLOR, born 1949; married Richard B. MOORE.

5u. Gordon Temple TAYLOR, born 1908/09, VA; married Margaret BURKE.

6u. Patrick Henry TAYLOR, born 1911/12, VA; married Paula _______.

1v. Elizabeth Paula TAYLOR; married Preston F. O'BERRY.

2t. Fannie Minor TERRY, born 1877 Jan, VA, died 1907; married ca 1895, Willard K. LIPSCOMB (born 1870 May, VA, died 1919).

1u. Herndon Terry LIPSCOMB, born 1896 Aug 2, Tunstall, VA; married ca 1918, Louise H. _______ (born 1901/02, VA).

1v. Willard Kay LIPSCOMB II, born 1920 Jul 26, VA, died 1967 Apr; married Helen THURSTON (born 1920 Oct 27, died 1996 Sep 2, Quinton, VA).

2v. Laura Frances LIPSCOMB, born 1917, VA; married Edgar CHADWELL.

3v. Ellen W. LIPSCOMB, born 1922/23, VA.

2u. Kendall Weiseger LIPSCOMB, born 1897 Sep, VA, died 1942; married ca 1919, Edward Eaton HARRISON (born 1895 Jan, New Kent co, VA, died 1961 Nov 10).

1v. Edward Eaton HARRISON, Jr., born 1920 Sep 6, VA, died 2005 Jun 10; married Gayla SMITH (born 1920).

2v. Chapman Leigh HARRISON, born 1925, VA; married Margie PIERCE.

3t. Caroline Lewis TERRY, born 1880 Jun, VA, died 1936, sp; married ca 1924, Edmund Carter TAYLOR (born 1879, VA, died 1955).

4t. Herndon TERRY, born 1882 Aug, VA, died 1954; married 1905, William Anderson GATHRIGHT (born 1870, died 1908).

1u. Margaret Goodwin GATHRIGHT, born 1906 Dec 8, died 1992 Aug, Ashland, VA; married James Kimbrough COX (born 1908).

1v. James Kimbrough COX, Jr., born 1942; married Cecile Gordon ANDREWS (born 1942).

1w. Jacqueline Pendleton COX, born 1967.

2w. Margaret Hammond COX, born 1970.

3w. Caroline Berkeley COX, born 1970.

2v. Elizabeth Herndon COX, born 1947; married John Westwood SMITHERS, Jr. (born 1945).

2u. Caroline Taylor GATHRIGHT, born 1908 Apr 13, died 1985 Feb, Ashland, VA; married John Shepherd COCHRAN.

7s. Nannie TAYLOR, born 1852/53, VA; married Wirt THOMPSON (born 1855/56, VA).

1t. Walter R. THOMPSON, born 1874/75, VA.

2t. Wilbur R. THOMPSON, born 1878/79, VA.

3t. Wirt K. THOMPSON, born 1882 Dec, VA, died 1930; married ca 1908, Mattie G. _______ (born 1888/89, VA).

1u. Kilby Cauthorne THOMPSON, born 1910 Feb 20, VA, died 1990 Jan 28, Beaverdam, VA; married Elise JONES (born 1919).

1v. Patricia THOMPSON, born 1944; married Gary SHANKS (born 1946).

2u. Martha Gwendolyn THOMPSON, born 1914, VA; married Leroy Everett WILLIAMSON II (born 1907 Aug 13, died 1980 Nov, Beaverdam, VA).

1v. Leroy Everett WILLIAMSON III, born 1938; married Anne GILMAN.

2v. Gwendolyn WILLIAMSON, born 1946; married Richard BOK.

4t. Charles M. THOMPSON, born 1885 Feb, VA; married ca 1913, Ruth _______ (born 1894/95, VA).

1u. Ralph H. THOMPSON, born 1921/22, VA.

2u. Aubra S. THOMPSON, born 1924/25, VA.

3u. Harold S. THOMPSON, born 1926, VA.

4u. Rachel V. THOMPSON, born 1915/16, VA.

5t. Jack Temple THOMPSON, born 1887 Apr, VA, died 1954; married ca 1920, Nora Elizabeth WILLIAMSON (born 1898, VA, died 1980).

1u. Charles Temple THOMPSON, born 1922, VA; married Anne Elizabeth WALDROP (born 1924).

1v. Charles Temple THOMPSON, Jr., born 1956.

2v. William Bruce THOMPSON, born 1962.

3v. Carole Anne THOMPSON, born 1954.

2u. Leroy Bruce THOMPSON, born 1926, VA; married Audrey HOLLINS (born 1933).

1v. John Bruce THOMPSON, born 1964.

2v. Janie Elizabeth THOMPSON, born 1968.

6t. Harriet B. THOMPSON, born 1877 Mar, VA, died 1944; married ca 1901, Charles Ashby TAYLOR (born 1876, VA, died 1947) (see above).

8s. Lucy Landon TAYLOR, born 1859/60, VA; married 1st, Charles CLARKE; married 2nd, George ALLEY.

9s. Helen Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1864 Apr, VA, fl. 1930, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1883, Bryant GALLAGHER (born 1862 Apr, KY, died 1920/30, Clifton Forge, VA).

1t. John W. GALLAGHER, born 1887 Jul, VA; married ca 1909, Maud T. _______ (born 1889/90, VA).

1u. Jack GALLAGHER, born 1910/11, VA.

2u. Billy GALLAGHER, born 1912/13, VA.

2t. Charles R. GALLAGHER, born 1889 Oct, VA; married ca 1913, Louise S. _______ (born 1893/94, VA).

1u. Mary H. GALLAGHER, born 1915/16, VA.

3t. Bryant GALLAGHER, born 1892 Dec 7, VA; married 1st, _______ FABER (born 1885/86, VA); married 2nd, ca 1928, Edith _______ (born 1905/06, VA).

4t. Hughes GALLAGHER, born 1895 Sep, VA.

5t. Carter B. GALLAGHER, born 1898 May 9, VA, died 1988 Aug 12, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1930, Pauline JOHNSON (born 1900 Sep 27, VA, died 2000 Feb 1, Beckley, WV).

6t. Frank M. GALLAGHER, born 1902 Oct 14, VA, died 1987 Dec, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1924, Margery T. _______ (born 1903 Jun 3, VA, died 1977 Feb, Clifton Forge, VA).

1u. Helen Powell GALLAGHER, born 1925, VA.

2u. B. Joan GALLAGHER, born 1927, VA.

7t. Manie GALLAGHER, born 1884 Jun, VA; married Charles A. BAUGHAN (born 1884/85, VA, died 1920/30).

1u. Charles A. BAUGHAN, Jr., born 1915, VA.

10s. Emily Morris TAYLOR, born 1856/57, VA; married 1878, James Winston TAYLOR (born 1854 Jan 28).

1t. John Robert TAYLOR, born 1883, VA; married ca 1908, Lottie L. _______ (born 1889/90, VA).

2t. Maude E. TAYLOR, born 1879.

3t. Virginia TAYLOR, born 1881.

11s. Elizabeth Randolph TAYLOR, born 1846/47, VA; married Charles Dabney TAYLOR (born 1844, VA, died 1882 Jun 23).

1t. Mary TAYLOR, born 1870/71, VA.

2t. Emily TAYLOR, born 1872/73, VA.

3t. Anne E. TAYLOR, born 1880 Jan, VA.

12s. Kate Carter TAYLOR, born 1855 Mar 15, VA, died 1880 Oct 10; married 1880 Feb 4, as 1st wife, James Thomas REDD (born 1849 Feb 25, VA, died 1930 Aug 27).

1t. Llewellyn Carter REDD, born 1880 Oct 10, died 1880 Nov 18.

3r. Catherine Carter TAYLOR, born 1823/24, VA, died unm.

9q. Anne Butler BERKELEY, born 1803 Dec 26, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1837, Carter BERKELEY (born ca 1809, Hanover co, VA) (see above).

10q. Catherine Frances BERKELEY, born 1813 Feb 28, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1858 Jun 29; married 1833 Feb, Lucius Horatio MINOR (born 1810 Sep 22, Fredericksburg co, VA, died 1863 Oct 25, Hanover co, VA) (see Page 045).

1r. Charles Landon Carter MINOR II, born 1835 Dec 8, Hanover co, VA, died 1903 Jul 13, Albemarle co, VA; married 1860 Dec 27, Fanny Ansley CAZENOVE (born 1836 Jun 16, Alexandria, VA, died 1884 Jul 16, Winchester, VA).

1s. Charles Landon Carter MINOR III, died an infant, 1861.

2s. Louis Cazenove MINOR, born and died 1869, Winchester, VA.

3s. Catherine Berkeley MINOR, born 1864, Winchester, VA, died an infant.

4s. Anne Cazenove MINOR, born 1868 Aug, Winchester, VA; married 1895 Oct 17, Rev. Andrew Glassell GRINNAN, Jr. (born 1868 Aug, Madison co, VA, died 1917 Mar 11, Richmonhd, VA).

1t. Andrew Glassell GRINNAN III, born 1899 Jun 24, MD, died 1975 Feb, Garden City, NY.

2t. Frances Anne Cazenove GRINNAN, born 1896 Oct, WV, died 1930; married as 1st wife, 1926, Edward Stuart CARTER (born 1893 Jan, Madison co, VA, died 1981).

1u. Anne Cazenove CARTER, born 1928, died 2009 Oct 28, Falls Church, VA; married 1949 (div), Clarence WILLIAMS.

5s. Fanny Ansley MINOR, born ca 1874, Winchester, VA; married 1895 Oct 17, Rev. James Fitts PLUMMER (born ca 1865, Warrenton, NC).

1t. Charles Cazenove PLUMMER, born ca 1895, West River, MD.

2t. James Minor PLUMMER, born 1897 Jun 15, Oxford, NC, died 1969 Nov, Wayne, PA.

3t. Edward Armistead PLUMMER, born 1901/02, West River, MD.

4t. William Gardner PLUMMER, born 1902/03, Roanoke, VA.

5t. Cameron McRae PLUMMER, born 1904 Jun 2, Clarksburg, MS, died 1968 Feb, Mobile, AL.

2r. Carter Nelson Berkeley MINOR, born 1842 Oct 6, Hanover co, VA, died 1930 Jan 26, Staunton, VA; married 1875 Sep 7, Susan Watson FONTAINE (born 1849 May 16, Hanover co, VA, died 1933 Nov 27).

1s. James Fontaine MINOR, born 1876 Jul 24, Hanover co, VA, died 1961 Oct 8, Charlottesville, VA; married 1906 Oct 18, Lillian Forbes LYMAN (born 1879 Jul 22, Charlottesville, VA, died 1956 Sep 11).

2s. Carter Nelson Berkeley MINOR, Jr., born 1879 Aug 8, died 1959 Dec 1, Charlottesville, VA.

3s. Carter Landon Carter MINOR IV, born 1885 Jul 25, died 1886 Dec 8, Charlottesville, VA.

3r. John MINOR, born 1846 Mar 24, Hanover co, VA, died 1859 Oct 23.

4r. Robert Berkeley MINOR, born 1851 Nov 14, Hanover co, VA, died 1935 Jun 19, San Antonio, TX; married 1881 Sep 7, San Antonio, TX, Routez HOUSTON (born 1856 Aug 14, Wilson co, TX, died 1933 May 18, San Antonio, TX).

1s. Houston MINOR, born 1882 Aug 29, San Antonio, TX, died there, 1964 Mar 22; married ca 1907, Pinckney _______ (born 1885/86, TX, died 1982 Jul 18, Bexar co, TX).

1t. Russell H. MINOR, born 1912/13, KS.

2t. Robert MINOR, born 1921/22, TX.

3t. Dorothy P. MINOR, born 1909 May 13, Bexar co, TX.

4t. Margaret E. MINOR, born 1910 Nov 24, Coleman co, TX.

5t. Lucy Landon MINOR, born 1914/15, TX; married Lawrence Walter WADE.

1u. Houston Russell WADE, born 1934 Apr 4, Bexar co, TX; married 1st, 1975 Mar 4, Wilson co, TX, Judith Carolyn PAGE (born ca 1943); married 2nd, 1985 Jun 8, Bexar co, TX, Kathleen Sue RANEY (born ca 1957).

1v. Nathaniel Page WADE, born 1976 Feb 2, Bexar co, TX.

2v. Laura Elizabeth WADE, born 1978 Sep 18, Bexar co, TX.

3v. Olivia Kathleen WADE, born 1989 Sep 20, Bexar co, TX.

6t. Mary N. MINOR, born 1915, TX.

2s. Robert Berkeley MINOR, Jr., born 1884 Jul 15, San Antonio, TX, died 1952 Nov 27, Croton, NY; married 1923, Lydia GIBSON.

3s. Joseph Houston MINOR, born 1890 Jun 22, TX, died 1961 Nov 23, Alameda co, CA; married Mamie Gladys WALKER (born 1890 Dec 29, NV, died 1989 Jun 22, Burlingame, CA).

1t. Joseph Houston MINOR, Jr., born 1912 May 29, UT, died 1986 May 15, Berkeley, CA.

2t. Catherine MINOR, born 1914 Jun 2, Bexar co, TX.

4s. Bryan Houston MINOR, born 1898 Dec 14, San Antonio, TX, died 1900 Jun 14, TX.

5s. Elizabeth Weyman MINOR, born 1886 Dec 29, San Antonio, TX, died 1951 Jun 15, Port Murray, NJ; married 1919 Jun 11, New York, NY, Warner T. TABB (born 1888 Sep 1, VA, died 1978 Sep, Mount Holly, VA).

6s. Catherine Frances MINOR, born 1896 Oct 2, TX, died 1899 May 21.

5r. Fanny Berkeley MINOR, born 1833 Nov 18, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1885 Jun 29, unm.

6r. Lucy Landon MINOR, born 1839 Jun 27, VA, died 1867 Feb 17, unm.

7r. Thomasia Meade MINOR, born 1849 Feb 25, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1890 Aug 8; married 1874 May 19, Richard Morris FONTAINE (born 1842 Aug 5, Hanover co, VA, died 1914 Oct 16, Charlottesville, VA).

1s. Edmund FONTAINE, born 1875 Jun 24, VA, died 1941, Charlottesville, VA.

2s. Richard Morris FONTAINE, born 1877 Feb 8, VA, died 1959 Apr 1, Charlottesville, VA.

3s. Berkeley Minor FONTAINE, born 1881 May 26, died 1918 Nov 25, Chicago, IL; married 1913 Jun 18, Adeline Louise NIEMEYER.

1t. Katherine Berkeley FONTAINE; married Lee Crawford SYER.

2t. Grace Berkeley FONTAINE.

4s. Charles Landon Carter FONTAINE, born 1883 Dec 22, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1888 May 11.

5s. Katharine Minor FONTAINE, born 1879 Mar 14, VA; married 1912 Apr 3, Charlottesville, VA, Charles Edward MORAN (born 1884 Mar 14, IL).

1t. Charles Edward MORAN, Jr., born 1913 Feb 17, Charlottesville, VA, died there, 2002 Nov 17; married 1949 May 3, Charlottesville, VA, Fermine Waddill COLVIN (born 1916 Feb 2, Dayton, OH, died 1993 Feb 28, Charlottesville, VA).

1u. Charles Edmond Catchings MORAN, born 1950 Jul 21, Charlottesville, VA; married 1991 Feb 14, Charlottesville, VA, Lauren KYBER (born 1950 Jan 27, Washington, DC).

2u. Virginia Anne Kimber MORAN, born 1952 Aug 12, Charlottesville, VA; married 1990 May 12, Houston, TX, William Francis LANTRY (born 1957 Mar 25, San Diego, CA).

2t. Morris Fontaine MORAN, born 1914 Jul 7, VA, died 1982 Nov, Falls Church, VA; married Genevieve BIZEUL.

3t. Kimber Nourse MORAN, born 1918 Sep 4, VA, died 1996 Jul 15, St. Petersburg, FL; married Betsy BASQUIN.

4t. Katharine Fontaine MORAN, born 1915 Oct 5, Charlottesville, VA; married Parker Currier GRIFFIN.

1u. Katharine GRIFFIN.

2u. Susie GRIFFIN.

6s. Maria Louisa Shackleford FONTAINE, born 1887 Jan 1, VA; married 1913 Sep 30, William J. MANN, Jr. (born 1887 Jul 12).

1t. William Berkeley MANN, born 1918 Feb 12.

2t. Charles Mossis MANN, born 1926 Oct 15.

3t. Louise Fontaine MANN, born 1920 Apr 29.

8r. Kate M. MINOR, born 1848/49, VA.

9r. Mary Willis MINOR, born 1854 Feb 10, VA, fl.1920, Charlottesville, VA, died unm.

4p. William BERKELEY, born 1769 Dec 1, Hanover co, VA, died 1843 Apr 23, Prince Edward co, VA; married 1797 Jan 5, Elizabeth R. RANDOLPH (born 1778 Feb 2, Henrico co, VA, died 1837 Sep 6, Prince Edward co, VA).

1q. Jacquelin Ambler BERKELEY, born 1797 Nov 20, died 1836 Jan 2, sp; married Mary Burwell FONTAINE.

2q. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1800 Oct 2, died 1826 Dec 7, unm.

3q. Peyton Randolph BERKELEY, born 1804 Apr 23, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1870 May 5, Worsham, VA; married 1st, 1837 Mar 22, Frances Ann Banister LITTLE (born 1806 Jan 27, Prince William co, VA, died 1843 Aug 25, Millwood, VA); married 2nd, _______.

1r. Lt. Col. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1838 Sep 21, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1877 Dec 27, Farmville, VA; married 1862 Feb 19, Ellen WILSON (born 1830 Nov 12, Cumberland co, VA, died 1913).

1s. Peyton Randolph BERKELEY II, born 1866 Aug 6, died 1890; married 1889, Ella REESE.

2s. Willis Wilson BERKELEY, born 1874 Feb 10, died young.

3s. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1875 Nov 20, VA, died 1920; married Sarah Primrose CASSELL (born 1876 Apr, MD).

1t. Mary Ellen BERKELEY, born 1907, MD; married Howard DE MUNGUIONDO.

1u. Jose DE MUNGUIONDO, born 1927.

4s. Martha Wilson BERKELEY, born 1868 Jul 4, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died sp; married 1886, Richard Baxter TUGGLE (born 1867 Jul, VA, died 1929, Richmond, VA).

5s. Frances Little BERKELEY, born 1869 Dec 27, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died unm.

6s. Mary Priscilla BERKELEY, born 1871 Oct 16, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died unm.

7s. Roberta Blair BERKELEY, born 1873 Sep 17, died 1964 Nov 5; married 1st, 1906, Wallace Clayborn BURNETT; married 2nd, 1933, Col. George J. NEWGARDEN.

2r. Robert Blair BERKELEY, born 1841 Oct 13, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1925; married 1st, 1863, Alice SCOTT; married 2nd, 1867 Jun 12, Martha Maria PRICE (born 1846 Sep 18, Port Hill, VA, died 1916).

1s. Frances Little BERKELEY, born 1868 Jul 27, died 1869 Aug 30.

4q. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1812 Sep 25, died 1833 Oct 21, unm.

5q. Richard Kidder BERKELEY, born 1815 Mar 23, died 1823 Mar 19.

6q. Lucy Ann BERKELEY, born 1799 Jul 20, died 1834 Jul 26, unm.

7q. Mary Randolph BERKELEY, born 1802 Apr 16, died 1838 Apr 17, unm.

8q. Landonia Carter BERKELEY, born 1807 Jun 27, died 1876; married Jesse C. IRVINE (born 1791/92, VA).

1r. Jesse IRVINE, born 1832/33, VA; married Margaret VENABLE (born 1836/37, VA).

2r. Mary E. IRVINE, born 1829/30, VA.

3r. Juliet IRVINE, born 1835/36, VA.

4r. Margaret IRVINE, born 1836/37, VA.

9q. Catharine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1810 Apr 18, died 1820 Mar 24.

10q. Elizabeth Wormley BERKELEY, born 1814 Aug 8, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1839 Mar 8, Howard's Neck, VA; married 1831 May 10, Edward CUNNINGHAM (born 1802 Mar 17, Richmond, VA, died 1875 Jan 18, Dover Mills, VA).

1r. William Berkeley CUNNINGHAM, born 1838 Aug 1, died unm.

2r. Arianna Peyton CUNNINGHAM, born 1835 Aug 9, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1891 Jun 26, Salem, VA; married 1864 Nov 1, Powhatan co, VA, William Washington WIGHT (born 1837 Mar 7, Goochland co, VA, died 1892 Jan 25, Richmond, VA).

1s. Edward Cunningham WIGHT, born 1866 Oct 21, VA; married ca 1907, Annie C. _______ (born 1876, NC).

1t. Edward Cunningham WIGHT, Jr., born 1910, VA.

2t. Grace Hughes WIGHT, born 1912, VA.

3t. Arianna Cunningham WIGHT, born 1912, VA.

2s. Landon Berkeley WIGHT, born 1868 Mar 8, died 1869 Mar 11.

3s. William Leeds WIGHT, born 1869 Jul 6, Goochland co, VA, died 1945 Oct 27, Quantico, VA; married 1908 Nov 11, Nellie Lee WALLER (born 1876 Feb 27, Stafford co, VA, died 1935 May 27, Alexandria, VA).

1t. William Leeds WIGHT, Jr.

2t. Elizabeth Berkeley WIGHT, born 1911 May 28, Richmond, VA, died 2002 Jan 31, Fredericksburg, VA; married 1946 Sep 7, Stafford co, VA, Arthur Lee OSTERMAN (born 1903 Jun 5, Monroe, LA, died 1980 Sep 30, Wheeling, WV).

1u. Arthur Lee OSTERMAN, Jr., born 1947 Jun 20, Wheeling, WV; married 1979 Nov 3, Philadelphia, PA, Elissa G. TOPOL (born 1948 Dec 22, Vioneland, NJ).

1v. Meredith Nita OSTERMAN, born 1980 Nov 11.

2v. Alexis Topol OSTERMAN, born 1983 May 2.

3v. Zoe Elizabeth OSTERMAN, born 1989 Jan 27.

4s. Henry Theodore WIGHT, born 1872 Feb 4.

5s. Richard Cunningham WIGHT, born 1873 Aug 20, Goochland co, VA, died 1951 Feb 24, Richmond, VA; married 1897 Nov 1, Richmond, VA, Pocahontas Gay WILSON (born 1873 Mar 9, Cumberland co, VA, died 1948 Jan 24, Richmond, VA).

1t. Richard Cunningham WIGHT, Jr., born 1910 May 26, Richmond, VA; married 1939 Jan 14, Estella Churchill COOKE (born 1911 Jun 27, died 1975 Aug, Richmond, VA).

1u. Richard Cunningham WIGHT III, born 1946 Aug 12.

2u. William Churchill WIGHT, born ca 1949.

2t. Arianna Randolph WIGHT, born 1899 Sep 17, VA, died 1985 Jan, Alexandria, VA, unm.

3t. Pocahontas Wilson WIGHT, born 1904 Nov 8, Richmond, VA, died 1999 Jun 15, Richmond, VA; married 1929 May 25, Richmond, VA, Richard Coles EDMUNDS (born 1904 Jan 7, Halifax, VA, died 1991 Jan 12, Richmond, VA).

1u. Richard Coles EDMUNDS, Jr., born 1931 Mar 28, South Boston, VA; married 1957 Jun 22, Richmond, VA, Nancy Page HALL (born 1934 Aug 21, Richmond, VA).

1v. Richard Coles EDMUNDS III, born 1964 Sep 17; married _______.

1w. Richard Coles EDMUNDS IV, born ca 1994.

2w. Margaret Hall EDMUNDS, born ca 1991.

2v. Jarrett Berkeley EDMUNDS, born 1972 Oct 12.

3v. Marietta Page EDMUNDS, born 1958 Dec 30; married ca 1978, Dennis ZACHAS.

1w. Edmunds ZACHAS, born ca 1985.

2w. Page ZACHAS, born ca 1980.

3w. Virginia ZACHAS, born ca 1982.

4v. Elizabeth Randolph EDMUNDS, born ca 1961; married ca 1983, Hooks JOHNSON, Jr.

1w. Hooks JOHNSON III, born ca 1990.

2w. Mary JOHNSON, born ca 1985.

3w. Allison Wight JOHNSON, born ca 1987.

2u. Anne Randolph EDMUNDS, born 1935 Jul 15.

3u. Elizabeth Wight EDMUNDS, born 1937 Mar 10, South Boston, VA; married 1959 Jun 27, Halifax, VA, St. Georeg Tucker GRINNAN III (born 1937 Aug 20, Richmond, VA).

1v. Thomas Randolph GRINNAN, born 1968 Feb 1.

2v. Louise Dabney GRINNAN, born 1961 May 7.

3v. Sarah Berkeley GRINNAN, born 1970 Jun 2.

4t. Elizabeth Trent WIGHT, born 1907 Jul 17.

5t. Virginia Matoaka WIGHT, born 1913 Mar 10, Richmond, VA; married 1943 Jul 17, Richmond, VA, Anderson Wade LAMB (born 1912 Oct 8, Richmond, VA, died there, 1987 Nov).

1u. Pocahontas Gay LAMB, born 1945 Oct 1, South Boston, VA; married Robert S. PASLEY, Jr. (born 1959 Mar 1).

1v. Virginia Burns PASLEY.

2v. Heather Randolph PASLEY.

2u. Virginia Archer LAMB, born ca 1948.

6s. Frank Cunningham WIGHT, born 1880 Aug 14, died 1881 Jul 18.

7s. Grace Hughes WIGHT, born 1865 Aug 9, died 1870 Oct 26.

8s. Elizabeth Berkeley WIGHT, born 1870 Sep 1, Goochland co, VA, died 1909 Feb 17, Norfolk, VA; married 1899 Nov 15, Richmond, VA, William Henry VENABLE (born 1870 Sep 2, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1946 Jan 7, Hampden-Sydney, VA).

1t. Louisa Carrington VENABLE, born 1903 Aug 11, died 1999 Oct 24, Virginia Beach, VA; married 1924, William Emmett KYLE (born 1896).

1u. Louisa Venable KYLE, born 1925.

2u. Elizabeth Wright KYLE, born 1928.

3u. Anne Wingate KYLE, born 1932.

9s. Catherine Deana WIGHT, born 1875 Feb 19, died 1876 Oct 3.

10s. Arianna Cunningham WIGHT, born 1877 Aug 1, died 1878 Jun 8.

11q. Cornelia Andrews BERKELEY, born 1823 Feb 12, died unm.

5p. Lewis BERKELEY, born 1775, died 1836; married Elizabeth DARRACOTT (born 1806, died 1852).

1q. Nelson William BERKELEY, born 1812, died 1899; married Linda WOOD.

1r. John Campbell BERKELEY.

2r. Mary Diggs BERKELEY.

3r. Linda Wood BERKELEY.

2q. Capt. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1817 Oct 14, VA, died 1892; married 1840 Apr, Sarah Ann CAMPBELL (born 1820/21, VA).

1r. John Lewis BERKELEY, born 1843 Jan, VA; married ca 1895, Frances BRUCE (born 1870 Apr, VA).

1s. Scott Bruce BERKELEY, born 1897 Nov, VA; married Ruth _______.

2s. Carter Nelson BERKELEY, born 1899 Oct, VA.

2r. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1848, VA, died 1904; married 1880, Anna Poe HARRISON (born 1856, died 1939).

1s. Harrison Campbell BERKELEY, born 1881 Jul, VA, fl 1930, Van Buren, OH; married 1910, Caro GLOVER (born 1890/91, MO, died 1940).

1t. Griff Glover BERKELEY, born 1911/12, NY.
2t. Harrison C. BERKELEY, born 1917 Jan 13, MO, died 2006 Jan 1, Dayton, OH; married 1944, Alice Harrison WILSHIRE.

1u. Van Ham Wilshire BERKELEY.

2u. Anne Churchill BERKELEY.

3t. Mildred Glover BERKELEY, died an infant.

2s. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1888 Oct 7, VA, died 1965, VA; married 1st, ca 1926, Edna SAUER (born 1894 Jul 10, NY, died 1975 Sep, Venice, CA); married 2nd, Katherine Hamm HATHAWAY.

3s. Maj. Norborne BERKELEY, born 1891 May 13, VA, died 1964 May, PA; married 1917, Dorothea Winslow RANDOLPH (born 1898/99, MD).

1t. Norborne BERKELEY, Jr., born 1922, PA; married Diane GOULD (born 1931 Jan 1).

1u. Norborne BERKELEY III.

2u. Sally Carter BERKELEY.

3u. Anne Randolph BERKELEY.

2t. Dorothea Randolph BERKELEY, born 1920/21, MD; married Robert Thurston HOUK III.

1u. Robert Thurston HOUK IV.

2u. Stuart Nelson HOUK.

3u. Judith Winslow HOUK.

4u. Dorothea Winslow HOUK.

4s. Anne Churchill BERKELEY.

3r. Robert Mayo BERKELEY, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1920, Richmond, VA; married ca 1884, Fanny HERRING (born 1858 Jul, VA).

1s. Archie Campbell BERKELEY, born 1884 Oct 14, VA, died 1969 Jun, Richmond, VA.

2s. George Iverson BERKELEY, born 1886 Nov, VA; married 1st, ca 1925, Sarah FREAR (born 1894/95, VA); married 2nd, Mary Stuart HALLORAN.

3s. Mary Pollard BERKELEY, born 1889 Mar 8, WV, died 1974 Aug, Richmond, VA, unm.

4s. Sarah Ann BERKELEY, died young.

5s. Frances H. BERKELEY, born 1891 Oct 18, VA, died 1989 Nov 26, Hanover, VA; married ca 1925, Alfred S. WINSTON, Jr. (born 1895/96, VA).

1t. Alfred WINSTON.

2t. Frances WINSTON, born 1926, VA; married Junius E. WARRINER III.

3t. Carrie Nelson WINSTON; married Henry SHIRLEY.

4t. Sara Anne WINSTON.

6s. Nannie Landon BERKELEY, died young.

7s. Carrie Nelson BERKELEY, born 1895 Apr 3, VA, died 1983 Mar, Richmond, VA; married ca 1924, Dr. Allan M. KIMBROUGH (born 1894/95, VA).

1t. Allan M. KIMBROUGH, Jr., born 1926 Jun 10, VA, died 1996 Oct 25, Irvington, VA; married Catherine P. _______ (born 1927).

8s. Sara Anne BERKELEY, born 1898 Jul, VA, fl. 1930, Manchester, VA.

4r. Archibald Campbell BERKELEY, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1920, Richmond, VA, unm.

5r. Richard Farrell BERKELEY, born 1855/56, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA; married Sallie SCOTT (born 1867/68, VA).

1s. William Scott BERKELEY.

2s. Richard Farrell BERKELEY, Jr., born 1894/95, VA; married Kate WYNN (born 1893/94, VA).

3s. Archibald Campbell BERKELEY, born 1909 Mar 27, VA, died 1999 Oct 30, Richmond, VA; married Jeanette HADEN (born 1918 Aug 25, died 2006 Apr 4, Richmond, VA.

4s. Sarah Ann Campbell BERKELEY, born 1891/92; married Arthur HUTCHINSON.

5s. Mary Nelson BERKELEY.

6r. Nelson William BERKELEY, born 1859 Aug, VA, died 1920/30; married ca 1890, Melinda WOOD (born 1867 Nov, VA).

1s. John Campbell BERKELEY, born 1891 May, VA.

2s. Mary Diggs BERKELEY, died by 1900.

3s. Linda Wood BERKELEY, died by 1900.

7r. Eliza Campbell BERKELEY, born 1841, died 1859.

8r. Anna Louisa BERKELEY, born 1845, VA, died 1898; married Henry R. BERKELEY.

9r. Mary Nelson BERKELEY, born 1854 Mar, VA, died unm.

3q. Richard Ferrell BERKELEY, born 1819, VA, died 1886; married Betty Stapleton PRICE (born 1831/32, VA).

1r. Ellen C. BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA.

2r. Elizabeth D. BERKELEY, born 1851/52, VA.

4q. Dr. Lewis D. BERKELEY, born 1824, VA, died 1860/70, unm.

5q. Susan Elizabeth BERKELEY, born 1808; married ca 1830, Edmund BERKELEY (born 1804, Hanover co, VA) (see above).

6q. Mary Nelson BERKELEY, born 1810, VA; married Richard F. DARRACOTT (born 1809/10, VA).

1r. George DARRACOTT, born 1845 Dec, VA; married ca 1868, Mary T. _______ (born 1847 Nov, VA).

1s. George B. DARRACOTT, born 1874/75, VA, fl. 1930, Colonial Heights, VA, unm.

2s. Charles R. DARRACOTT, born 1883 Aug, VA; married ca 1916, Katherine C. _______ (born 1891/92, VA).

1t. Charles R. DARRACOTT, Jr., born 1917 May 8, VA, died 1998 Nov 24, Charlotte, NC.

2t. Dabney C. DARRACOTT, born 1921/22, VA.

3t. Cecilia I. DARRACOTT, born 1925, VA.

3s. Julia T. DARRACOTT, born 1877 Jun, VA.

4s. Nannie DARRACOTT, born 1879/80, VA, fl. 1930, Petersburg, VA; married ca 1900, George B. CARTER (born 1877/78, VA).

1t. Charles D. CARTER, born 1901/02, VA; married ca 1927, Carrie M. _______ (born 1902/03, VA).

1u. Nan C. CARTER, born 1928, VA.

2t. Berkeley D. CARTER, born 1909 Jan 13, VA, died 1969 Sep, Norfolk, VA.

3t. Emily D. CARTER, born 1906/07, VA.

4t. Mary E. L. CARTER, born 1914/15, VA.

5s. Sue DARRACOTT, born 1881 Jul, VA.

8s. Child, died by 1900.

2r. Benjamin DARRACOTT, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1930, Monroe co, MS; married ca 1878, Ann Elizabeth _______ (born 1860 May, MS).

1s. Dr. George F. DARRACOTT, born 1878 Nov, MS; married ca 1908, Nettie B. ______ (born 1886 Aug 5, MS, died 1973 Nov, Amory, MS).

1t. Franklin L. DARRACOTT, born 1908/09, MS.

2t. Walter L. DARRACOTT, born 1919 Sep 7, MS, died 1971 Aug, Ventura, CA.

3t. Anna Bell DARRACOTT, born 1911 Feb 21, MS, died 1976 Aug, Amory, MS, unm.

4t. Nettie Louiza DARRACOTT, born 1916/17, MS.

5t. Virginia B. DARRACOTT, born 1926 Oct 29, MS, died 2001 Jan 7, Amory, MS, unm.

2s. Walter DARRACOTT, born 1882 Oct, MS; married ca 1912, Jimmie _______ (born 1887/88, MS).

3s. Dr. Lewis Wheeler DARRACOTT, born 1884 Sep 2, MS, died 1964 May; married ca 1920, Leon Victoria _______ (born 1889/90, MS).

4s. Ellen DARRACOTT, born 1886 Sep, MS; married ca 1907, John W. COCKERHAM (born 1877/78, MS).

5s. Bessie DARRACOTT, born 1889 Jun, MS.

6-7s. Two children, died by 1900.

3r. Sallie DARRACOTT, born 1845/46, VA.

4r. Ellen DARRACOTT, born 1849, VA.

5r. Eliza DARRACOTT, born 1853/54, VA.

7q. Louisa Carter BERKELEY, born 1814, died 1835.

8q. Fanny Edmonia BERKELEY, born 1822.

9q. Lucy Carter BERKELEY, born 1826; married James SHELTON.

6p. Dr. Robert BERKELEY, born 1776; married Julia CARTER (born 1783 Apr 18).

1q. Landon BERKELEY, died unm.

2q. Benjamin BERKELEY, died sp; married _______.

3q. Nelson BERKELEY, died unm.

4q. Elizabeth Wormeley BERKELEY, died unm.

5q. Sophia Carter BERKELEY, born ca 1805; married Robert CARTER.

6q. Julia BERKELEY; married 1846, Marshall L. HAINS.

7q. Lucy M. BERKELEY, born 1818, Hanover, VA; married William Brice HARRIS (born 1815 Nov 10, Caroline co, VA).

1r. Robert Carter HARRIS, born 1841/42, Caroline co, VA; married Eliza JAMES.

2r. William Berkeley HARRIS, born 1844/45, Caroline co, VA; married Sarah BLACKBURN.

3r. Thomas Carter HARRIS, born 1850 Mar, Caroline co, VA.

4r. Charles E. S. HARRIS, born 1853/54, Caroline co, VA; married Lucy BEVERLEY.

5r. Octavia H. HARRIS, born 1845/46, Caroline co, VA, died 1880/1900, Greenbrier co, WV; married Llewellyn L. DAVIS (born 1847 Jan, VA, died 1900/10, Greenbrier co, WV).

1s. Alfred G. DAVIS, born 1878/79, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

2s. Carter L. DAVIS, born 1882 Jan, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV; married ca 1916, Mariah Louise _______ (born 1881/82, VA).

1t. Louise DAVIS, born 1920/21, WV.

3s. Lucy S. DAVIS, born 1874 Oct, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

4s. Sidnie P. DAVIS, born 1875 Dec, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

5s. Bettie B. DAVIS, born 1877 Jun, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

6s. Julia H. DAVIS, born 1880 Feb, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

6r. Frances E. HARRIS, born 1846/47, Caroline co, VA, fl. 1910, Greenway, VA, died sp; married ca 1892, Frank T. TAVENNER (born 1844/45, VA).

7r. Laura HARRIS, born 1855/56, Caroline co, VA.

8q. Frances BERKELEY; married as 1st wife, Col. James Lucius DAVIS (born 1813, died 1871 May 11, Buckingham co, VA).

1r. Frances A. T. DAVIS, born ca 1831.

7p. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1780 Oct 26, VA; married Lucy SHEPPARD.

1q. Landon BERKELEY, died young.

8p. Mary BERKELEY, born 1760, died 1787 Oct 23; married Gen. John MINOR, Jr.

1q. _______ MINOR, born and died 1787 Oct 23.

9p. Elizabeth Wormeley BERKELEY, born 1762, died 1763.

10p. Sarah BERKELEY, born 1771, died unm.

11p. Lucy Carter BERKELEY, born 1773, died unm.

12p. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, born 1778, died unm.

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I am indebted to Lloyd T. Smith, who provided me with his extensive research on the descendants of Catherine Frances Berkeley, October, 2011.