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2o. Capt. Thomas NELSON, died 1804; married 1777 Sep, Sarah CARY (born 1762, died 1779).

1p. Wilson Cary NELSON, born ca 1778, Bear Springs, VA; married Susan Dandridge DABNEY.

1q. Benjamin Cary NELSON, born ca 1800; married Betty MARTIN.

2q. Sarah Day NELSON; married Thomas GREGORY.

1r. Kate GREGORY; married John Watkins DABNEY (born 1850/51, VA); sometime missionaries in Brazil.

3q. Catherine NELSON, born ca 1813; married 1st, ca 1833, John Francis PAGE (born ca 1808, died by 1836) (see Page 018); married 2nd, William Spencer Roane BROCKENBOROUGH (born 1819, died 1880).

1r. Judith White BROCKENBOROUGH, born 1851, died 1865.

4q. Lucy Ann NELSON, born ca 1817, died ca 1862; married 1833 May 29, Charles Landon Carter PAGE (born 1803 Apr 3, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1838 Jul 15) (see Page 018).

5q. Nannie NELSON, born 1830 Mar, VA, fl. 1900, Newport News, VA; married Octavio M. WINSTON (born 1826/27, VA, died 1880/1900).

1r. Nannie D. WINSTON, born 1852 Feb, VA; married ca 1871, Augustus HILL (born 1845 Aug, VA, died 1900/10, King William co, VA).

1s. Burnard HILL, born 1877/78, VA.

2s. Aston HILL, born 1880 Apr, VA.

3s. William A. HILL, born 1882 Mar, VA.

4s. Leonard HILL, born 1889 Sep, VA, fl., New York, NY; married ca 1924, May _______ (born 1900/01, NY).

5s. Ila HILL, born 1868/69, VA; married ca 1888, J. W. CLARK (born 1860 May, VA, died 1900/10, King William co, VA).

1t. M. Clay CLARK, born 1889 Apr, VA.

2t. Beal F. CLARK, born 1895 Apr, VA.

3t. Child, died by 1910.

6s. Annie HILL, born 1870/71, VA.

7s. Minnie HILL, born 1872/73, VA.

8s. Mary B. HILL, born 1877 Aug, VA.

9s. Mattie HILL, born 1890 Dec, VA.

10-11s. Two children, died by 1900.

2r. Mary WINSTON, born 1856/57, VA.

6q. Mary Winston NELSON; married Moore Brockenborough WRIGHT.

7q. Maria Russell Jones NELSON (born 1824/25, York co, VA); married 1st, John H. JONES; married 2nd, 1876, as 2nd wife, Richard Henry WARING (born 1818, died 1894 Oct 3, Essex co, VA).

1r. Nelson WARING, born 1877/78, VA.

2r. Thomas WARING, born 1880 Apr, VA.

3r. Carrie Colgin JONES, born 1861 Mar, TX; married ca 1888, John Waller FAULCONER II (born 1856 Jun 9, VA).

1s. John Waller FAULCONER, born 1892 Sep 11, VA, died 1971 Sep, Tappahannock, VA; married Sylvia DORNCHE.


2s. Marguerite Nelson FAULCONER, born 1890 Sep 22, VA, died 1979 Jan, Dunnsville, VA; married ca 1911, John WARE (born 1880/81, VA).

1t. John Waller WARE, born 1914/15, VA; married Zula FARRARA.

2t. Robert L. WARE, born 1915/16, VA; married Ann Austin ROBERTS.

3t. Wilson C. WARE, born 1924 Oct 28, VA, died 2004 Jul 234, Dunnsville, VA.

3s. Carrie Russell FAULCONER, born 1898 Jun, MD; married James D. GRAHAM.

4s. Betty FAULCONER, born 1901 Dec 2, VA, died 2002 Jan 26, Richmond, VA; married 1st, Victor KREUGER; married 2nd, James THORNTON.

5-6s. Two children, died by 1910.

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