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1i. Sir William INGLEBY of Ripley, born 1518, bur. 1578 Dec 23; married Anne MALLORY (bur. 1588 Feb 20).

1j. Sir William INGLEBY of Ripley, died sp 1617 Jan 5; married 1st, Anne THWAITES; married 2nd, Catharine SMITH (alias SMETHELEY) of Brantingham, Yorks.

2j. David INGLEBY, died before 1617; married Lady Anne NEVILLE (Westmorland, E).

1k. Mary INGLEBY; married Sir Peter MIDDLETON of Stockeld (died 1645). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 24284-24614. (1)

2k. Frances INGLEBY; married, as 1st wife, Sir Robert HODGSON of Hebborne.

1l. Robert HODGSON, bur. 1619 Sep 5.

2l. Anne HODGSON, died sp; married Francis CARR of of Cocken, co Durham (died 1687).

3k. Ursula INGLEBY; married Robert WIDDRINGTON.

4k. Lucy INGLEBY.

3j. John INGLEBY, died sp.

4j. Rev. Francis INGLEBY, died unm.

5j. Sampson INGLEBY of Spofford, Yorks, bur 1604 Jul 18; married Jane LAMBERT (bur. 1628 Apr 23).

1k. Sir William INGLEBY, 1st Bt (cr 1642 May 17), born ca 1603, died 1653 Jan 16; married 1616 May 15, Anne BELLINGHAM.

1l. John INGLEBY, died young.

2l. Sir William INGLEBY, 2nd Bt, bap. 1621 Mar 13, died 1682 Nov 6; married Margaret SAVILE.

1m. William INGLEBY, bap. 1661 Aug 4, bur. 1661 Oct 9.

2m. Sir John INGLEBY, 3rd Bt, bap. 1664 Oct 11, died 1742 Jan 21; married Mary JOHNSON (bur. 1733 Jul 14).

1n. Sir John INGLEBY, 4th Bt, born ca 1705, died 1771 Jul 14 unm.

[1o. Sir John INGILBY, 1st Bt (cr 1781 Mar 24).]

[2o. Rev. Henry INGILBY, born 1761 Feb 23, died 1833 Sep 4; married 1786 Sep 14, Isabella BATES (died 1822 Sep 27); father of Rev Sir Henry John INGILBY, 1st Bt (cr 1866 Jul 26)].

2n. William INGLEBY, bur. 1720 Jun 30.

3n. Christopher INGLEBY, died 1782 Mar 17 unm.

4n. Margaret INGLEBY, died 1766 Oct 4 unm.

3m. Margaret INGLEBY, bap. 1663 Mar 21; married 1683 Oct 23, Mark SHAFTO of Whitworth (born 1662, died 1723 Dec 28).

1n. Robert SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP, died sp; married, as 1st husband, Hon. Dorothy DAWNEY (Downe, V).

2n. John SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP; married, as 1st husband, Mary JACKSON.

1o. Robert SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP, died 1797 Nov 24); married 1774 Apr 18, Anne DUNCOMBE. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 19416-19495.

2o. Rev. Thomas Goodfellow SHAFTO, died 1797 Oct 17 unm.

3o. Dorothy SHAFTO, died 1805 Sep 12; married 1763 Apr 19, as 2nd wife, Wilmot VAUGHAN, 2nd Earl of Lisburne (cr 1776 Jul 18 I) (born ca 1730, died 1800 Jan 6).

1p. John VAUGHAN, 3rd Earl of Lisburne, born 1769 Mar 3, died 1831 May 18; married 1798 Aug 2, Hon. Lucy COURTENAY (Courtenay, V) (died 1822 Jan 27). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1112-1140.

2p. Lady Dorothy Elizabeth VAUGHAN, died 1849 Feb 15; married 1792 May 15, as 2nd wife, Sir Laurence PALK, Bt (cr 1772 Jun 19) (died 1813 Jun 20).

1q. Sir Lawrence Vaughan PALK, 3rd Bt, born 1793 Apr 24; married 1815 Dec 9, as 2nd husband, Anna Eleanora WREY (Wrey, Bt) (died 1846 Jan 25). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1715-1745.

2q. Robert John Malet PALK, born 1794 May 15, died 1870; married 1828 Aug 5, Harriett HIBBERT.

1r. Ashley PALK, born 1834, died 1861 unm.

2r. Wilmot Henry PALK, born 1846, died 1876 Jun 13; married 1867, Elizabeth Alexandrina Greig MACKENZIE.

1s. Robert Wilmot Henry Malet PALK, born 1868, died unm.

2s. Wilmot Lawrence Lancelot PALK, born 1876 Aug 28, died unm.

3s. Evelyn Beatrice PALK, died unm.

4s. Elizabeth Octavia PALK; married 1913 Jun 17, Frederick Weston HADDEN.

1t. John Henry Palk HADDEN, born 1917.

3q. Wilmot Henry PALK, born 1796 Oct 24, died unm.

4q. Maj. John PALK, born 1801 Apr 25, died 1838 Oct 4 unm.

5q. Edward PALK, born 1804, died 1821 Jan 22.

6q. Rev. Arthur George PALK, born 1806 Jul 10, died 1835 Nov 27 unm.

7q. Elizabeth Malet PALK, died 1827 Jan 18; married 1818 May 16, as 1st wife, Sir Horace Beauchamp SEYMOUR, MP (born 1791 Nov 22, died 1851 Nov 23).

1r. Lt. Col. Charles Francis SEYMOUR, born 1819 Sep 13, died 1854 Nov 5 unm.

2r. Frederick Beauchamp Paget SEYMOUR, 1st Baron Alcester (cr 1882 Nov 24), born 1821 Apr 21, died 1895 Mar 30 unm.

3r. Adelaide Horatio Elizabeth SEYMOUR, born 1825 Jan 27, died 1877 Oct 29; married 1854 Aug 9, as 2nd wife, Frederick SPENCER, 4th Earl Spencer (born 1798 Apr 14, died 1857 Dec 27). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Tudor Roll, Nos. 22023-22028, 22030. (2)

4r. Gertrude Elizabeth SEYMOUR, born 1827 Jan 12, died 1829 Feb 18.

8q. Mary PALK, died 1851 Jul 23; married 1835 Aug 27, Ernest Augustus VAUGHAN, 4th Earl of Lisburne (born 1800 Oct 30, died 1873 Nov 8). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1112-1128.

3p. Lady Malet VAUGHAN, died 1858 Jan unm.

4p. Lady Theodosia Charlotte VAUGHAN, born 1773 Feb 27.

4o. Margaret SHAFTO, died 1818 unm.

3n. Catherine SHAFTO, died 1730 Jul 2; married 1715 Jan 31, Sir John EDEN, 2nd Bt (cr 1672 Nov 13) (died 1728 May 2). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 38313-39142.

4m. Anne INGLEBY, bap. 1665 Dec 25; married 1685, John ARDERNE of Stopworth, co Chester.

5m. Elizabeth INGLEBY, bap. 1667 Sep 21, bur. 1679 Nov 2.

6m. Mary INGLEBY, bap. 1671 Jul 2, bur. 1743 May 28 unm.

7m. Katherine INGLEBY, bap. 1679 Mar 21, bur. 1701 Nov 20.

3l. Sampson INGLEBY, bap. 1629 Feb 18, bur. 1630 Dec 18.

4l. Henry INGLEBY, bap. 1634 Jul 10, bur. 1659 Apr 23 unm.

5l. Agnes INGLEBY, bur. 1625 May 25.

2k. Thomas INGLEBY, died sp.

3k. Katherine INGLEBY, bap. 1591 Jan 24, bur. 1641 Sep 14 unm.

4k. Anne INGLEBY, bap. 1592 May 9; married Francis SWALE of Stainley, Yorks (died 1629 Dec 26).

1l. Sir Solomon SWALE, 1st Bt (cr 1660 Jun 1), born ca 1600, died 1678 Dec 4); married 1st, 1633 Feb 11, Mary POREY; married 2nd, Anne TANKARD (bap. 1609 May 28, bur. 1675 May 17 sp).

1m. John SWALE, died unm.

2m. William SWALE, died unm.

3m. Sir Henry SWALE, 2nd Bt, born ca 1639, died 1683 Jan 19; married Dorothy CRATHORNE (died 1683).

1n. Sir Solomon SWALE, 3rd Bt, died 1733 Dec 30 unm.

2n. Henry SWALE; marries Rose Lunetia COLOMO.

1o. Sir Sebastian Fabian Enrique SWALE, 4th Bt; married Elizabeth SMITH.

1p. Elizabeth Easter SWALE.

2p. Frances Theothora SWALE.

3p. Dorothy Fabiana SWALE.

2o. Enrique Antonio SWALE; married _______.

1p. _______ (dau) SWALE.

3n. Francis SWALE, died unm.

4n. John SWALE, died unm.

5n. Margaret SWALE, died sp; married 1697 Jun 7, Laurence WITHAM of Cliffe (born ca 1659, died 1698 Apr 10).

6n. Dorothy SWALE, died 1715 unm.

7n. Anne SWALE, died unm.

4m. Dr. Robert SWALE, died 1684; married Isabella MICHELL. (3)

1n. William SWALE of Lamberth, Surrey; married Mary BAYNES.

1o. William SWALE of Rudfarlington, Yorks, (5th Bt), born 1711, died 1784; married Frances SIMPSON.

1p. William SWALE of Rudfarlington, born 1746, bur. 1779 Dec 4; married 1775 Dec 21, Hellen ATKINSON.

1q. William SWALE of Rudfarlington, (6th Bt), born 1777 Feb 14, died 1849 Dec 26; married 1804 Jan 9, Helen BLACKBURNE.

1r. William SWALE of Rudfarlington, born 1807, died 1829 Jun 21; married Elizabeth ABBEY.

1s. Helen Frances SWALE, born 1829 Jul 28; married Joseph SWALE (died 1873 Jul 9) (see below).

1t. Joseph Stanislaus SWALE, born 1856 May 22; married 1882, Marion HARRISON or Jane RHODES.

2t. Mary Hellen SWALE, born 1855 Jan 11.

2r. Rev. John SWALE of Birtley, co Durham, (7th Bt), born 1808 Jul 28, assumed the title 1877, died 1888 Jul 23 unm.

3r. Richard SWALE, died sp.

4r. Benjamin SWALE (8th Bt), born ca 1816, died 1889 Oct sp; married 1840, Jane WADDINGTON (died 1862).

5r. James SWALE (9th Bt), born 1818, died 1901 Oct; married 1855, Sarah BISHOP.

1s. James Bishop SWALE (10th Bt), born 1867 Dec 23; married 1899, Annie CAMPBELL.

2s. William Henry SWALE, born 1872 Jan 3.

3s. Annie Hellen SWALE, born 1858.

4s. Frances Elizabeth SWALE, born 1863.

5s. Mary Hilda SWALE, born 1866.

6r. Joseph SWALE, died 1863; married 1848, Jane RAYNE.

1s. William SWALE, born 1848 Apr 6.

2s. Teresa SWALE, died an infant.

7r. Solomon SWALE, died an infant.

8r. Henry SWALE, born 1825/26, died sp.

9r. Bernard SWALE of Aughton, co Lancs; married Alice SWIFT.

1s. William SWALE, born 1867 Sep 4.

2s. Mary Hellen SWALE, born 1864.

10r. Helen SWALE, a nun.

11r. Frances SWALE, a nun.

2q. John SWALE of Heslington, Yorks; married 1803 Nov 7, Hellen BUSHELL.

1r. William SWALE, died 1852 sp.

2r. John SWALE, died 1839 sp.

3r. Joseph SWALE, died 1873 Jul 9; married Helen Frances SWALE (born 1829 Jul 28) (see above).

4r. Thomas SWALE of Heslington, Yorks, died 1869 Oct 30; married 1855 Apr 26, Alice LEE.

1s. Thomas Henry SWALE.

2s. Charles SWALE.

3s. Margaret Mary SWALE.

4s. Anne Hellen SWALE.

5r. Margaret SWALE, a nun.

2p. Janie SWALE; married John WATKIN of Hillom.

3p. Frances SWALE; married John MANEY of Hampswaite.

2o. Jane SWALE; married John ROBINSON of Ripon, Yorks.

3o. Frances SWALE; married Solomon SIMPSON of Ripon, Yorks.

1p. John SIMPSON; married Isabell _______.

1q. Robert SIMPSON, born 1791 Feb 16.

2n. Robert SWALE of Borrowbrigg, born 1662, died 1710; married Mary LUMLEY.

1o. John SWALE, born 1700; married _______ WINN. Issue.

3n. Isabella SWALE; married Thomas MORRIS.

4n. Elizabeth SWALE; married John HOWSON of London.

5m. Solomon SWALE, died unm.

6m. Godfrey SWALE, died young.

7m. Alured SWALE, died unm.

8m. Mary SWALE, died young.

9m. Anne SWALE; married John WINCHCOMB of London.

10m. Mary SWALE, died young.

2l. Thomas SWALE, died unm.

3l. Capt. John SWALE; married 1st, Sarah WILSON; married 2nd, Elizabeth HAWES; married 3rd, _______.

(1)1m. John SWALE.

(1)2m. Catherine SWALE.

Issue by third wife.

4l. Maj. Charles SWALE, died unm in France.

5l. Francis SWALE, died young.

6l. William SWALE, died young.

7l. Peter SWALE, died young.

8l. Francis SWALE, died young.

9l. Sampson SWALE, died young.

10l. George SWALE, died young.

11l. Henry SWALE, died young.

12l. Sampson SWALE, died young.

13l. Capt. Robert SWALE; married 1st, Mary HAWES; married 2nd, _______.

(1)1m. John SWALE.

14l. Anne SWALE, died young.

15l. Elizabeth SWALE; married William PINKNEY.

16l. Anne SWALE, died unm.

17l. Jane SWALE, died unm.

18l. Frances SWALE, died unm.

5k. Mary INGLEBY, bap. 1597 Oct 2; married Francis APPLEBY of Lartington, Yorks.

6k. Elizabeth INGLEBY, a nun at Ghent.

7k. Jane INGLEBY, bur. 1651 Dec 20, unm.

6j. John INGLEBY, bur. 1617 Sep 6; married Katherine BABTHORPE (bur. 1613 Nov 26).

1k. Katherine INGLEBY; married as 1st wife, Marmaduke FRANK of Knighton (born ca 1597, died 1666).

1l. Elizabeth FRANK; married Nicholas SALKELD.

2l. Prisca FRANK; married _______ WORMLEY.

2k. Ann INGLEBY; married Thomas DALTON of Myton (born 1580, died 1639).

1l. John DALTON, born ca 1623.

2l. James DALTON; married Catherine CLARKE.

3l. Thomas DALTON, fl. 1669.

4l. William DALTON, died sp.

5l. Elizabeth DALTON; married Samuel SNAWSDALE.

6l. Catherine DALTON; married Robert DICKENSON of Canwick juxta Lincoln.

3k. Marie INGLEBY.

4k. Grace INGLEBY.

7j. Jane INGLEBY; married, as 1st wife, George WINTER of Coldwell, Warws (died 1594).

1k. Robert WINTER, Gunpowder Plot conspirator, died 1606 Jan 30; married Gertrude TALBOT.

1l. John WINTER.

2k. Thomas WINTER, Gunpowder Plot conspirator, born 1572, died 1606 Jan 31; married Elizabeth CATESBY.

3k. Dorothy WINTER; married John GRANT (died 1606 Jan 30).

1l. Wintour GRANT.

8j. Grace INGLEBY; married William BYRNAND of Knaresborough (died 1582).

1k. Grace BYRNAND, born ca 1571, died 1635, Louvain; married 1579, Sir Ralph BABTHORPE of Osgodby (died 1617, Louvain).

1l. Sir William BABTHORPE, born 1580, died 1635, near Ardres, France; married Grace or Ursula TYRWHITT (died 1634, Bruges).

1m. Ralph BABTHORPE; married _______ HAMILTON.

1n. William BABTHORPE.

2n. Francis BABTHORPE.


4n. Rev. Albert BABTHORPE, born ca 1647, died 1720 Apr 13 unm.

5n. Mary Anne Barbara BABTHORPE, born 1647, died 1711 Mar 10, Munich, unm.

6n. Ursula BABTHORPE, born 1652, died 1719 Nov 1, Bruges, unm.

7n. Mary Agnes BABTHORPE, born 1654, died 1720 Feb 20, Munich, unm.

2m. William BABTHORPE, died sp.

3m. Robert BABTHORPE.

4m. Rev. Thomas BABTHORPE alias TYRWHITT, born ca 1613, died 1655 Oct 4 unm.

5m. John BABTHORPE, died sp.

6m. Rev. Richard BABTHORPE, born 1618, died 1681 unm.

7m. Frances BABTHORPE, born 1604, died 1656 unm.

8m. Grace BABTHORPE, died unm.

9m. Elizabeth BABTHORPE.

10m. Ursula BABTHORPE, born 1612, died 1652 Oct 3, Bruges, unm.

2l. Robert BABTHORPE, died unm.

3l. Rev. Ralph BABTHORPE, born 1594, fl. 1621.

4l. Rev. Thomas BABTHORPE, born 1598, died 1656, Ghent, unm.

5l. Catherine BABTHORPE; married Sir George PALMES of Naburne. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 49914-49970.

6l. Elizabeth BABTHORPE; married John CONSTABLE of Carethorpe.

1m. Grace CONSTABLE, died 1673, Bruges, unm.

7l. Barbara BABTHORPE, born 1592, died 1654 Apr 23, Rome, unm.

9j. Isabel INGLEBY; married Thomas MARKENFIELD (died in Spain).

10j. Elizabeth INGLEBY; married 1560, Peter YORKE of Gowthwaite (died 1589).

1k. Sir John YORKE of Gowthwaite, died ca 1635 sp; married Juliana HANSBY.

2k. Thomas YORKE; married 1st, Frances VAVASOUR (died sp); married 2nd, Frances BABTHORPE. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 50714-51910.

3k. William YORKE, fl. 1679; married _______.

1l. John YORKE.

4k. Richard YORKE, fl. 1635, died unm.

11j. Katherine INGLEBY; married Sir William ARTHINGTON.

1k. Cyril ARTHINGTON; married Rosamund HAWKSWORTH.

1l. William ARTHINGTON; marries, as 1st husband, Ann TANKARD.

1m. Henry ARTHINGTON; married Hon. Mary FAIRFAX (Fairfax, B).

1n. Henry ARTHINGTON, died 1681 sp.

2n. Dorothy ARTHINGTON.


4n. Frances ARTHINGTON.


2m. Francis ARTHINGTON.

3m. Rosamond ARTHINGTON, bap. 1619 Jul 19, bur. 1668 Dec 10; married Richard THORNTON of Tiersale.

1n. Anne THORNTON, bap. 1647 Jul 2; married 1st, William AYSCOUGH; married 2nd, 1682 Aug 17, Robert WATTER alias WALTERS of Cundale.

1o. Anne WALTERS, died 1730; married William ROBINSON of Rokeby, Yorks (born 1675, died 1720).

1p. Sir Thomas ROBINSON, 1st Bt (cr 1731 Mar 10), died 1777 sp; married twice.

2p. Sir William ROBINSON, 2nd Bt, died 1785 unm.

3p. Maj. Henry ROBINSON, died 1741, Carthagena.

4p. Sir Richard ROBINSON, 4th Bt, 1st Baron Rokeby (cr 1777 Feb 26), Archbishop of Armagh, born ca 1708, died 1794 Oct 10 unm.

5p. Sir Septimus ROBINSON, died 1765 unm.

6p. Anne ROBINSON; married 1st, Robert KNIGHT; married 2nd, James CRESSET.

7p. Grace ROBINSON, born 1718 Jan 5, died 1766 Nov 26; married 1739 Apr, Very Rev. William FREIND, Dean of Canterbury. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 10226-10400.

2n. Margaret THORNTON, born ca 1648, died unm.

4m. Ann ARTHINGTON; marries Thomas GABATES.

2l. Ralph ARTHINGTON; married Mary NEVILLE.

1m. Cyril ARTHINGTON of Milnthorp; married Ann BINNS.

1n. Cyril ARTHINGTON, died 1720 sp.

2n. Dr. Sandford ARTHINGTON, died 1705; married 1695 Dec 24, Frances HICKES (died 1704).

1o. Cyril ARTHINGTON, died 1729 Jan 28; married Anne BROWN.

1p. Cyril ARTHINGTON, died 1750 sp.

2p. Jane ARTHINGTON, died 1765 sp.

3p. Frances ARTHINGTON, died 1768 sp.

4p. Dorothy ARTHINGTON, died 1769 sp.

5p. Anne ARTHINGTON, died young.

2o. Sandford ARTHINGTON, died young.

3o. William ARTHINGTON, died young.

4o. Dorothy ARTHINGTON, died 1729 Dec 22; married as 1st wife, Thomas SAWER (died 1756 May 10).

1p. Thomas SAWER, died young.

2p. Frances SAWER, died young.

3p. Fanny SAWER, died young.

4p. Mary SAWER, died young.

5p. Anne SAWER, died 1756; married 1742, John MOORE (died 1764 Dec 10) (see below).

1q. Maj. Thomas MOORE, died 1787 unm.

2q. Anne MOORE; married 1781 Jun, Sir James GRAHAM of Kirkstall, 1st Bt, MP (cr 1808 Oct 3) (born 1753 Nov 18, died 1825).

1r. James GRAHAM.

2r. Thomas GRAHAM.

3r. Sir Sandford GRAHAM, 2nd Bt, born 1788 Mar 10, died 1852; married 1819 Apr 22, Caroline LANGSTON (died 1850 Jun 25).

1s. Sir Sandford GRAHAM, 3rd Bt, born 1821 Feb 21, died 1875 May 2 sp; married 1847 Feb 4, Lady Eleonora Caroline PAGET (Anglesey, Mq).

2s. Sir Lumley GRAHAM, 4th Bt, born 1828, died sp; married 1856 Jan 1, Augusta BARKER.

3s. Sir Cyril Clerke GRAHAM, 5th Bt, born 1834, died 1895 May 9; married 1874 Oct 24, Louisa Frederica HERVEY (died 1906 Jan 27).

1t. Violet Evelyn Cecelia GRAHAM, born 1876 Jan; married 1900, William Montagu HARRISON or Ernest G. BEDINGFELD.

2t. Beatrix Margaret Irene GRAHAM, born 1879 Nov 2.

4s. Caroline Augusta GRAHAM, died 1877 Oct 6 sp; married 1852 May 27, Rev. Henry John MORANT (died 1871 Sep 14).

5s. Mary GRAHAM; married 1854 May 3, Rev. Adolphus Leighton WHITE (born ca 1824).

1t. Leighton John WHITE, born 1860.

2t. Alfred A. WHITE, born ca 1869.

3t. Mary C. WHITE, born ca 1855.

4t. Eleanor C. WHITE, born ca 1858.

4r. Anne GRAHAM, died 1858 May 10; married 1812 Jun 23, Sir Adolphus John DALRYMPLE, 2nd Bt of Wigtoun (cr 1815 May 6) (born 1784 Feb 3, died sp).

5r. Margaret GRAHAM.


4n. Elizabeth ARTHINGTON; married Joseph WOOD.

1o. Cyril WOOD.

2o. Robert WOOD.

3o. Sandford WOOD.

4o. Ann WOOD; married William LAMPLUGH (died 1726).

5o. Rosamond WOOD; married Robert JACKSON (born ca 1661, died 1730 Jun 28).

1p. William JACKSON; married 1st, _______ LAMPLUGH; married 2nd, Frances BARNARD.

2p. Dr. Cyril JACKSON, born 1717, died 1797 Dec 17; married, as 2nd husband, Judith PRESCOT (born ca 1718, died 1785 Mar 6).

1q. Cyril JACKSON, born 1746, died 1819 Aug 31 unm.

2q. William JACKSON, Bishop of Oxford, born 1751, died 1815 Dec 2 unm.

5n. Rosamond ARTHINGTON; married Thomas HARDCASTLE (died 1720).

1o. Thomas HARDCASTLE of Coverdale, Yorks, died 1753 sp.

2o. Sandford HARDCASTLE; married Henrietta PROCTOR.

1p. Thomas HARDCASTLE, died 1801 sp; maried Frances WRAY (died 1815).

2p. Rev. Sandford HARDCASTLE, died 1788 sp; married 1780 May 4, as 2nd husband, Sarah DELAVAL (Countess of Mexborough) (died 1821 Aug 9).

3p. Henrietta HARDCASTLE, died sp; married Edward LEEDS.

3o. Mary HARDCASTLE; married Richard WEST of Wokefield.

1p. John WEST; married _______.

1q. John WEST, fl. 1816; married _______. Issue.

2q. Mercy WEST, fl. 1816; married _______ KENDAL.

2p. Mercy WEST; married William HARDCASTLE of Masham.

1q. Thomas HARDCASTLE, died sp.

2q. William HARDCASTLE, died sp.

3q. John HARDCASTLE, died sp.

4q. Mercy HARDCASTLE, died sp.

5q. Elizabeth HARDCASTLE, fl. 1816 unm.

6q. Henrietta HARDCASTLE; married _______ BAYNES.

1r. John BAYNES, fl. 1816.

2r. Henrietta BAYNES, fl. 1816.

7q. Charlotte HARDCASTLE, fl. 1816; married William SMOULT.

1r. William SMOULT.

2r. James SMOULT.

3r. Charlotte Frances SMOULT, born 1789, died 1819 May 27, India; married 1816, Lt. William PATERSON IV (born 1791, died 1819 May 20, India).

1s. William Smoult PATERSON, born 1819 Mar, India, died 1892 Jun 8, London; married 1853 Oct 25, Bathurst, Australia, Sarah Louisa EVERNDEN (born 1834 Jun 24, Bathurst, Australia, died 1887).

1t. Rev. Thomas Frederick PATERSON, born 1856 Feb 17, India, died 1928; married Alice Clara FLEMING (born 1862, died 1958 Apr 13).

1u. Cdr. Hugh William PATERSON, born 1897 Nov 15, died 1983 Apr 25, Nairobi, Kenya; married 1927 Jun 8, Kenya, Enid May BOWMAN (born 1908 Sep 13, Maryborough, Australia, died 1944 Jan 13, Kitale, Kenya).

4r. Anna Maria SMOULT; married Col. _______ COOMBS.

4o. Elizabeth HARDCASTLE, died 1756; married 1st, 1719 Jan, John MOORE (died 1739); married 2nd, Lancelot WHELPDALE.

1p. John MOORE, died 1764 Dec 10; married Ann SAWER (see above).

3l. Rosamund ARTHINGTON; married Francis NEVILLE of Chevet.

1m. Sandford NEVILLE of Chevet, bap. 1612 May 15, died 1672 Mar 17; married 1st, Dorothy SHALLCROSS; married 2nd, Anne WOLSTENHOLME (Wolstenholme, Bt).

(2)1n. Francis NEVILLE of Chevet, born 1648, died 1707 Jun 2; married 1st, 1672 May 27, Margaret ARMYTAGE (Armytage, Bt); married 2nd, Margaret WEBSTER (died sp).

1o. Francis NEVILLE of Chevet, bap. 1673 Mar 16, died 1707 Jul; married Anne ESTOFT (bap. 1680 Oct 14).

2o. Sandford NEVILLE, bur. 1676 Jan 17.

3o. Sandford NEVILLE, died 1695 Nov 18 unm.

4o. John NEVILLE of Chevet, died 1720 Oct 10; married as 1st husband, Anne SILL (bap. 1695 Jan 14, died 1773 May 27).

1p. Anne NEVILLE, died 1765 Aug sp; married Harrison PILKINGTON (bap. 1717 Jan 2, died 1787 Dec 6).

5o. Dorothy NEVILLE, died young.

(2)2n. Sandford NEVILLE, fl. 1665.

(1)3n. Dorothy NEVILLE; married Hon. Algernon CECIL, MP (Salisbury, E) (died 1677).

1o. Diana CECIL, born ca 1663, died 1736 Mar 7; married John TURNOR (died 1719).

1p. Edmund TURNOR of Stoke Rochford, Lincs; married Elizabeth FERNE. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 71984-72666.

2p. Dorothy TURNOR; married Capt. Edmund TURNOR.

1q. Edmund TURNOR, died 1764 sp.

3p. Diana TURNOR, died 1726 Jan 10; married 1st, Robert FERNE of Locke, Derbs; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Thomas BRAMSTON of Skreens, Essex.

(2)4n. Anne NEVILLE, bur. 1674 Dec 8; married Everingham CRESSY of Birkin, Yorks (born 1641, died 1679 Aug).

1o. Dorothea CRESSY, born ca 1673, fl. 1724; married (license 1691 Feb 3), Archibald PRIMROSE, 1st Earl of Rosebery (cr 1703 Apr 10 S) (born 1664 Dec 18, died 1723 Oct 20).

1p. James PRIMROSE, 2nd Earl of Rosebery, born 1690, died 1755 Nov 26; married Mary CAMPBELL (born 1694/95, died 1756 May 7).

1q. Hon. Archibald PRIMROSE, died young.

2q. John PRIMROSE, Lord Dalmeny, born 1725, died 1755 Aug 11 unm.

3q. Hon. James PRIMROSE, died young.

4q. Neil PRIMROSE, 3rd Earl of Rosebery, born 1729, died 1814 Mar 25; married 1st, 1764 May 19, Sisan RANDALL (died 1771 Aug 20 sp); married 2nd, 1775 Jul 17, Mary VINCENT (Vincent, Bt) (died 1823 Mar 9).

1r. Archibald John PRIMROSE, 4th Earl of Rosebery, 1st Baron Rosebery (cr 1828 Jan 26), born 1783 Oct 14, died 1868 Mar 4; married 1st, as 1st husband, 1808 May 20 (div 1815), Harriet BOUVERIE (born 1790 Oct 14, died 1834 Dec 9); married 2nd, 1819 Aug 12, Hon. Anne Margaret ANSON (Anson, V) (born 1796 Oct 3, died 1882 Aug 19). For descendants of 1st marriage (1-4s) see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 20741-20779.

5s. Lady Anne PRIMROSE, born 1820 Aug 22, died 1862 Sep 17; married 1848 May 30, as 3rd wife, Rt. Hon. Henry TUFNELL, MP (born 1805, died 1854 Jun 15).

1t. Henry Archibald TUFNELL, born 1854 May 15, died 1898 Sep 21 unm.

6s. Lady Louisa PRIMROSE, born 1822 May 4, died 1870 Mar 23 unm.

2r. Hon. Francis Ward PRIMROSE, born 1785 Feb 13, died 1860 May 20; married 1829 Nov 10, Percy GORE (died 1864 Aug 30).

1s. Francis Neil PRIMROSE, born 1832 Mar 27, died 1864 Nov 24; married, as 1st husband, Henrietta SEWELL (died 1871 Oct).

1t. Frances Ethel PRIMROSE, born 1860 Mar 21, died 1926 Mar 12; married 1884 Jan 22, Henry Stafford Tyndale BISCOE of Holton Park, Oxon (born 1857 Oct 1, died 1911 Jul 8).
1u. Francis William Tyndale BISCOE, born 1885 Apr 15, died 1889 Jul 21.

2u. Robert Stafford BISCOE, later (1925) TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1886 Apr 17; married 1916 Jan 21, Marguerite Eliza WILSON.

1v. John Stafford Tyndale TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1918 Mar 17; married 1942, _______.

1w. _______ (dau) TYNDALE-BISCOE.

2v. Marguerite Primrose TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1922 Jul 29; married 1948, J. GERRARD of Tomaco, Colombia.

3u. Archibald BISCOE, born 1887 Jul 5, died 1908 Oct 25 at sea.

4v. John Sewell BISCOE, later (1925) TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1894 Jun 15; married 1924 Oct 28, Irene METHUEN.

1w. Thomas Edward Tyndale TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1935 Aug 18.

2w. Rosemary Teresa TYNDALE-BISCOE, born 1930 Dec 10.

5v. Dorothy Primrose BISCOE; married 1915 Nov 16, Rev. Charles MUSGRAVE.

6v. Agnata Bellamira BISCOE; married 1915 Dec 12, Capt. Geoffrey MARSHALL. Issue.

7v. Ethel Mary BISCOE, born 1898 Jul 19, died 1987 Jan; married 1921 Apr 5, Francis Raymond FARMER. Issue.

2s. George Ramsey PRIMROSE, died 1863 Nov 15 unm.

3s. Edward Montagu PRIMROSE, born 1844 Feb 24, died 1892 May 11; married 1870 Oct 4, Claudine Willie Bain LAMB (died 1906 Jun 17).

1t. Ralph Gore PRIMROSE, born 1875 Jun 26, died 1921 Oct 28, BC; married 1913 Oct 18, Agatha Vera COULTER.

1u. Gerald Edward David PRIMROSE, born 1914 Jul 11, died 1988 Mar 28, San Mateo, CA; married 1950 Sep 16, Anne Loletta BROUGHTON.

1v. James Ralph PRIMROSE, born 1952 May 27; married 1983, Jane Porter SAXBY.

1w. Andrew Gerald PRIMROSE, born 1988.

2w. Nicholas James PRIMROSE, born 1991.

2u. Neil PRIMROSE, born 1918 Dec 7, died 1979, BC; married 1944 Aug 21, Margaret Verna FRANCIS.

1v. David Neil PRIMROSE, born 1945 Jul 1; married 1966 Feb 26, Anna Joyce WALTERS.

1w. David Francis Neil PRIMROSE, born 1966 Oct 5; married 1989, Cynthia Lee RUMPEL.

1x. Natalie Nicole PRIMROSE, born 1998.

2w. Douglas James Baird PRIMROSE, born 1970 Jul 30; married 1994, Tracey Michelle GILLIES.

[Amy Irene PRIMROSE, born 1979 (adopted)].

[Tanya Margaret PRIMROSE, born 1983 (adopted)].

2v. Margaret Jane Elizabeth PRIMROSE, born 1948 May 1; married 1971, Robert Noboru MAIKAWA.

1w. Paul Robert MAIKAWA, born 1974.

2w. Steven Anthony MAIKAWA, born 1976.

3w. Andrea Margaret MAIKAWA, born 1990.

3v. Deirdre Katherine PRIMROSE, born 1951 Nov 16; married 1971, Thomas Kevin RUFFEN.

1w. Jessica Kirsten RUFFEN, born 1973.

4v. Ann Jennifer PRIMROSE, born 1954 Dec 13; married 1973, Christopher John BARBER.

1w. Matthew John BARBER, born 1975.

2w. Daniel Morgan BARBER, born 1977.

3w. Jennifer Erin BARBER, born 1978.

3u. Margaret Enid PRIMROSE, born 1916 Jan 16, died 1921 Oct 28, BC.

2t. Percy Bouverie PRIMROSE, born 1879 Dec 20, died 1960 Jan 24 sp.

3t. Claudine Louise PRIMROSE, died 1960 Sep 9 unm.

4t. Maud Ethel PRIMROSE, died 1893 Mar 22.

4s. Percy PRIMROSE, born 1839 Jun 9, died 1919 Jul 27; married 1865 Apr 26, Rev. George Collyer HARRIS (died 1874 May 4).

1t. George Montagu HARRIS, born 1868; married 1898, Violet Estelle MARTINEAU.

2t. Mary Josephine Yonge HARRIS, born 1871.

5s. Caroline Mace PRIMROSE, born 1842 Mar 20, died 1929 Nov 5 unm.

6s. Bellamina Emma PRIMROSE, born 1846 Mar 22, died 1882; married 1st, 1864 Apr 28, Arthur Randolph MULLINGS, later RANDOLPH; married 2nd, 1876, Godfrey Darley BESWICK.

3r. Lady Charlotte PRIMROSE, born 1776 Aug 27, died 1864 Sep 17; married 1st, 1800 May 27, Kenneth Alexander HOWARD, 1st Earl of Effingham (died 1845 Jan 30); married 2nd, 1858 Apr 30, Thomas HOLMES. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 14684-14691.

4r. Lady Mary PRIMROSE, born 1777 Dec 31, died 1847 Jan 7; married 1808 Apr 11, Henry John SHEPHERD (born 1783 Nov, died 1855 May 21).

1s. Mary Elizabeth SHEPHERD, born 1808; married Henry Rowland BRANDRETH.

1t. _______ (dau) BRANDRETH.

2t. Alice BRANDRETH, died 1919 Aug 28; married 1870 Aug 2, Leveson Francis VERNON-HARCOURT (died 1907 Sep 14).

1u. Leveson William VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1871 Oct 15, died 1909 Apr 30; married 1899 May 18, as 1st husband, Rose Adelaide LAWRENCE (died 1959 Sep 25).

1v. William Ronald Denis VERNON-HARCOURT, OBE, born 1909 May 4, died 1999 Feb; married 1937 May 29, Nancy Everil LEATHAM.

1w. Anthony William VERNON-HARCOURT, 11th Baron Vernon (cr 1762 May 12), born 1939 Oct 29, succeeded 2000 Aug 19; married 1966 Dec 3, Cherry Stanhope CORBIN.

1x. Hon. Simon Anthony VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1969 Aug 24; married 1999, Jessica Jane FABER.

2x. Hon. Edward William VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1973 May 21; married 2003, Rachel Emma LANGRISH.

3x. Hon. Oliver Thomas VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1977 Aug 15.

4x. Hon. Charlotte Lucy VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1968 Jan 12.

[1y. Hector Thomas Vernon KAYE, born 1998 Apr 20.]

[2y. Molly KAYE, born 2001 Mar 10.]

2w. Anne Dorothy VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1945 Sep 23l married 1st, 1967 Sep 30 (div 1974), Nicholas Guy William BLOXAM; married 2nd, Peter George COBB.

1x. Richard William BLOXAM, born 1971 Jun 27.

2x. David Vernon BLOXAM, born 1974 Mar 3.

2v. Rose Mary Dorothy VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1900 Mar 2; married 1st, 1922 Sep 5, Hon. Frederick Somerset GOUGH-CALTHORPE (Calthorpe, B) (died 1935 Nov 19); married 2nd, 1949 Aug 12, Lt. Col. Guy Alexander Ingram DURY.

1w. Ronald Arthur Somerset GOUCH-CALTHORPE, 9th Baron Calthorpe (cr 1796 Jun 15), born 1924 Jun 22, died 1945 Oct 9 unm.

2w. Peter Waldo Somerset GOUGH-CALTHORPE, 10th Baron Calthorpe, born 1927 Jun 13, died 1997 sp; married 1956 Jun 6, Saranne Francis ALEXANDER.

2u. Archibald Edward VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1875 Jul 22, died 1891 Apr 13.

3u. Evelyn Alice VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1876 Dec 30, died 1964 Jul 28; married 1903 Aug 6, Arthur CLUTTON-BROCK (born 1868, died 1924 Jan 8).

1-3v. Three sons.

4u. Violet Mary VERNON-HARCOURT, born 1883 Mar 22; married 1911 Jan 28, John Pascoe ELSDEN (died 1950 Apr 14).

1v. John Anthony ELSDEN, born 1911; married 1943, Patrick CARTON.

1w. Noel Anthony ELSDEN, born 1953.

2w. Diana ELSDEN, born 1947.

2v. Richard William Hilary ELSDEN, born 1911 Nov 4, died 2001 Nov; married 1950, Maureen Elizabeth SHIEL (born 1920 Mar 14, died 1999 Oct).

1w. Sarah Amanda ELSDEN, born 1952.

2w. Susan Elizabeth ELSDEN, born 1954.

5r. Lady Dorothea Arabella PRIMROSE, born 1779 Jan 31, died 1825 Nov 16; married 1801 Sep 1, William HERVEY of Bodvel, Carnarvon (died 1863 May 5).

6r. Lady Hester Amelia PRIMROSE, born 1786 Jun 17, died 1787 Apr 10.

5q. Lady Mary PRIMROSE, died before 1749 unm.

6q. Lady Dorothea PRIMROSE, died 1783 Dec 3 sp; married 1766 Nov 22, Sir Adam INGLIS of Cramond, Bt.

2p. Hon. Everingham PRIMROSE, died before 1698 unm.

3p. Hon. Richard PRIMROSE, died vp unm.

4p. Hon. John PRIMROSE, died 1742 Sep unm.

5p. Henry PRIMROSE, born 1697 Mar 11, died young.

6p. Hon. Henry PRIMROSE, born 1705 May 5, died young.

7p. Elizabeth PRIMROSE, born 1696 Mar 2, died young.

8p. Grisella PRIMROSE, born 1698 Feb 19, died young.

9p. Anne PRIMROSE, born 1699 Mar 2, died young.

10p. Lady Mary PRIMROSE, died 1746 Nov 17; mareried 1724 Nov 19, Sir Archibald PRIMROSE, 2nd Bt (cr 1661 Nov 15 NS) (born ca 1692, died 1746 Nov 16).

1q. Archibald PRIMROSE, died 1747 Jan 28 unm.

2q. Dorothea PRIMROSE, died 1790 Jul 27 unm.

3q. Elphinstone PRIMROSE; married James ROLLO of Powhouse.

4q. Grizel PRIMROSE; married _______ PEEK of London.

5q. Jean PRIMROSE; married Dr. John BUCHANAN.

1r. Susan BUCHANAN.

6q. Fleming PRIMROSE, died 1806 Jun 5 unm.

7q. Eleanor PRIMROSE.

8q. Stain PRIMROSE.

11p. Lady Margaret PRIMROSE, died 1785 Oct 7; married 1738 Feb 15, Alexander SINCLAIR, 9th Earl of Caithness (born ca 1685, died 1765 Dec 9).

1q. Lady Dorothea SINCLAIR, born 1739 Apr 4, died 1818 Sep 30 sp; married 1759 Jun 4, James DUFF, 2nd Earl Fife, 1st Baron of Fife (born 1729 Sep 28, died 1809 Jan 24).

12p. Lady Dorothea PRIMROSE, died 1768 Nov 6 unm.

(2)5n. Rosamund NEVILLE, born ca 1653, died 1724 Aug 27; married 1667 Jun 13, John ESTOFT of Estoft, Yorks (born ca 1649, died 1694 Apr 2).

(2)6n. Catherine NEVILLE, fl. 1665 unm.

(2)7n. Dorothy NEVILLE, fl. 1665 unm.

2m. Mary NEVILLE; married at 1st wife, Sir Richard TANCRED (bap. 1608 Apr 10, bur. 1668 Oct 22).

1n. Charles TANCRED, born 1639, bur. 1668 Jan 12; married 1655 May 22, Dorothy WYVILL (Wyvill, Bt) (died 1664). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 49618-49656.

2n. Neville TANCRED, died young.

3n. Richard TANCRED.

4n. William TANCRED, died young.

5n. Henry TANCRED, died young.

6n. Thomas TANCRED, died young.

7n. Francis TANCRED.

8n. Mary TANCRED, died young.

3m. Rosamund NEVILLE; married 1st, Sir Thomas BLAND of Kippax Park, Yorks, 1st Bt (cr 1642 Aug 30); married 2nd, Walter WALSH of Houghton (died sp).

1n. Sir Francis BLAND, 2nd Bt (born 1642, died 1663 Nov 14); married Jane LOWTHER (died 1713 Apr 7).

1n. Sir Thomas BLAND, 3rd Bt, born 1662, died 1667 Dec 14.

2n. Sir John BLAND, 4th Bt, MP, born 1663 Nov 2; married 1685 Mar 31, Anne MOSLEY.

1o. Sir John BLAND, 5th Bt, MP, died 1743; married Lady Frances FINCH (Aylesford, E).

1p. Sir John BLAND, 6th Bt, died 1755, France, unm.

2p. Sir Hungerford BLAND, 7th Bt, died 1756, unm.

3p. Elizabeth BLAND, died 1761 Jun 2 unm.

4p. Anne BLAND, died 1786 Jan 20 unm.

2p. Anne BLAND, born ca 1687, died 1715 May 17; married as 1st wife, Thomas DAVISON of Blackiston, co Durham.

1q. Thomas DAVISON of Blackiston, bap. 1712 Jun 19, died 1756 Apr 5; married Martha HOAR (died 1795).

1r. Thomas DAVISON, later DAVISON-BLAND, of Kippax Park, born 1744 Jun 8, died 1794 Apr 27; married 1776, Jane MEYNELL.

1s. Thomas DAVISON-BLAND, born 1783 Jul 15; married 1812 Jan 20, Hon. Apollonia STOURTON (Mowbray and Stourton, B). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 12644-12656.

2s. Henry George DAVISON-BLAND, born 1785 Feb 3, died young.

3s. Godfrey DAVISON-BLAND, died 1849 sp.

4s. Harriet DAVISON-BLAND, died 1805 sp; married Lt. Col. John Sullivan WOOD.

5s. Martha Anne DAVISON-BLAND, died unm.

6s. Frances Augusta DAVISON-BLAND.

7s. Judith Selena DAVISON-BLAND, died 1847 unm.

8s. Charlotte DAVISON-BLAND, died 1847; married 1815 May, Rev. Theophilus BARNES of Castleford, Yorks (bap. 1774 Sep 9, died 1855 Feb 9).

1t. Anne Frances BARNES, born 1818 Oct 28, died 1898 Jun 11 unm.

2t. Harriet Laura BARNES, born 1825 Apr 3, died 1865 unm.

2r. John DAVISON, bur. 1780 Nov 18, unm.

3r. Martha Anne DAVISON, died sp.

4r. Anne Catherine DAVISON, died sp.

3p. Elizabeth BLAND, born ca 1693, died 1709 Jul 3.

4p. Frances BLAND, died 1712 Aug 31 unm.

5p. Muriel BLAND; married Hildebrand JACOB.

2n. Adam BLAND; married as 2nd husband, _______ BARNARDISTON.

1o. Adam BLAND; married _______ CHETHAM.

2o. Jane BLAND.

3n. Rosamond BLAND; married Martin HEADLY of Leeds.

4n. Katherine BLAND; married John FRANK of Pontefract.

5n. Frances BLAND.

6n. Dorothy BLAND.

7n. Elizabeth BLAND; married Rev. _______ MITCHELL.

4l. Jane ARTHINGTON, died 1634 Dec sp; married 1634, as 2nd wife, Michael FAWKES of Farnley (born 1583, died 1647 Aug).

5l. Dorothy ARTHINGTON, born ca 1600, died 1683 Jun 29 sp; married John ARMYTAGE of Kirklee (born 1598, bur. 1624 Jul 6).

6l. Elizabeth ARTHINGTON.

2k. Jane ARTHINGTON; married Hugh WINDSOR.

3k. Cecily ARTHINGTON; married _______ LANCASTER.

4k. Frances ARTHINGTON; married 1599 Sep 13, as 1st wife, Sir Edward PLUMPTON of Plumpton (born 1581 Sep 22, died 1658).

1l. William PLUMPTON, born 1660 Oct 1, died an infant.

2l. Francis PLUMPTON, born and died 1601 Oct 23.

3l. Henry PLUMPTON, born 1605 Feb 5, died an infant.

4l. John PLUMPTON, born 1605 Feb 6, died 1644 Jul 4; married 1627 Dec 20, Anne TOWNELEY (died 1644 Mar 19).

1m. Edward PLUMPTON, born 1629, died unm.

2m. John PLUMPTON.

3m. Peter PLUMPTON, died an infant.

4m. Robert PLUMPTON, born 1644 Mar 13; married 1665 Dec 2, Anne MIDDLETON. (4)

1n. John PLUMPTON, born 1668 Nov 19, died 1676 Dec 2.

2n. Robert PLUMPTON; married 1st, Anne WEST (died 1705 Jun 190; married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Juliana APPLEBY (died 1708 Jun 11 sp); married 3rd, Isabel ANDERTON (fl. 1722).

1o. John PLUMPTON, born 1693 Apr 27; married Elizabeth GASCOIGNE (Gascoigne, Bt).

1p. Robert PLUMPTON, born 1721 Apr 23, died 1749 Aug 8 unm.

2o. Robert PLUMPTON, born 1693 Apr 28, fl. 1721.

3o. Elizabeth PLUMPTON, born 1692 May 26; married 1st, 1716, Marmaduke ANNE of Frickley (died 1722 Aug 28); married 2nd, William KNIGHT of Frickley. For descendants (of 1st marriage) see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 37347-37372.

4o. Ann PLUMPTON, born 1694 Aug 7, died 1695 Aug 23.

5o. Mary PLUMPTON, born 1696 Aug 30, died 1703 Jan 28.

6o. Ann PLUMPTON, born 1697 Apr 25, a nun at Cambray.

7o. Cecily PLUMPTON, born 1700 Mar 5.

8o. Jane PLUMPTON, born 1700 Mar 5, died 1726 May 3 unm.

9o. _______ (dau) PLUMPTON, died an infant.

10o. Frances PLUMPTON, born 1702 Dec 23; married George PALMES of Naburne. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 49914-49970.

3n. Anne PLUMPTON, born 1667 Dec 14; married Thomas CHOLMELEY of Brandsby, Yorks (born 1663 Jul 2). For descendants, see page 003.

5m. Jane PLUMPTON, born 1630; married Thomas WORTHINGTON of Blensco, Lancs.

6m. Frances PLUMPTON, born 1632, died 1664; married Thomas GAGE of Bentley, Sussex.

7m. Mary PLUMPTON, died 1639.

8m. Clara PLUMPTON, died young.

9m. Agnes PLUMPTON, died young.

10m. Dorothy PLUMPTON, died 1662; married 1656 Aug, Clement PASTON of Barningham, Norfolk.

5l. William PLUMPTON, born 1607 Aug 15, died 1610 Feb 1.

6l. Robert PLUMPTON, born 1608 Aug 29, died 1614 Mar 24.

7l. Anthony PLUMPTON, born 1609 Sep 29, died 1659 sp.

8l. Edward PLUMPTON, born 1610 Oct 13; married Anne MORGAN (died 1657).

1m. William PLUMPTON, fl. 1654.

9l. William PLUMPTON, born 1611 Dec 6, died 1611 Dec 23.

10l. Charles PLUMPTON, born 1613 Mar 15, died 1614 Apr 16.

11l. Francis PLUMPTON, born 1614 Oct 3, died an infant.

12l. Catherine PLUMPTON, born 1603 Feb 20, died 1659 sp.

13l. Anne PLUMPTON, born 1602 Feb 21, died 1650 Dec 16; married Henry SCROPE of Danby (born 1605 Oct 14, died 1642).

1m. Anne SCROPE; married 1653, Thomas TEMPEST of Roundhay Grange, Yorks (died 1697 Jun 24).

1n. Col. Stephen TEMPEST of Broughton, born 1654 Apr 9, died 1742 Apr 10; married 1687, Elizabeth FERMOR (died 1738 Dec 29). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 9267-9505.

2n. Robert TEMPEST, born 1661, died 1680.

3n. Thomas TEMPEST, died 1689 sp.

4n. Richard TEMPEST, died 1729; married Margaret GREEN.

1o. Mary TEMPEST, died an infant.

5n. Mary TEMPEST; married 1st, William HARGREAVES of Carleton; married 2nd, William HARDISTY of Norwood.

1o. Elizabeth HARGREAVES, died 1753 Nov; married Christopher TRAPPES-BYRNAND (born 1672, died 1747 Jan).

1p. Francis TRAPPES, bap. 1703 Feb 9, died 1786 Sep 10; married ca 1737, Grace JOY (died 1790 Oct). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Essex Volume (Exeter Supplement), Nos. 57622/869-57622/889..

2p. Christopher TRAPPES, died unm.

3p. Hugh TRAPPES, died unm.

4p. Henry TRAPPES, born 1708, died 1788 unm.

5p. Elizabeth TRAPPES, bap. 1711 Apr 30; married James TOOGOOD of Skipton, Yorks.

6p. Anne TRAPPES, died 1704.

7p. Jane TRAPPES, bap. 1704 Jun 15, died before 1754 unm.

8p. Anne TRAPPES, died 1742 unm.

9p. Catherine TRAPPES; married George FEATHER of Habend, Yorks.

10p. Lucy TRAPPES; married Thomas HILL of Manchester.

11p. Mary TRAPPES; married 1747 Feb 23, William WILSON of Carlton.

6n. Ann TEMPEST, died unm.

7n. Susan TEMPEST, died unm.

8n. Katherine TEMPEST, died 1713; married Stephen ANDERTON (died 1711).

14l. Mary PLUMPTON, born 1606 May 10, died 1661 sp; married 1st, Francis SCROPE; married 2nd, John COTTON.

15l. Frances PLUMPTON, born 1616 Jan 2, fl. 1661, a nun.


(1) In the absence of traceable descendants of her sister Ursula, the heir-general of Mary INGLEBY and Peter MIDDLETON represents a 1/4 moiety of the abeyant baronies of Kyme (cr 1295) and Tailboys (cr 1529). Currently (2004) this is Evelyn Rowland Esmond BARING, 4th Earl of Cromer (born 1946 Jun 3).

(2) The 4th Earl Spencer and his wife are ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales.

(3) Descendants of this Robert SWALE are from an unconfirmed pedigree on Gen. Plantagenet-Harrison's History of Yorkshire (p. 236-237). See also Cokayne, George Edward, Complete Baronetage, 3:47-48, which carries the (claimed) succession of the baronetcy down to 1906.

(4)Anne MIDDLETON's descendants should have been traced in Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Section 256, but as they were not, they are worked out here. Anne also has a senior Mortimer-Percy descent (see page 004).


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