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DragonStoneLight: hey
NyRangersFan85: colors
NyRangersFan85: need
NyRangersFan85: to
NyRangersFan85: be
NyRangersFan85: changed
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: so
NyRangersFan85: i
NyRangersFan85: can
NyRangersFan85: see
NyRangersFan85: what
NyRangersFan85: you
NyRangersFan85: are
NyRangersFan85: typing
DragonStoneLight: betteR?
NyRangersFan85: yes
NyRangersFan85: so what is up my love?
DragonStoneLight: -smiles-
DragonStoneLight: playing dominoes with daniel..
DragonStoneLight: though I don't really know how to play
NyRangersFan85: lol
NyRangersFan85: i dind't know you could do 2 player online
DragonStoneLight: yeah yahoo
DragonStoneLight: do you play chesS?
NyRangersFan85: i've retired undefeated
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: seriously???
NyRangersFan85: yeah....1-0 babt!!!
NyRangersFan85: baby!!!!1
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: -hugs you tightly-
DragonStoneLight: so
DragonStoneLight: I guess it would be stupid to ask you if you want to play, I'm already losing one game at the moment
NyRangersFan85: pool
NyRangersFan85: ?
NyRangersFan85: i'm bored and lonley
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: and I definetly can not play pool lol thought atleast I know the rules
NyRangersFan85: checkers?
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: I haven't played since I was .... six
DragonStoneLight: that was more then half my life ago, so...
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: well...
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you-
NyRangersFan85: :::kissses back::: come on lets give it a try
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: i ment checkers not cyver sex
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: tell me, have you ever 'had' cyber sex before?
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: no
DragonStoneLight: to be compleatly truthful, lol, I've never even bothered. lol
DragonStoneLight: there was this guy (victoria knows about him) who was like, my online bf on paltalk, and he nearly got me to strip on the cam lol
DragonStoneLight: -okay- no, he just wanted to cyber
NyRangersFan85: and you yelled at me when i said you would make a good stiper
NyRangersFan85: striper*
DragonStoneLight: oh meh
DragonStoneLight: -strips for you-
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: :-)
DragonStoneLight: so
NyRangersFan85: i want to curl into a bawl and cry
DragonStoneLight: why?
DragonStoneLight: what ails you?
NyRangersFan85: lonlieness....virginity
DragonStoneLight: don't worry, I went through that too
DragonStoneLight: though I'm like... way younger then you..
DragonStoneLight: but hey, girls mature faster, right? lol
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you-
DragonStoneLight: I would say you can always find yourself a hooker, but.... that won't exactly help at the moment, would it? -sigh-
NyRangersFan85: i was gonna disagree with you....but i can't argue with kisses
NyRangersFan85: no
NyRangersFan85: michelle could though
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: go ahead, your lucky
DragonStoneLight: as a girl, I can't- I have the risk of children or godknows what type of diseas
DragonStoneLight: so...
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
NyRangersFan85: i wasn't refering to just sex....although that would be nice
NyRangersFan85: i want to be held
DragonStoneLight: yeah
DragonStoneLight: I know, 'cause I'm just the same, but I know all these things and I just... -sigh-
NyRangersFan85: :::cries:::
DragonStoneLight: -hugs you-
DragonStoneLight: someday when your older I'll here you complaining about wanting an empty bed, just like my mother and Audrey...
DragonStoneLight: hear*
NyRangersFan85: if you know me well, i always have something to complainn about
DragonStoneLight: well, so do I
DragonStoneLight: but that complaint I guess will change, someday
DragonStoneLight: atleast, it will for you, I'm not so sure about me...
DragonStoneLight: I'm not going to have those dating days like most people... I'm not giving myself that time because I... -sigh-
NyRangersFan85: i love you
DragonStoneLight: -smiles-
NyRangersFan85: i think i'm going to go home tomorrow
: .....
DragonStoneLight: your leaving the dorm?
NyRangersFan85: just for the weekend
: ah
DragonStoneLight: I wish I had a home to go to... -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you sweetly-
NyRangersFan85: i don't really know anyone....and i don't have any plans over i might just go hang out with the few friends that are left where i left
: im gonna cry again
: dont cry...
DragonStoneLight: do you have a phone?
NyRangersFan85: yea
: you want me to get offline and call you?
NyRangersFan85: nah
: my roomamtes are sleeping
: you sure?
NyRangersFan85: and if i go upstairs to my dorm (i'm done in the computer lab acause i'm having problems with my computer) i'm just gonna cry myself asleep
: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: don't cry.... it'll just make your eyes red and sore_-_how will you attract a girl then?
NyRangersFan85: i don't want to attract a girl....i want michelle to love me and i can't maker her :-(
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: first your upset about the girl across the continent, now your friend doesn't love you, what oh what are you going to do?
DragonStoneLight: -smiles-
NyRangersFan85: razor
: goddamn it
DragonStoneLight: no
DragonStoneLight: if I quit you can to don't give me this razor bullshit
DragonStoneLight: its stupid and dangerous and doens't solve shit
DragonStoneLight: why do you turn to pain when you want pleasure and love? why hate?
NyRangersFan85: not hate
: thats what it is, you hate yourself, so you make yourself hurt.... and maybe thats not what it seems like, but thats what it is, in the end
DragonStoneLight: you hate how you're not being laid right now, how you haven't been 'good enough' probably and you make yourself HURT
DragonStoneLight: and its BULLSHIT
DragonStoneLight: atleast you have a life to live, your in collage, you have chances
DragonStoneLight: reach out and grab them, I'm the one in the middle of nowhere with noone at all to even dream of
NyRangersFan85: :::waves:::
: lol
DragonStoneLight: but... -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: sometimes I have dreams at night of being happy, or a million other things, and even the nightmares are better then reality, I wake up and I just want to die, to go back to sleep and never wake up but no matter how hard I try I CANT
NyRangersFan85: mages/images.php3
DragonStoneLight: I've dreamed of being seduced, of that one magical kiss and your heart on fire but... -sigh- it doesn't exist, does it?
DragonStoneLight: and there is no one to hold me when I cry
DragonStoneLight: no one to tell me its okay... and no one who makes me feel important because I'm there for them when they're having their own problems
DragonStoneLight: no one
DragonStoneLight: sigh
DragonStoneLight: so, you might say, we have the same problem
DragonStoneLight: that looks like a huricane
NyRangersFan85: which is why we probably hooked up so easily
: cause not only is it a hurrican
: it's one beautiful hurrican
: sexy!
: purrs
: yea, I noticed
DragonStoneLight: what... is it.. real? or, what? 'cause its pretty big, if I'm crazy or... maybe I just haven't looked at enough of them...
NyRangersFan85:'s really really big
: and it's real
: and it's about to hit florida
: THAT is whats hitting flordia?
NyRangersFan85: lilke there having the largest evactuations EVER in florida
: yes
: with winds around 140 mph
: which is really really fast
: and sexy
: yeah, I know, I was in flordia for huricane andrew
NyRangersFan85: and you didn't invite me
: sounds like the story of my life
: lol
DragonStoneLight: I was four, what can I say?
NyRangersFan85: lets talk about wonderful plans infront of pat....right after he asks if anybody was doing anything...and not fucking invite him
: then wonder why he feels lilke no one likes him
: cause his fucking friends dont' invite him when they decide to go hang out
: i fucking hate them
: errr
: fuck
: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: I don't have friends
NyRangersFan85: i don't have friends either....just people i call friends
: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you-
NyRangersFan85: :::puts his head on your shoulder as tears flow out of his eyes:::
: patrick, goddamn it, your making me fucking cry
DragonStoneLight: I just went through this yesterday, I can't do it every day
DragonStoneLight: otherwise I will start cutting again
NyRangersFan85: what was yesterday
: if you cut i will only probly cut more
: !!!!!!!!!!!
DragonStoneLight: who ever said you would know? I'm not going to post my bleeding wrist online, I don't have a camera
NyRangersFan85: willow
: ?
DragonStoneLight: I will tear apart these walls... there is no ringing of the telephone, no calls, no fucking words spirilling down my through like a cone... fucking black out right here 'cause I don't want to go home, no place for me to run, fall flat on the floor, no door, no light for me to see your face, no night for me to wonder space...
DragonStoneLight: throught*
DragonStoneLight: 8wander
NyRangersFan85: you need a pet monkey
: meh
DragonStoneLight: I have one already
DragonStoneLight: you
DragonStoneLight: :-P
NyRangersFan85: lol
: -kisses you sweetly, arms about your neck-
NyRangersFan85: kisses back with hands on your waist
: tempting
DragonStoneLight: _-_
NyRangersFan85: :-)
: its funny...
DragonStoneLight: my grandmother gave me a condom
NyRangersFan85: lol
does she know what you've been up to ?
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: she did my tarot reading and... I had in my near future/present the tower, which is the card of strife and change, and then my first future card was the lovers
DragonStoneLight: love
DragonStoneLight: next morning she comes in with a condom while I'm cleaning, hands it to me, walks out. doesn't say a word
NyRangersFan85: lmao
DragonStoneLight: yeah
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: but... I'll probably never use it... I mean, what if it breaks? lol
DragonStoneLight: I'm never going to take the risk... and no one has ever been that close to me... so...
NyRangersFan85: you never know though
DragonStoneLight: yeah, I know
DragonStoneLight: I'm leaving, the
NyRangersFan85: but condoms expire with age so you might wanna buy your own
DragonStoneLight: love won't even be a word in my vocanulary
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: vocabulary*
DragonStoneLight: I...
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
NyRangersFan85: oy vay
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: you know, if you had taken me out to some motel while I was there....
DragonStoneLight: :-P
NyRangersFan85: why didn't you tell me this then...
DragonStoneLight: your the one who said 'no' not me :p
NyRangersFan85: i could've at lteast gotten a bj
DragonStoneLight: I have my birth certificate here... I could easily change my birth date to 86 instead
NyRangersFan85: please do
DragonStoneLight: and I could've had something of my own lol
NyRangersFan85: i got the munchies
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: I got the pot
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: i think i'm going through withdrawl
DragonStoneLight: LOL
DragonStoneLight: I haven't been straight once since I got here
DragonStoneLight: I can't, otherwise I start crying and tearing my wrist apart
NyRangersFan85: :-(
DragonStoneLight: its my mothers fault, but oh well
NyRangersFan85: still
DragonStoneLight: ??
NyRangersFan85: so how about those yankees
DragonStoneLight: I...
DragonStoneLight: hate...
DragonStoneLight: the yankees lol
DragonStoneLight: but I'm find with cyber lol
NyRangersFan85: i would be too right now....but i'm in a public computer lav....and there are other ppl in here
DragonStoneLight: fine*
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: merg
DragonStoneLight: and I was hoping for some action :p
DragonStoneLight: isn't it like... one there?
NyRangersFan85: 1:13
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: its a college a party town
there is always ppl up!
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: well, exact opposite here
DragonStoneLight: no one to be up
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: I feel like I keep running into a brick wall
NyRangersFan85: i should try that...but i odn't have nrgy
DragonStoneLight: merg
DragonStoneLight: can I kick something?
DragonStoneLight: -and no, I'm not polina, so-
NyRangersFan85: how about me?
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: no... not kick you...
NyRangersFan85: just not in the balls
i deserve a good kicking
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you sweetly, runs her fingers through your oddly colored hair-
NyRangersFan85: :::falls asleep in your arms:::
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: yeah, so...
DragonStoneLight: what classes doyou take?
NyRangersFan85: three business classes, one political science class, and a chemisty in art class
DragonStoneLight: cool
DragonStoneLight: I'm pretty boring, biology, english II, Geometry, music, media/drama, history.... physical education...
DragonStoneLight: basic highschool classes
DragonStoneLight: though I don't know why I'm taking Biology with tenth graders... sigh...
DragonStoneLight: they're advanced too, but...
DragonStoneLight: I was like... the only freshman in the class
NyRangersFan85: human reproductive system
DragonStoneLight: NOOOOO
DragonStoneLight: _-_
NyRangersFan85: lol
you'll probably get it
DragonStoneLight: ............
DragonStoneLight: it comes as a diseas too?
DragonStoneLight: disease*
DragonStoneLight: IKES
NyRangersFan85: disease?
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: I'll probably get it
DragonStoneLight: like I'll probably catch it
DragonStoneLight: catch the cold
DragonStoneLight: get the cold
DragonStoneLight: the virus...
DragonStoneLight: I do not want to be reproductive in any which way
DragonStoneLight: sigh
DragonStoneLight: but anyways
DragonStoneLight: you could hijak my plane on 9-11 and kidnap me
NyRangersFan85: huh? your on a plane 9-11?
DragonStoneLight: yeah
DragonStoneLight: well, I will be on a plane on 9-11
NyRangersFan85: to...
DragonStoneLight: Louisiana
DragonStoneLight: I told you, didn't I?
NyRangersFan85: no
DragonStoneLight: I am moving back
NyRangersFan85: thanksgiving is what you told me
DragonStoneLight: you think I'd be able to live with my mother?
DragonStoneLight: I'd have already commited suicide
NyRangersFan85: no
DragonStoneLight: just knowing I'm leaving helps
DragonStoneLight: sigh
DragonStoneLight: i keep thinking your going to be getting off any minute now...
DragonStoneLight: you never really stayed up late
NyRangersFan85: im afriad if i walk away from the computer i'm gonna start crying uncontrably and i don't want that to happen so i can't get up
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: once I started crying when I was at the library, on the computers...
DragonStoneLight: and Randy and Rosille came to get me, and I was crying...
DragonStoneLight: my back hurts
DragonStoneLight: alot...
NyRangersFan85: you need to get high again...that'll hel p
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: and I've noticed... I'm a goddamn chatterbox
DragonStoneLight: -pulls out her pipe, digs around for her lighter-
NyRangersFan85: lol
i really wish i could do that right now
better yet
i really need to do that right now
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: -blows smoke ring in your face-
DragonStoneLight: hmmmm
DragonStoneLight: unfortunely I just need to stop sleeping on the floor
NyRangersFan85: i've just realized something
DragonStoneLight: yeah?
DragonStoneLight: you just saved on geico?
NyRangersFan85: yeah
how did you know?
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: what did you just realize?
NyRangersFan85: i shouldn't have said that cause you shouldn't know
DragonStoneLight: ....
DragonStoneLight: and why shouldn't I know? You saved on geiko so now you can go get a blow job but you don't want me to know otherwise I won't give you one next time I come?
NyRangersFan85: yep exactly
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: no, seriously, tell me
NyRangersFan85: do not need to know
nor do you want
and were gonna keep it the way
DragonStoneLight: umhum
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you softly-
NyRangersFan85: that's not gonna get it out of me
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: do I have to call you? lol
DragonStoneLight: -kises your neck, hands under you shirt-
NyRangersFan85: you don't know my number
DragonStoneLight: thats whatyou think
DragonStoneLight: -tickles your ear with her breath-
NyRangersFan85: :-D
DragonStoneLight: tell me
NyRangersFan85: i realized that if i tired to night i probably could go all the way
DragonStoneLight: tired or tried?
NyRangersFan85: tried to kill myself
DragonStoneLight: but you didn't realize that if you did I'd have to follow you to hell and haunt your afterlife
DragonStoneLight: and you'd be a virgin forever !.!
NyRangersFan85: well...when you put it like that
DragonStoneLight: patrick, if you don't make me believe right now that your not going to try and kill yourself, I'm going to call up Victoria and tell her you need the police immediately
NyRangersFan85: i'm not gonna do it
DragonStoneLight: you have to come up with something a little more convincing
DragonStoneLight: or I'll never give you a blowjob
DragonStoneLight: I don't do that for the dead
NyRangersFan85: i consider it a trajedy to die a unless the stars line up perfectly...i'mnot gonna lost that tonight so ERGO i can't ikill myself
how about that!
DragonStoneLight: LOL
DragonStoneLight: still not good enough
DragonStoneLight: you know, that would make you extra-virgin...
NyRangersFan85: i love you
DragonStoneLight: good olive oil
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you-
DragonStoneLight: patrick...
DragonStoneLight: you can't kill yourself...
NyRangersFan85: sorry
i was too busy kissing to talk
DragonStoneLight: that would be such a waste, really.... you have so much ahead of you... -sigh- and maybe you don't see it, no one does, things aren't that bad
DragonStoneLight: when you live in Iraq and your country is being taken over my Americans, when your parents are dead and you've never had school, when your about to die too, then I wouldn't have anything to say, but, those aren't true
NyRangersFan85: but then you alteast can fight
and kill those fucking american
DragonStoneLight: but you never live to enjoy freedom
DragonStoneLight: you have freedom
NyRangersFan85: here you stand up for you opinoins you get shit thrown at you and called a fucking terrorist
DragonStoneLight: you could stand up from this computer right now and drive to Polina's and make her give you a blowjob
DragonStoneLight: and yeah, there would be consequences, but you wouldn't die because of it, infact, they might not even effect your life
DragonStoneLight: shit, you have a bed to sleep in
DragonStoneLight: someplace to take a shower in
DragonStoneLight: and someone to go to if you really need to
DragonStoneLight: I don't
NyRangersFan85: you can go to me
i have a bed
we can share...
DragonStoneLight: sometimes I come in here and cry, and I look at the phone trying to think who can I call, who? just a number and I don't have anything
NyRangersFan85: you got me
DragonStoneLight: -smiles- your half way across the country and usually busy
NyRangersFan85: but your always in my head
and you still are the last girl i kissed
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: so that is gotta to account for something
DragonStoneLight: -sigh-
DragonStoneLight: Patrick, so many people tell me they love me so godamn much...
DragonStoneLight: I felt horrible when Rebecca told me Cole kept her up all night crying and yelling at everyone after I broke up with him.
DragonStoneLight: now he hates me
DragonStoneLight: and is trying to ruin my life.... I can't talk to him, he's going out with this little slut and he spends all day making out with her against the art building
NyRangersFan85: lol
well....atleast he is happy with his lil slut
DragonStoneLight: lol yeah
DragonStoneLight: he sure looks like it when he goes to class.....
DragonStoneLight: but I don't need to give the details lol
NyRangersFan85: no...please spare me
DragonStoneLight: lol
DragonStoneLight: Ryan use to tell me he loved me
DragonStoneLight: and he'd give the world for me
DragonStoneLight: and then he decided to become my worst nightmare
DragonStoneLight: and I have to go to school with him in... ten days
NyRangersFan85: you mean you have the plaseure of going to shcool with him in ten days,,,
DragonStoneLight: ha
DragonStoneLight: the guy was the best kisser, yeah,
DragonStoneLight: but he's the worst person that exists
DragonStoneLight: and then there was Max, who fell in love with me even though he was like.. my best friend, next to Kit
DragonStoneLight: and what am I suppose to do? There is no way I can make eveyrone happy
NyRangersFan85: just give me blow jobs
then it will be okay
DragonStoneLight: And then there was ... whats his name... an eightgrader on the footbal team who spent all day for a week straight asking me out....
NyRangersFan85: jesus christ
DragonStoneLight: they made me the Queen-quite literally, thats what I was known as-
DragonStoneLight: and I had the protection of every eightgrader in the school
DragonStoneLight: Ryan's croonies would go after me and I'd just walk over to that side of the campus and they'd take off, and my friends would go beat the shit out of them
DragonStoneLight: even when they found out I wasn't straight
DragonStoneLight: you don't even want to know
NyRangersFan85: no i don't
i think i'm going to got o sleep now
DragonStoneLight: no
DragonStoneLight: your not
DragonStoneLight: unless its in the computer lab
DragonStoneLight: if you sign off I'm going to tell Kit you went suicidal
NyRangersFan85: and what is she gonna do?
DragonStoneLight: call the police and report a suicide
NyRangersFan85: but she don't know where i am....
and i';m not sucidal
i'm happy nolw
DragonStoneLight: happy...
DragonStoneLight: -kisses you softly, ever so softly, your nose, your eyelids, your neck...-
NyRangersFan85: i'm bouncing off the walls again....
DragonStoneLight: lol
NyRangersFan85: :::kisses you back::: i love you willow....good night
DragonStoneLight: please, be careful, okay?
NyRangersFan85: i promise

DragonStoneLight: -kisses you- goodnight
DragonStoneLight: tesorthne
NyRangersFan85 signed off at 11:22:40 PM.