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The Spiritual Ramblings of a Wild Child.
   All my life long I have found a true and sincere friend in my sister.
She would keep all your secrets all her blessed life if need be.
Some times have been close but miles have been long.
She loves a person like they have no faults.
She is kind and funny and sweet.
My sister is a good woman.
She is strong
She is a laugh a minute
She is more than words can say.
she dives right into life even when it daunts
She would give you more than the shirt off her back if you needed it
she would do it with grace and never tell anybody else
what a heart that she does have
what good grace
for my sister
If I could be granted a wish
more than anything in the whole wide world
I would wish for a true and good man to claim her.
claim her like a knight in shining armor down on one knee his heart in his hand.
To love her kids like someone stole his chance with his own.
To hold her softly when she feels like crying.
Love her to the ends of the earth.
Ache without her.
Make her laugh.
Kiss her with hunger.
He doesn't have to be perfect.
Want to share the whole world with her.
Never seriously consider making love to another woman.
Feel excited enough with her to talk with her until the wee hours of the morn.
May he need her more than he needs breath or life or hope.
May he never desire to raise his voice at any of them.
Have passion for her body, mind and spirit.
answer the question she didn't ask
Tender and understanding.
Give her a home.
Like the same movies.
Have rapture in having a family.
Communicate with the fullest of his being.
Be able to fake it well enough with in-laws as to not offend.
Could sit comfortably in silence with her presence for hours or days or years.
and may he be able to weather the storms solidly and with care
He must know how to live it up without causing trouble.
and may his good grace and kind heart prevail
May he have honor and good character.
Listen to the same music.
Provide security.
Tall, dark, and strong
Enough man to hold her up
He must never wound her or forsake her.
And may none of his words ever be used as weapons
Be able to laugh so hard together they forget what they were laughing about.
and may she radiate from within because of the love he lavishes upon her
and may she love him like a life full of cherished memories
and blessings shining upon her heart
feel at home in each other.

Reverend Gaea