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The Spiritual Ramblings of a Wild Child.

   Mighty creator of all, please watch over my long lost brother. I wish him the best of life and hope one day to know what kind of man he is in heart.
   My sacred compass, guide these feet to do your will. Give me the strength and perserverance to learn your lessons.
   My Maker, I am grateful to your for the waters of life that cleans my body, spirit and mind.
    My Life Long Friend, I cherish you in four directions.
    My Universe, Please watch over my aunt T-lou and bless her heart with peace and joy.
    Knower of All, Bring your will to all people at war with themselves.
    Giver of Hope, Please teach my young daughter the virtues of grace, poise and class. help her find her own code of life to live by.
   Blesser of Life, touch the heart of my son, give him the knowledge of knowing how to be the master of his mountain and a tiller of the valley.
  Gracious One, I thank you for my miricle child, for all the trials that led me to him and all the lessons I learned and my lifetime to cherish him.
   Mighty One, My Aunt L could use a miricle right about now. She has much use in the world and seeks to spread good will. give her the strentgth to stand we need all the angels we can get down here.
     Light Bearer, Let not my father pass from this world till he finds peace in spirit. Please show him the way. The white line is getting thin and I can't save him.
    Bringer of Hope, Thank you for my partner. There is peace in both our lives and our hearts. I feel every day that his love helps to give me the strength to do your will. You have my eternal gratitude for bringing him to me.
     Walker of the Stars, let Lynne see the worth of herself, bring to her understanding and temperence, bring to her the knowledge of forgiveness and the light of hope, give her healing from that which would damage the people she should love, let your will be done in her heart, body and mind. Let the right words come to me when the time has come.