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The Spiritual Ramblings of a Wild Child.

        I am a mother, the first teacher my children will ever have. I am one of the people who carry the hope for the next generation. First, I carried it in my body. Next, I carried it in my arms. Then, I carried it in
my words. Always I have carried it in my heart. I am many things; I am a teacher, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a writer, a minister, a singer, an artist, a recovering alcoholic, a student, and a lover of life. I hold one thing above all these things, I am a mother! I would raise the world's children if I was able.

    Motherhood is a sacred appointment. We litterally hold anothers life in our hands. Everything we say and do is carried with them thoughout their lives and in a way passed on to their children, husbands, wives, friends and perhaps even complete strangers. We get little gratitude for our sacrafice and little reprieve from our task.

    We get no vacation, no monitary gain, no investment dividends and no down time. However, we do get that spectacular rush of accomplishment. Those special tender moments. Those funny little things they say and do that make us laugh till we cry. If we take the time to see it from their view, we get to relive our childhood with the knowledge of time. We get to undo our parents mistakes even though we gennerally make our own. We get to share our love and share the world.

    We were given the ultimate blessed task. We carry the human race; in our bodies, our arms, our words, our deeds and our hearts.
Reverend Gaea