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The Spiritual Ramblings of a Wild Child.
    In this day and age, yours is the hard lot. You have no say unless it is allowed you. You don't have a special hormone that your bodies use to bond you to this new life. You get stuck with the financial responsability without any of the rights.
The truely good fathers gennerally end up paying for the mistakes of the ones that just run away. Remember though that our broken hearts and our broken homes are the childrens burden to carry.

     A childs relationship with their father effects their relationships for life. It effects their marraiges, their child rearing ability and their view of the world. You are important. You are necessary for their spiritual and emotional wellbeing. You were given the seed that was planted to create life. 26 of the chromosones that they are made of are of your flesh. That is exactly half of what they are. You are not less because you do not carry this child in your body. You planted your seed in the soil and it grew. It was ordained that this life come to be. You were chosen to sire this child for a divine reason.

    How can this child understand themselves if they do not know you. Half of them is you. Their are things that you have faced that they too will face. They were a gift from the heavens. What ever mountain you must move to be a good part of their life is not too great. If you do the footwork God will play the music. The rewards are infinate.

    My prayer to you is that you always know and cherish the life you made.

Reverend Gaea