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The Spiritual Expressionz of a Wild Child.

   Faith is a foundation for a good life. If you don't have it, no one can tell you how to get it. It is something you have to find deep in your heart. I can tell you though that people who know it are positive, long reaching and open minded.
They are grateful people. They see the worth in living. They cherish life. Perhaps those are the places to start looking in our souls.

    With faith I see that hardship brings reward. With faith I strive because there is hope for goodness in my future. With faith I smile at adversity. I take pleasure in the challenge. I learn deeper lessons. I am not spending my time agonizing over life. I look it in the eye and say "What have you to teach me today?" I walk with faith because I have friends in high places. I carry a gladness to live that is so strong that it must of been a gift from the very heart of the Creator, it is called faith.

   Many of the children of the earth walk through their days feeling as though they are lost. I have found my compass. It is a God that comes in many faces. This God has Wrath, Joy, Pain, Rapture ....... and on and on and on. This God that I have come to know is in everything. In every religion, in every heart, it is the thing which calls mankind to believe. It is hope, it is love, it is knowledge.

   Faith is by no means an easy thing to come by. It is hard won on a dark road. It is rarely sought in the light of day. It is a distant thought on a sunny morn. So when I walk down a difficult path I praise my lord for creating such a thing as faith. I feel grateful that that which doesn't cross my mind most days is there for me when I need it most.

   So faith is my compass now. My prayer for all man kind is that you look for faith if you don't know it yet and if you know it now or when you find it, may you know the full glory of it.

Reverend Gaea