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The Spiritual Expressionz of a Wild Child.

Religion is the kingdom of man and faith is the kingdom of God. To be bound by laws long past outdated and to be ruled by men and fear, that is religion. To search your heart for truth and to seek the light of God, that is faith.
To interpret the world around you as good and evil makes no sense to me. If God is everything and Gad made everything and God knows everything. Then sorrow and joy must have equal weight with him/her. Each must have it's purpose. I dwelt long in the darkness thinking I was lost but God knew where I was, I was left there for a purpose, God's purpose. I long believed that I was there alone in the darkness but that which you can not see is none the less there.

  I praise The Almighty Creator for all I learned there that I carry now with me in the light. How can you explain to them the light if you know not the darkness in which they dwell. As for converting someone, convert them to what. What kind of sorcery is it to make someone what they are not. God made us what we are. Gave us what gifts he gave us. Who am I , a mere mortal, is it my place to tamper with the will of God.

  Do not mistake me, I will share the spirit of God with anyone I can. By just living and being what I am, I believe I can not help but share the light of God. I minster not through religion but through faith. Just listening and understanding can heal a person's soul. Is that not doing the will of God. To think that all people should believe what we believe is rather persumptuous. Religion is foolish mostly in the sense that everyone seams to believe that theirs is the one religion of the True God. Yes, I know that I will lose many with that statement but to assume that God could or would come to man in only
one  guise is limiting and perhaps insulting to such a mighty pressence.

  The Great Spirit, with infanant wisdom, made believers and non believers alike. They all must have a purpose. The ones that it is his/her will to believe will seek ministry and witness miracles. We all have our lessons to learn and our parts to play, even non believers. When God is ready for people to see his glory they will believe the miricles that God brings to your life and will seek his light from their darkness.To do the will of God you must simply live, to live in the light of God you must open the doors and windows. Accept glory unto your heart.

Reverend Gaea