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Welcome To The Official RECALL Website.


September 8th

BAHH!!!  The Jilly's Show has been cancelled.  The club cancelled and didn't tell the promoters.  Shitty buzz, no?  So they're looking for another venue...we dunno where yet, but we'll keep you posted.  PHACK!!!

Play It Loud,


September 7th

Well, we have 2 big things to mention this update...  1) WE'VE PASSED 1000 HITS!!!  I'd like to thank everyone for remaining curious as to what we've been up to, considering this summer was fairly slow in terms of shows and what not.  But, RECALL has now joined forces with METAL QUEEN MANAGEMENT to bring you some very kickass and loud fucking shows.  Which brings me to number 2)  RECALL will be playing this Sunday, September 12th @ JILLY'S On Queen St E. (across from the Opera House, east of the DVP)  Yes, that's right...RECALL will be sharring the stage with STRIPPERS!!!  Although we're unsure of what time we'll be on as of now, show up around 5pm, and enjoy what the club has to and BOOBIES!!! lol  We'll be playing with fellow metal heads "Endorphins", "Shatterpoint" and "Tijuana Crackwhore".  The band's live music will be what that fine young ladies dance to, so it proves to be a totally kickass experience!!! (Naked Ladies Dancing to HEIROGLYPH?  The Hell You Say!!!)  Hahahah...  Hope to see you all there.

Play It Loud,


August 14th

Another show has been added to the calender. Friday September 3rd @ The Hard Rock Cafe. We'll be playing with the likes Of Rumsfeld and some other heavy bands. We hope to see you all out there!!!

Play It Loud,


July 13th

Well, seeing as how I, Dave, have essentially given up all of my social life (not intentionally, I'm just not cool...hahah...hah...heh...*ahem*...), I constantly bombard message boards and chat rooms with the RECALL website in my spare time.  Due to the (at times) painful efforts of these all nighter's, we've hit a very cool point.  500 FUCKING HITZ!!!  And it's been only 3 weeks!!!  AWESOME!!!  And because each hit is counted as an IP address, it's actually been 500 separate people, not the band clicking REFRESH continually (yes...I what...hahah).  So thanx to everyone who's made this happen, and you can bet your ass we'll post another at 1000!!!

Just A Reminder : July 22nd, we'll be playing at The Hardball in Milton through Metal Queen Management.  It's going to be an intense show...AND...All the clips have been removed from the site.  We've replaced them with whole songs.  We've basically come to the conclusion that our music is too complex and elaborate (not trying to be cocky) to show only a 1 minute clip.  Those clips might have misrepresented us to some people.  So, we've posted all the tracks from the E.P in the SOUNDS section...So aim your speakers right at your face and,

Play It Loud


July 10th

So, I just got back from the Still Lyfe show...they tore it up...So we're gonna line up a show with them REALLY soon.  They're a 3 piece rock outfit in the stylings of Sabbath/Ozzy/BLS/Alice In Chains...and a little Floyd for flavor...The show will probably be in the first week of August and will more than likely be at the Dungeon.  Other bands we're looking to get for the bill, are fellow prog-metalers, Transcendence, and local hardcore heroes, Man With Target.  So with a little luck and some conformation, it'll be one CRAZY ass night.  Also, a reminder.  RECALL will be performing at The Hardball in Milton Ontario, Thursday July 22nd.  Incase none of you know what the hardball is, think of The Gas Works in Wayne's World (and if you haven't seen that movie, you're not invited to the show...HAHAHAH)  

Play It Loud,


July 3rd

Well, before 'Tones and myself head out to see, um....VAN HALEN!!!...I'd like to take this oppertunity to wish our drummer, Aaron, a happy birthday.  He's got a jazz gig tonight, so we partied last night and it was a blast.  Thanx to all our buds that came out, especially, all the beautiful women...

I've added a few choice shot in the PHOTO section of the Healy's show, and changed the format around a bit with the page (as you can see).    Now you can see any update or change right on the main page.  Just a bit easier that way as apposed to guessing...

Play It Loud,


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