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This Guild also has Newbie packs every sunday you get 1 book,1 healing item,food,and 1 weapon P.S. the items constanly change's like one week you'll get a rainbowgun and the next a Eyrie Longsword.This Guild has petpet giveaways every week I will pick someone out of a hat and who I pick will win Strong petpets(ex:Gruslen,cirus and more.This place also has its own sport even though the Information is classifed until we will make the game.Plus it has a Neopia Book Contest when it finishs we will look for the smartiest pet in our guild and if your pet is the smartest in our Guild you get $15,000 Neopoints.Also we have a NeohomeGiveaway the five Guild Council postions pick one house which they think is the best in our guild the house's they pick will go on the Guild poll and people will vote if your house has the most vote's you get 15,000 Neopoints.We also have a refro contest if you get somebody to join tell them to say on the message board that so so got me to join first place in the reforo contest gets $7,500 Neopoints and a rare item second gets 5,000 neopoints and no item Third gets 1,500 neopoints and no item.We also have a Donation contest.This is what you do there will be items on sale in angelflame's39's shop oviously overpriced then buy it and give it back to angelflame39 if you just buy and won't give it back it won't count.At the end of the week I will check who donatied the most if you donated the most you win a farie and another very rare item ex:eyrie longsword,Anubis,Ultra nova or 15,000 np and more.We also have a mystery pic guess the picture and if your the first one to guess the picture right you get 3 GuildPoints.Another contest is WHO DONE IT this is how you play we will pick 5 people at random in our guild if you get picked and accept you get 1 guild piont.Then there will be a crime it will say so so got killed and the 5 people that were picked are suspects we will pick one of them and we will have clues to lead to the killer if you pick the same person we picked and you were first you get 10 GuildPoints if you guessed second get 3 Guild Pionts and third place gets 1 GuildPointP.S.REMMBER ONLY ONE PICK SO MAKE IT GOOD.We also a riddle contest we will have 7 riddles this is what you do the first riddle will be on the first page of our guild if you slove it neomail us the answer and if your right we will send you the next riddle if your the first one to slove all 7 of them right you get 4 GuildPoints.Plus we have a BETTER THAN YOU contest this is what you do we will pick a certain game and you have to beat our score (ex:In this weeks better than you could you beat my high score of 1725 points) if you say I beat it and lie and get caught you get suspended for a week and never get to play BETTER THAN YOU AGAIN.But if you say you beat it and don't lie neomail angelflame 39 and you get one pick there's 3 doors but you can only pick one we will tell you what each one of the doors has but we will not tell you this item is in door 2 (ex:prizes are 20 guild points or whole set of faeries and bottle of black sand.The prizes could be from all of the faeries,or a full paid trip to a neopets ten star hotel,to as little as a pile of sludge.Then you pick a door and we will tell you what you have won.We also have a BattleDome Contest if you want to be in the contest neomail angel flame39 also tell her which pet you want to enter in the contest and when the contest comes she will tell you and who you have to fight she will tell you who to fight until you either win or lose and if 37 people are in the contest the last person that entered gets kicked out sorry but we really need even numbers if its odd someone will get left out.