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In order to get your newbie pack and to participate in any guild games or Activities, you have to neomail the 9 names of the hidden pets to doktorj44. Confused? Neomail Justin to ask questions

Guild Advent Calendar:
Everyday, you neomail a certain council member for the item of the day! Today it's Justin!

Blue Christmas ended. Congrats winners!

New Holiday Carols is up. Also, Tresure Hunt has started. You get nice rewards for participating. Check the activities!

Dec. 8th:
Each time you post today, you will be entered for a chance to win a codestone. Neomail Marie(thunderqween13) for your guild advent calendar item.

Dec. 9th:
Last day of blue Christmas activity. Awards will be given out on the 10th. Neomail Michelle(darkfiend6) for your guild advent calendar item.

Dec. 10th:
Awards given out today!! Also there will be a guild get-together today at 6pm NST, so post on the message boards if you are able. Neomail Justin(doktorj44) to get your guild advent calendar item.
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