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 September fifth 2003

finally... i managed to find time to upload... crap..-feels unless- my webby n i need someone's layout for it?! -bashes self- well... i do hope to master the art of design n all e crap soon..... (: did i ever mention my life-long dreams of being able to make super cool layouts n creating my own games which are so like final fantasy? i so hope one fine day maybe tetsuya nomura would ask me to do voice acting for the game~! ^^ -me n my fat hope-oh! so sorry.. site still under major construction :D.. juz to let u know wad to expect from me.. -muahaha-my pencil art painstakingly scanned^^;...lotsa riku from kingdom hearts fandom.. alota of my ramblings.. some cedar throwers loving...-yea- n more crap to come! proudly brought to u by the one n only me (:

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