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Welcome to Pupperz Pound... We're a relatively new site, so just bear with us. Baisically, I wanted to make a site to help first-time adopters find that perfect pet...

However, as happy as petz sites will seem, they have but one question to answer:
What happens to the dogz and catz that people abandon?

Although there isn't a clear reason for this, people decide that after a couple showz, and maybe some site layouts, the petz are done, so they just neglect them, and throw them in a folder... Now we all know that petz is a game, so as not to make it into a big deal, I'll just say that we don't need real life issues in a GAME. That's where Pupperz Pound comes in...

Pupperz is the real reason, (or will be anyway ;) ), That petz don't get forgotten. Simply send them to Pupperz Pound, and we'll keep them on the adoptions page until they're adopted, NO DELETING! You're sure to find the perfect puppy, so why not come in and browse!?

I also breed the CK Pembroke Welsh Corgi... If you're interested, please see the CORGI page.