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Cool People :D

All sorts of new people I've met here at school.

My typical Friday/Saturday night is spent with these weirdos. :)
Left to right: Alex, Steph, Annette, Todd.
Karen is even more to the right, but that picture was messed up.

Amberly is a really good friend of mine. I met her on EH freshman year.
She's pretty crazy for a girl who grew up on a farm. :P

Brandon is an awesome guy I also met on EH, but now he's gone back to Pennsylvania.
We still talk online quite a bit, but I miss him nonetheless. I hope to get a better
picture of him soon so I can put this one in the costume gallery.

This is a picture of my crazy friend Todd.
(he created it in Photoshop and I found it on another site)
Todd's the one trying to turn me to the dark side...
or into a scary anime-lover. We play Dungeons and Dragons...
Nerdy, huh? :D

Robert and me, spring of 2004, after the announcement of the 2004-2005 e-board.
Robert got SIHA Representative and I was the House Historian.
This is shaving cream people, quit asking me and get your minds out of the gutter!

Random pic, just accept it.

Soon to come: more EH people, and possibly the rest of my DND friends

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