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omg the end has come...

blah blah blah n' stuff

Mike's house, Summer, 2005
Ever so slightly inebriated.

Niagra Falls, Canada
Girls Night Out, 2005
(sober the whole time ^_^ )

Nightmares, Niagra Falls, Canada
Halloween, 2004
(no, not tipsy at all...)

A friend took this picture, paparazzi style.
I was one of Santa's elves, Christmas 2003.
Such a flattering outfit, no? At least I got
to work with a real nice camera! :D
See Jay yawning in the background?

My first week in college, 2003. I was constantly
on the phone and computer talking to people back home.
My roommate got pretty annoyed with me then. :D

smirking at the thought of jay trying to use my Nikon D1X...

shocked to find that he has discovered the shutter release!
Winter Formal, 2002?

Through the stone arch on the west end of Descanso Beach, Catalina Island, 1997.

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