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California Rocks!

People I've known a while, as well as a few new ones...

Mike is the awesomest drummer ever.
Also my "bestest-best friend" since freshman year of highschool. :)

Kyle I met in stagecraft four years ago.
We hung out more than ever this summer.

Group photo! Fooding at Jack in the Box, late some night this summer.
Shawnee hides, as always. Kyle was our chauffer this summer, hence the hat.
Not a bad job of piecing the pictures together, huh? Considering what I had to work with...

Another photo of the elusive Shawnee.
She's a hairdresser, graduated from beautician skool n' stuff

Better picture of Miss Shawnee, though my big head is a bit in the way.
Pretty wig, with little black ribbons. That was such a fun day. :)

Nicole sort of appeared in our group one day. No one knew her name
so we dubbed her "Bob." This a picture she sent me from her webcam,
hence the poor resolution. She's no longer in California, but that was where I knew her.

Everybody's favorite gai boi, Ray!
Halloween 2002, RUHS.

Glenn, a.k.a. Gwillen, is a self-proclaimed "geek-ass bastard."
He's also a pretty cool guy, freakin' smart too.
Look at that fro! Ain't he cute? :P

My little Bree is growing up. She graduated last spring,
and this is her in her prom dress which she altered herself.

Bree's sexy new haircut. She did it herself as well!

This is Elizabeth, whom we fondly call Libby.
I met her through Jay, and I have no idea how long he's known her.
Isn't she silly? ^_^

Mellie was also a friend of Jays before I met her.
She took these with her webcam, pretty, no?

This is Sean, another friend through Jay.
He went to New York City last spring to sing at Carnegie Hall.
He looks a little sinister here...

Soon to come:
Stephanie (my backpacking buddy from highschool)

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