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Pregnant Crayfish & Mating Information

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Located near Chicago !

This is my pregnant blue. She decided to dig herself a tunel system. Shes able to get out but its very hard to get in. A female who has eggs or is about to have eggs will normally tuck her tail under. (as pictured) Her babies will be on sale around Christmas time. I will be accepting preorders on these babies! Please look for the correct page on the home page to preorder.
Some people say take the female out after a few days breeding. I use to do this but, I figured something out: temperature changes and different water conditions affect when your female will drop her eggs. My best luck is to keep the female in until you see her eggs. Even after that, I would wait a hatch rate times vary on water conditions and temperature. So, last note: leave your female in 'til shes been carrying her eggs for a week or 2..then, place her in an aquarium of her own.
When babies hatch: After you see a few babies leaving the mom, gently pick up the mom and shake all of the babies off. The mom will usually start picking off the babies and eating them after a few days. Then, place the mother back into her original tank.
Babies are canibals!
If you don't have the babies in a 10 gallon or larger with plenty of live prepared to seperate them!
Its very important in any aquarium to have live plants. But in this case..its extrmely important! Not only do live plants preovide food and great water conditions, it also provide shelter. Let them have enough room to get away from each other if they need to. Crayfish usually have several hundred babies.
Filter intake !
Watch out for filter crayfish are very small. In about a week, there about the size of your pinky fingernail. What I do is cover the intake with screen or sponge..I suggest using the same! Feeding baby crayfish:: they will eat the same as adult crays..but in smaller portions. I usually feed mine blood worms and flakes!!