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Because I no longer believe there is a single digital copy of Speedster's "Full Moon Obscession/Cult Help!" topic, I am dropping the reward back down to $50 US, while still leaving a sliver of hope out there. My new email add is sandmanbig using the mail service of google, and I'm wording it this way in an effort to thwart bots. Hopefully someone can provide a copy of it. The money will be sent with Pay pal. But first, you should know I don't check my email every day, plus I want to read through any alleged legit copy of it so I can determine for myself its legitimacy. Thanks


A record 173166 hits in one day!!!

Thanks for your interest, guys! I'm glad all my time and effort is being enjoyed by people! I just hope someone finds a saved copy of Speedster's Full Moon Obscession topic.


I am sorry it has taken so long to update this site. I can't believe it has been over 3 years! Damn. Anyway, I think there are still some old-time topics I haven't put up here. I want to thank Masho aka Puppet125 for his interest in creating his wiki. It can be found here: P/C Archived Classics

I also want to apologize to anybody who tried taking me up on my offer of Speedster's "Full Moon Obscession/Cult Help!" topic. I hardly ever check anymore because it has thousands of spam emails that I can never have the time to sort through.

I want to reiterate that my offer is STILL VALID since I still don't have Speedster's complete topic yet, or any version of it, for that matter. I sadly lost the only saved copy I had of it due to a Windoze crash.


I am now offering a reward of $100 yes, that's right,


for Speedster's ORIGINAL "Full Moon Obscession/Cult Help!" topic.


1) The $5 told about in 3) in the first offer is now doubled to $10.
2) The $10 referred to by 4) is now $25.
3) The $15 referred to by 5) is now $50.
4) The $20 referred to by 6) is now $100!
5) I created a new email account specifically for this website. It is pchalloffame at the domain of You'll have to manually type the address in to avoid spambots.

So that means that I will be giving out a possible $130 in reward money for people who take me up on my offer. In the case that people don't believe me, look at it this way, if you DO have it, it would only take minutes out of your life to email it to me. Worst case scenario: you wasted several minutes of your life. Best case scenario: You get $100. You do the math. The offer runs until I cancel it. I remember somewhat of what the first several posts were about, so I will know if what you send me is fake or legit.

I hope you take me up on my offer, because I want this topic added so that all can read it.

Thank you and have a nice day.


I just uploaded 11 topics today to the Hall of Fame, and 5 of those were 500 post topics. This was the biggest day ever for the Hall of Fame as far as adding topics to it goes.

So far, I'm now caught up with all the backlogged topics. Of course, there will be more in the future. I also changed the title format, so if you want to save any topics, you don't have to rename them. They're already conveniently named. They also include the page numbers in the title.

If you haven't checked it out yet, do it now!!!

I think you'll recognize some old favorites you might have almost forgotten about. And if you're new to Paranormal/Conspiracy, enjoy the legendary classics of the P/C board in all their glory =D

If you have any more that isn't on here, email them to me!!!

For the topics, I don't want screenshots, Word documents, and definitely not PDF files. If you don't know how to save websites, you go to File then click Save As. You then title it something, and then put it into a folder, and zip it. Then email me the zipped folder.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the P/C Hall of Fame!!!



I added the long-awaited Ghost in Acapulco topic, as well as updated for the first time, the Memories section! 

Look for Speedster's "Creepy stuff in woods near my house" topic coming soon in the Hall of Fame!

October 2004 
Expect a Halloween surprise on the Hall of Fame!

This site is dedicated to the good ol' times from the GameFAQs Paranormal/Conspiracy board. Whether you are a known veteran, or a newcomer, please enjoy this site and use it to see all the really great times that has been had on the board in its past. While it may be constantly flooded with n00bish topics, this site shows just how good it can be by taking great, memorable topics. Whether loved, or hated, many of the memorable topics live on only in the memories of the long-time veterans. Sadly, many of these topics were not saved on disk, and are lost forever, only to be retold through memories. However, some have been saved. I, myself, have saved some on disk. I haven't saved all of them, only ones meaningful to me in some way.

If you would like to contribute, put all your websites in a single folder then compress it using a .zip format and email it to to the email address at the bottom of the page. Together, we can compile a masterpiece collection and preserve the old memories, not letting them die along with forgotten memories.

Also, if you would like your GameFAQs account stored in the database, email me your WHOIS page saved on disk. I will store your account name, and date created. The reason I ask you to email me your WHOIS page, is because that is the only way to know for sure the true details of your account. If you are uneasy about that, then log off and click on your username, saving only the public details and emailing them to me.

New Incentives!

Featured Topics: Speedster's FIRST "Full Moon Obscession!/ Cult Help!" topic.

I am now offering a new incentive for GameFAQers! I will not be 'buying' topics off of GameFAQs. Let me explain it. I am merely paying them for the convenience of it. Here are the details:

1. I am now offering MONEY for certain old topics.
2. This offer is only good toward the individual specified topic, or topic(s) implied or referred to.
3. I will pay $5 US dollars to the top 3 topic-sending parties who provide the most recently saved or topics with the most posts in them, since they will be more complete than versions of the saved topics that don't have as many posts in them. So basically, the 3 senders who provide me with the top 3 topics with the most posts. If you have any questions about this detail, email me with your question(s).
4. To the single person who sends me the topic with the most posts in it, the reward for that sender will be doubled to $10.
5. In the case that the provided topic that the topic provider sent to me has more than 250 posts in it, the winning provider will be given a reward of $15 US dollars instead of $10.
6. In the case that the provided topic that the topic provider sent to me has 500 posts in it, the reward will be $20 US dollars instead of $10 or $15.
7. The offer will run at least a month. I have the option of extending the offer period. I will post the announcement of when the offer expires on this site. It is the interested party's responsibility to check this site for updated news about the said offer. It will take a couple weeks to determine which senders had the most posts in them.
8. The top 3 and the winner will be notified by email.
9. They will not be asked for their mailing address until after the offer is concluded, and will be asked by email what their mailing address is.
10. If the top 3 and the winner is notified, but the party declines to respond to give me their mailing address, the reward will not be sent.
11. The topics will be compared with other provided topics. If any of the topics fail to conform or match the other topics, except for a message deleted later on by the poster, if any topics don't match, then the provider who sent the false topic just to get money, will not be given a reward.

If you have any questions, email me at

-The Dark Dominator