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The Rules of Equine Passions

You MUST read these rules before joining, if you have any questions about them please feel free to ask.

| General Rules | Joining Rules | Member Rules | Banking Rules | Horse Rules | Stable/Business/Association Rules | Disaster Rules |

General Rules
- There is no age limit for members of this game, however, please conduct your behaviour in such a manner as to keep in mind that there will be some younger members.
- An email address is required to play the game as a means of contact other than the forum, members are not to use these email addresses to send spam, inappropriate, or harassing emails.
- MSN may also be used to contact members but you do so at your own risk.
- Members are required to make sure that they understand the rules, and if they are confused, to ask a more experienced member for help.
- Any disputes between members will not be taken to the public forum, and if it cannot be settled between the members, they are required to take it to the president by emailing
- No swearing, or posting of material with violent themes or sexual content, this site and forum are to remain G-Rated.
- Each member is responsible for the content of their own website.

Joining Rules
- To join you must read the rules and agree to abide by them.
- Equine Passions does not restrict membership based on age, gender, or any other factor.
- Potential members must understand that a SIM game does take some dedication, and requires members to be able to log on at LEAST two times a week, preferably more.
- Members must conduct themselves in a mature, respectable manner.
- Equine Passions reserves the right to deny membership, or remove a member from the game based on inactivity, or undesireable behaviour.
- Visit the Joining link for more information on joining after reading the entire rules.

Member Rules
- Each member is allowed to have only one account with Equine Passions, if multiple accounts per person are discovered all accounts will be removed from the game.
- Game names must be unique and must be a real name, and not something like 'Horselover46' (this does not mean that the name has to be your real name, just pick a name you like).
- The name used on the forum but be at least in some part the same as that member's game name.
- Members must register only one name on the forum, if you forget your password or want to change your name for some reason you must send a request to
- Each member is responsible for keeping track of information on their horses not listed in the MR, they are responsible for keeping any Stables, Businesses, and Associations they own up to date.

Banking Rules
- Each member will start the game with $250,000.
- There is no monthly allowance, however members can earn money from shows (both hosting and entering), selling horses, stud fees, businesses, etc.
- Payments will always be made in the form of a cheque, and must include the following:
TO: (who you are paying)
FROM: (your name)
DATE: (date the cheque is written)
FOR: (what the money is for)
AMOUNT: (the amount of money)
SIGNED: (make up your own signature)
- Each member must keep track of their own bank balances, Equine Passions may periodically ask for bank records to check a member's accuracy (a notebook can be handy for this).
- Any cheating with bank balances will result in expulsion from the game.

Horse Rules
- Equine Passions runs on real life time, so a horse born in 1994 would be 9 years old, and a horse born in 2000 would be 3 years old.
- Horses must be registered within the Main Registry (MR) and do not exist until there are in it.
- There are no breeding or owning limitations, however members are required to keep it as realistic as possible, if Equine Passions decides that a member is overbreeding that member will be banned from breeding for a time.
- Horses born in 1984 and earlier may not compete in shows at all, but may still be used for breeding.
- No horse born earlier than 1980 may be created.
- There is no limitations to what breeds you may register, but it might be a good idea to check the MR to see what kind of horses exist in Equine Passions
- Mares cannot be bred until they are 4 years old.
- Stallions cannot be bred until they are 3 years old.
- Twins are rare and as such are not allowed in Equine Passions.
- Mares who have been bred for a number of foals must be semi-retired and not actively showing.
- If a member quits, their horses will be placed up for adoption UNLESS specific instructions were made (as to who to give a certain horse to, or whether a certain horse is to be put down).
- If you are forced to quit, but think you may be able to return at a later time you may send a petition to, asking your horses be given TEMPORARY homes to be returned to you if you should return (a time limit will however be placed this).
- On January 1st and July 1st of every year there will be a $250 fee PER horse charged to cover feed, basic vetting, and shoeing for those 6 months (horses in Temporary homes will be covered by Equine Passions).
- The above fee does not include any fees that may be needed due to monthly disasters (horses in Temporary homes will not be affected by disasters).

Stable/Business/Association Rules
- Each member may open a MAXIMUM of three stables in the game, and you do not need to wait before opening it.
- Each member may also own up to four other businesses/associations, no two associations may be exactly alike.
- Members must make a page for their business and/or association or find someone willing to do this for them.
- Members are responsible for keeping track of all information relevant to their stable, business, and/or association.
- Businesses and Associations may have their own set of rules, but these rules may not conflict with any Equine Passions rules.

Disaster Rules
- Once a month a die will be rolled for each player, deciding the severity of the disaster (1 being lowest, 6 being highest).
- There will be a list of disasters corresponding to each severity level, along with a fee and time-period lay off for the horse affected.
- When the level is determined the member will be able to choose from the list of disasters under that severity level, and then choose what horse it is to affect.
- Horses in temporary homes cannot be affected by disasters.
- An individual horse can only be chosen for a disaster once in a 6 month period.

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