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Joining Equine Passions

To join Equine Passions simply follow these steps:

1. Read through the ENTIRE rules, including the page about the registry (located in Members section).
2. Copy the following form, fill it out appropriately, and send it to (information not required for gameplay will remain confidential).
<----------------- Begin Copying Here ----------------->


Your chosen Game Name:
Email Address to be used for Game Purposes:
Your chosen Forum Name:

Why you want to join Equine Passions:

What you think you can bring to Equine Passions:

Any Questions?:

Statement of Agreement
I, (fill in your name here), have read and understand the rules and requirements of the SIM Game Equine Passions™, and by sending this email to request joining I am stating, that should I be accepted into the Equine Passions™ community I will abide by these rules.

<----------------- End Copying Here ----------------->

3. Go to the forum and register your chosen forum name.
4. Post a message in the New Members section of the forum introducing yourself.
5. Start creating your horses and HAVE FUN!

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