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August 3, 2004- I'm alive again! Boy, that was really close! Ahem. Yeah, well, I've been lazy, so I haven't updated in ages. Oh well. I still need to update my fic to... Gah. Stress has been really getting to me though. My grandmother had a stroke so I've been visiting her in the hospital and now rehab center. Also, several domestic issues are adding to the stress levels. Not fun.

Anyway, I added two pages, the Episode Guide and the Voice Actor List. And 5 more Legato images. Mwahaha. Anyway, I'm off to go work on a layout, and possibly my fic. Ja.


July 5, 2004-Ugh, I finally got all the Trigun images up and completed the character description things. I'm so happy, that took forever... Still have a lot more to do, nyah... I think I'll devote tomorrow to my fanfic, though. It's kinda been neglected...

And now for the bloggish part! I went to the arcade today, spent about $15+ on DDR. That game is addictive, man. I played a few rounds with my neighbour...haha he sucks at it. Actually, he kept me alive on some of the songs...though he was on beginner mode and I was on standard... Did you know it's really funny when people gather around to watch you? Yeah, well it is. And doing the double pad thing for some of the standard songs is uber-hard. Then I came home and worked on this thing. Well, I did play my PS2 version of DDR later on, but then it was dinner time so I was interrupted. I've been here ever since. It's 11:33 right now, and I think I'll be leaving shortly... I have a strange desire to watch Yu Yu Hakusho... Tidings!


July 4, 2004- Happy Fourth of July for those of you who are in the States! Oh, and I forgot to add a 'Happy Canada Day' on July 1st, so Happy Belated Canada Day!

Yesterday, my internet finally decided that they would fix their service, after it had been screwed up by a lightning storm three days prior, and I was finally able to access nthe internet. Whoo. So, in the time I wasn't entertaining my family, I snuck on here every once in a while and added the complete Trigun character pages. Now they aren't broken links anymore! Yay! I have more to do on the Antagonists listing due to the large nature of the Gung-Ho Guns, but it will be up tomorrow.

That's about it. I'm going to go reacquaint myself with the good ol' PSOne game, Legend of Dragoon. Sayonara!


July 1, 2004- Yay, I finally got things up and running! And a real layout! (which is not my own, I'm sorry to say. ...Why? Because I'm too lazy to make my own layout and still have to learn proper CCS before I can actually do so, gah!) This features Sesshoumaru of the anime Inuyasha, and...uhm...it's blue! Yeah...!

I just vanquished a mosquito! Yay me!

Ahem, anyway. Parts of the Trigun section are up, I still have a lot to work on, but it's getting there. A small amount of the links listed actually take you to another page, as of now, so your options are very limited. This however will be changed very shortly.

That's about it... I would do more tonight, but it is currently 11:15 PM, EST, and I get kicked off in fifteen minutes. I could sneak back downstairs, but my energy is ebbing, as my damned neighbors kept me up until the wee hours of the morning and I woke up at 9 AM... curses... Anyway, until next time!

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